chapter nine

chapter nine

A Chapter by Dark Butterfly

Chapter  Nine






Three kids I didn’t know, but looked my age, were standing in a circle by the road, appearing to be in a heated discussion.

The one opposite me looked up as I approached, “hey! It’s Wolfbane!”

It took a moment to realize he was talking to me, and I was a little stunned by how happy all these people were to find the Wolfbane, aren’t wolfs supposed to have a bad rap? But I guess the whole big bad wolf thing died in second grade.

“Erm… Hi, umm how did you know I’m the Wolfbane?” I said

He was about an inch shorter than me but getting a closer look at him made me realize how utterly gorgeous he was, he had thick dark brown hair and melted-chocolate eyes that I could drown in.

“Hailey told me” the blondie next to him said.

I was a little disappointed; I was hoping Mr. Hottie would say something like ‘I could see it in your eyes’.

“Don’t be rude, introduce yourselves” said a silky voice to my left.

She was the same height as me, and she had bright green eyes and silky black hair angled dramatically around her face. She was really pretty In a creepy/sexy vampire kind of way.

 I didn’t like her.

“Sorry, I’m Kyle!” The hot one said.

“Avery, I’m the fox bane” the blondie said, he shook my hand rather awkwardly.

“I’m Taylor, the serpent bane. No, snakes are not gross or evil” Mrs. Vampire said.

“Snakes are awesome” I agreed, trying to win her over, “My little bro Kevin used to have a pet baby ball python, it was the cutest thing!”

Taylor’s lips split into a wide smile, “Those have to be the cutest snakes ever! Well, beside the black mambas, I have a black mamba, he’s such a sweetie”

That girl is a loon! I read on the internet that black mambas were one of the world’s most deadly snakes! The internet rules, just throwing that out there.

“That’s awesome!” I said

She nodded avidly, “I’ve got to introduce you to him sometime!”

I didn’t want to offend her by screaming ‘heck no!!!’ so I just smiled fakily.

Avery checked his phone; it was one of those super awesome new iPhones.

“Hailey is yelling at me to come on” he said smiling in a funny way, I got the feeling he liked Hailey, but I could be wrong.

“Okay, lessgo” Kyle said staring for the road.

Taylor fell in step beside me, her black converse-the kind that come all the way up to your knees- made funny squishing sounds on the damp ground.

“I don’t get why we let a normal human into the hidey-hole” she said tugging on her lose black shirt.

“Kyle’s not a bane?” I asked, noticing that Taylor’s jeans were the exact same color as her eyes with a darker green snakeskin pattern.

“No, he found out about us a while back when his older sister turned out to be a witch, he’s hung around with us ever since”

I wasn’t surprised, the stories these people tell never get any more normal than usual.

The four of us dashed into the road and jumped down the man hole one at a time.

© 2012 Dark Butterfly

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