chapter ten

chapter ten

A Chapter by Dark Butterfly

Chapter  ten




  Walking down the not-quite-familiar tunnel to the bane HQ I felt a coil of anxiousness work its way around my chest like Taylor’s snake was strangling me. Yesterday everything I thought was completely impossible became part of who I was and I have no idea what I’m supposed to do.

And this meeting… Hailey said it was important it must be if the newest recruit gets dragged into the middle of it. But it had something to do with alduin, that’s enough to get me off my butt.

“You look a little at war with yourself” Avery said, who hadn’t read my mind correctly at all.

 “Might want to work on your mind reading.” I laughed, “I’m just a bit confused”

Kyle burst out laughing, “a bit confused she says!!! I was flat out bewildered!!!” he said.

“You were never supposed to be here in the first place” Taylor said, the corners of her lips twitching in frustration.

Kyle shrugged, “I was curious”

Avery rolled his eyes, and then to me said; “Hailey will explain everything.”

Soon the four of us turned into the huge octagonal room.

Nick, Hailey and Tony were in the center where all the rooms came together. Nick was staring at his broadsword like it was a TV screen. Hailey was pacing back and forth rapidly. Tony was leaning against a wall looking unfazed.

“Hey!” Kyle said.

Hailey rolled her eyes in mock exasperation, “and what are you doing here?”

“Something in the universe is terribly wrong” Avery stated.

“That’s something you usually say with a light heart” Taylor stated equally as flatly.

“Wolfbane, serpentbane and foxbane are here, now who are we missing?” tony interrupted.

“Star, Jenny, Chris, Jake, Bailey, Devin, Ethan, and Mathew” nick finally said something.

“What flakes” Hailey scoffed.

“So what's this about?” I asked rather abruptly.

Hailey looked at Nick. The seven of us gathered in a circle. “Alduin.” Nick said, probably having no idea where to begin.

“Yeah, I’ve been meaning to ask, he’s like the Dragonbane right? Does that mean dragons are real?” I asked hoping against hope but dreading the answer.

“Yes and no, we have animal spirits but the Dragonbane has a fire spirit that’s represented with a dragon”

“Okay. I do not understand. I’m getting used to confusion though.” I said. “So is he like in trouble or something?”

“Yes” Hailey said

“C’mon seriously guys, its alduin, he always gets out of these kinds of situations!” Tony tried to laugh.

“You didn’t read the texts did you?” Hailey said in frustration.

“No…” Tony said

Nick pulled out his phone, “here, both of you haven’t seen it yet” he motioned for me to come over to him and Tony.

We both read the messages as Nick scrolled through them.

Nick- what news?

Alduin- my uncle is trying to animate concrete my trapping souls in concrete while it’s wet, crazy I know right!

Nick- what?? How? Get pics if you can and get back here fast as you can.

There was a gap between messages three hours long. That wasn’t like Alduin! His phone was usually glued to him!

Alduin- got a prblm, my uncle fnd me snooping need hlp, trapped in other form. Floor 14 hotel he was @ gtg b4 I gt cght wth phn.

It wasn’t like alduin to text like that.

“Oh” tony said, “in a cage…”

“Other form?” I choked; thinking alduin was some sort of dragon shape shifter.

Nick let out a long sigh, “he was on a mission to snoop around in his uncle’s hotel room to see what he was up to, and that’s why he left SC for what the millionth time” he said, more questions bubbled up inside me. “A few months back he was helping Star and Chris take care of a wizard tormenting a town near here in the form of a gang outbreak, somehow his uncle found out he was a bane and he found out his uncle was a necromancer. Somehow his uncle learned a spell normally used by witches to turn him into a weasel.”

So, Alduin really was a weasel. My old friends used to call him a weasel because of the way he laughed. I tried to contain a laugh, but failed. Miserably.

Nick continued, ignoring my outburst, “so his uncle turns him into a weasel whenever he’s mad”

Hailey looked at us thoughtfully, “I normally wouldn’t send the newbie on a mission but I think Alexis should go”

“No.” Nick said firmly, “She has no training”

“Neither did you when you kicked your sisters butt, destroyed a minor demon, and traveled all the way here by yourself” Avery chipped in.

I told you Nick’s story was crazy, and that’s only part of it!

“I want to go” I said with determination in my voice but I was thinking ‘I am going to die. I am going to die because alduin got turned into a weasel. I’m going to die because I moved to New York the same time alduin had to get in his uncle’s business’

“I’ll go with her!” Taylor, Hailey, Avery, and Tony said at the same time.

Nick shook his head “fine, but only two of you go with her, me and other two will stay outside the building in case things get crazy.

“Me! Alduin’s uncle pisses me off!” Tony said, “plus I’m good back up” added the Bearbane.

“Me too, I can get us in and out silently” said Avery, the Foxbane.

“Alright,” Taylor said, “Let’s go!”

© 2012 Dark Butterfly

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*posting not oosting lol

Posted 8 Years Ago

this is most of what i have written in this books, so im going to post what i have in my other books then coninue oosting wolfbane next week
peace out yall:3

Posted 8 Years Ago

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