chapter three

chapter three

A Chapter by Dark Butterfly

Chapter   Three



    “You know, bangs and cameo-jeans are really outdated” Hailey said indifferently as we trudged through the cold mud that covered the field.

I let my dirty blonde bangs fall farther across my face as I looked down at my gray hoodie, pink cameo-jeans, and black ugg boots. “I guess I’ll just have to bring them back then” I said trying to sound as equally indifferent.

Hailey burst out laughing and we both grinned “I bet you could” she said still laughing, that’s when I noticed a strange silver necklace with three interesting charms (I’ll explain more about them later)

Then a particularly muddy soccer ball flew straight between our heads, Hailey squeaked and ducked, I blinked (okay fine! Maybe I flinched…just a little)

“Hey! Not cool Nick, you almost beheaded Hailey or… oh my god… is that...the Wolfbane?” said a short dude with dark skin and black hair, I was starting to catch onto something fishy in this nutty place.

Another guy, apparently Nick spun around (he had tried to kick the ball to Tony backwards) nick had orange hair and blue eyes and was pretty tall.

“What about Wolfbane?” I asked suspiciously.

“Hey Hailey, are you sure it’s her?” Tony asked Hailey

“Hellooooo, I’m right here, and what the heck are y’all going on about?” I demanded

“Come with us” Hailey said and the three of them started walking farther from the school.

My dad was always telling me to trust my instincts in a strange situation, and my instincts were telling me to follow them so I did. Something about this whole setup was starting to feel like just about every book I’ve ever read.

Hailey, Tony, and Nick were nearing the road now. Cars zipped by at uneven intervals making my head spin as I watched them pass. Once they reached the road Tony crouched down in the middle of the first lane and was yanking the cover off a manhole when a car came flying forward from behind him, I could see the driver texting angrily on his cell phone.

“Tony! Car! Behind you!” I shouted and Hailey laughed. Tony turned around to face the car right as it drove straight through him without harming him in anyway.

My jaw dropped and I was getting pretty freaked out around then. Tony thumbs upped then hoped into the manhole.

“How did-”I started but Hailey cut me off.

“Just go with it, we will explain everything when we reach the hidey-hole” She said as Nick jumped down the manhole.

Hailey walked out in the road and motioned for me to go down the hole; I walked out to it cautiously and looked at her questioningly.

“Go ahead and jump, it’s so much more fun than using the ladder!” She said running her fingers through her hair and grinning mischievously at me.

“It’s alright Alexis! Jump!” Tony called from the hole.

Shrugging on the inside I sat down on the asphalt and let my legs dangle over the dark hole.

“Go on!” Hailey urged.

I scooted forward and dropped into the hole.

© 2012 Dark Butterfly

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i use such a big font so that its nice and easy to see :3

Posted 8 Years Ago

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Dark Butterfly

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