Chapter 4.3: Fuga, continued

Chapter 4.3: Fuga, continued

A Chapter by aaaa

Chapter 4 continued

“Most of the people who go the Academy have to have the control coaxed out of them, their small bit of power pulled from the deep reassesses of their soul in order to give them a small bit of magic. I was different. My power awakened on it’s own, and I couldn’t control it. That doesn’t happen very often, but it’s not unheard of, but what was unheard of was it coming from a no name orphan. All of the great Dreamers came from respected families and far off dynasties. Even the Head Master came from a fairly well respected family of merchants. The Head Master warned me about what would happen. That people would hate me not only because I was powerful, but because my power apparently came from no where. I didn’t believe him, and refused his help. The kids were horrible, every last one of them was jealous; I couldn’t make a single friend among them. I finally went back and asked the head master for help. He told me to enter the student tournament. That if I was strong I needed to prove to them I was strong enough to be there, and that even though I wasn’t from a good family, or even a family at all, that I was good enough o be among them. I won, I was the champion among the first years, and from that point on they were afraid of me. I didn’t get bullied any more, but I also still couldn’t make friends. So the Head Master became my friend, he became like a father to me.” She sighed and laid back onto the crate.

“He sounds nice, I don’t have a family either. At least I can’t remember them. I can’t remember anything that happened before I became the guardian of the gate. If I had a family I wonder what they were like.” Abe sighed and looked at the ground. He had never missed anyone while in the field. He had just never thought if it. He had had the concept of what a family was, but when it did come up in his thoughts he merely dismissed it as a silly notion. He had never had anyone, so why would he need anyone.

“Well, maybe you will find them someday. I always hoped I would find my real parents. I must have had them, but I can’t remember that far back. The first thing I can remember is being a kid on the streets.” At this she got up and began to look at the ceiling. She was scanning the rock face of the ceiling. Much of it was lost in shadows.

“Emma!! Get down here,” Laura yelled suddenly. Abe was so startled by this he toppled backwards off his crate onto the floor.

“What? What was that?” Abe stammered from down on the floor. There a flicker of movement from up on the ceiling, and something white darted downwards. It was a Leecher. It pumped its wings slowly and hovered next to Laura for a moment. Then it wrapped itself around Laura’s arm and at laid it’s head on her shoulder.

“Whats that? Is that a Leecher!” Abe was now thoroughly terrified. The Leecher obviously wasn’t full grown, but it was a good four feet long. Unlike the ones outside its feathers were a snowy white. It’s small beady eyes were a soft reddish pink.

“This is Emma. I found her at the bottom of the cliff about a year ago. She was abandoned by her parents because she is so runty, and because she is an albino. I brought her here and took care of her. At first I was keeping her a secret from master, but he eventually found out when he found her chewing on all the crates while she was teething. I’m going to have to leave her here because it’s not like I can bring screams with me. She has to stay here and master promised to keep her.” She began to stroke it’s head, and it began to make a low guttural sound that Abe assumed meant it was happy. Suddenly a yell came from the direction of the stairs.

“Laura! I thought you would be down here! Come on its time to eat.” Mister Sparrow’s voice floated over the machines echoing off of the walls.

“Come on Emma, get off mama’s shoulder.” Laura shook her arm slightly and the tiny leecher uncurled itself and began to fly back up to the ceiling of the hangar.

“Well come on then.” Laura said as she began walking back towards the door. Abe quickly picked himself up off the ground and followed her.

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I like this! Definitely different than anythign I have read in the past, but isn't that the point? I still have so many questions, I do hope you decide to continue it :-)

Posted 11 Years Ago

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Tracy, CA

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