Chapter one

Chapter one

A Chapter by Dark Butterfly

Alexis Wolfbane

and the


Book one of the Bane Pentalogy





Written and Illustrated


Caitlin LeBegue







Alexis Wolfbane and the Concrete Maker is for everyone  who  helped  inspire  the  crazy  things  that make  the books I write  what  they  are  now, you know who you are.






Chapter    one




        Sure, that’s me the crazy girl that expects a fish to respond, I was thinking, you’re not even listening to me are you?

I tapped the glass on the little fish bowl in annoyance; the tiny black gold-fish swam another quick lap around the dragon figure who was halfway buried in dark green pebbles.

I don’t know how my uncle talked me into getting a pet gold-fish, I had wanted something cool like a wolf-hound or a baby alligator, but I guess you’re not allowed to have those in New York apartments or something like that.

“Helluuuuu? Anyone home?” I asked the ever circling fish, but like always, he ignored me. “Right, right. I know, all you want is your fish food but I already fed you, so no”

I rocked back in the black swivel chair I kept by my desk and looked around. I had allot of work to do, somehow my floor was already dirty even though my step father and I had just moved in eight days ago, but the walls and ceiling were still nice and clean except for several scuff marks were we had bumped my bed on the wall while moving it in.

As far as its layout, my room is square with my bed against one wall with the head board next to my desk on the next one; the third wall is almost completely covered in windows framed by emerald green curtains with my dark brown papasan to one side.

The fourth wall has my door that lead to the rest of the apartment, a pile of unpacked boxes, my closet that has no door, and my black and white wolf posters.

There is something about wolfs that just click with me, maybe it’s because my last name is Wolfbane (totally weird, uncommon name but there’s more to my name than weirdness) and I was destined to be a wolf freak, or maybe it’s because wolfs are just awesome and everyone should love them.

Okay, monologue is over, back reality.

My phone buzzed, I pushed dirty blonde hair out of my face, spun around in my chair and dived onto my bed, sliding across the cobalt blue, emerald green, bright purple, and black checkered quilt as I grabbed my purple cell phone.

Please be Alduin, please be Alduin, please be Alduin!

I was begging in my mind, Alduin was one of the closest friends I had left behind when I moved to New York and after what happened a few days ago I am constantly worried about his safety, I looked down at my phone and groaned.


                                   ‘New TXT Message


                               Thurs feb 18, 3:57 pm’

“Anna!” I huffed flipping onto my back and letting my head flop onto the quilt. Anna was the last person I wanted to talk to right now, I was thirteen and she was fourteen but she was only really two months older than me but she always acted so uppity and like she was so much better than me.

Starring at the ceiling, I wished I was back in South Carolina with my normal friends, Anna or no Anna.

© 2012 Dark Butterfly

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Dark Butterfly
Dark Butterfly

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Im thirteen, ive been writing since i can remember but ive just recently gotten verry serious about my novels. I can be a really fun person to be around or a verry quiet, serious person. I work best b.. more..