TNP 17 "The Apology"

TNP 17 "The Apology"

A Chapter by dw817

OK, this is me rewriting my last day of work at BBI and additionally finding out about an incredible secret from Nancy.




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My time in working for the government during the Savings & Loan Crisis of 1990 with a beautiful
woman who took care of absolutely everything for me in my employ. And I mean EVERYTHING.

© August 2013 Written by David Wicker
Please do not reprint without permission

* * *

This chapter is Rated: TEEN

It was my final day at BBI. My eyes were brimmed with tears looking at all the great greeting cards on my desk in my cubicle. Some were silly like, "Happy 6th Birthday." and all of them were apparently for a little girl complete with bits of candy and toys and perfume samples from Avon I think and magazine clippings and stuff.

As I mentioned earlier, some had phone numbers on them with little quips like, "Call me" and things like that, but I didn't dare.

It was no nice to feel wanted - even if it felt a bit misplaced and hurried.

Lunch passed uneventfully. I had a few of the women co-workers there invite me to a party afterwards to celebrate my final day but with my bad experiences at college parties, I wasn't about to attend them and politely declined.

When I got back I immediately noticed that Barbara didn't seem to be doing well. I could see from my cubicle that she had been crying cause her face looked black around the eyes. I learned from Nancy that when a woman cries and she's got too much makeup on then it goes all a mess around her face.

Despite my better judgment I decided to go and see so I went over and knocked on her cubicle. My idea of knocking on a cubicle which I only did a few times was tapping my knuckles on the carpeting material of the walls. It really didn't make any noise, but people saw I was trying to get their attention. And then I asked what the problem was with Barbara.

She looked up at me and for a moment I had to wonder if she really was crying because she greeted me with a mid-second leer which quickly faded, despite her real tears.

Then her face looked crestfallen. I went over and biting my lip finally reached my arm out but I just couldn't touch her back to comfort her because I was so scared so I hovered it there for a moment.

She looked up at me with a smile and I jerked back my arm immediately. Finally she spoke and she looked so sad and lonely right then, "We'll miss you kiddo. You know that don't you ?"

I sighed. I knew there was good in her after all. I reached out and touched her shoulder briefly for a moment, which was the best I could do. But she latched onto my hand with hers and held it there.

Feeling a little braver I offered gently, "It won't be that bad, Barbara. I knew this was a temporary job when I got it." Then to cheer her up I said in a more excited voice, "Come lookit all the neat cards I got !"

And I invited her back to my cubicle but she got very business-like again and let go of my hand so I returned it to my side, "I - don't really have time, David. I have to finish this. But I would like to apologize to you. Will you let me make it up to you after work ?"

I swallowed hard, "Ahhm - in what way ?"

She smiled back, "Me and the girls are going to a nice restaurant at the end of the day. Meet me and them outside your suggestion box."

"The women's restroom ?" I asked.

"That's right. That's where we'll meet, okay, hun ?"

I looked to her. She seemed so innocent and trusting now, and she was crying for real. Her face was wet. You can't fake that.

"Sure. Okay." I said. Being treated to a nice restaurant would be a great way to end the day.

"Well it'll be at a quarter after 5. Don't be late or you'll hold up everyone."

"Okay." I promised.

"That's fine. Now why don't we both finish up here." and she went back to her own typing.

I nodded and returned back to my own cubicle and piled all the great farewell cards in my briefcase. Well that worked out better than I thought ! I tore through my typing and brought it to Nancy.

Nancy did talk to me for a bit. She said the battle wasn't over yet and she was still going to do what she could to keep me here.

Then she got up from her desk to give me a big hug and I noticed her whole body was a lot warmer than mine as if she was seriously stressed, and she was taller than me too. I half-heartedly returned the hug.

And like before she got crisp and business and said, "scoot," so I could finish my work.

At 5 o'clock I finished up. Nancy didn't have anything extra to add except to say she was going to be working a little later than usual and she'd call me at my home to let me know what the situation was regarding extending my employment.

I got up from my cubicle with my briefcase in hand and walked down the quiet hallways. I never realized how much like a sci-fi movie this place was. Then I finally went to where my suggestion box was and put in my two new suggestions, ending my employment.

One of which said, "I'd like to suggest I could stay longer cause I'm very fond of Nancy."

Normally this would end the chapter but I'm going to attach the next one on to here so it's a bit longer, so continuing ...

* * *

I then sat down in one of the chairs out there and a coke machine nearby started making a humming noise. I was worried I had been tricked and abandoned, but fortunately I heard high-heeled shoes down the hallway and to my delight it was Barbara !

"I didn't think you'd make it !" she said with a twinkle in her eye and a smile on her face. I returned the smile shyly.

"What restaurant are we going to ?" I asked cause I was pretty hungry right then if the truth be known and likely what I'd have here would certainly be better than the Ramien brick noodles I was gonna have at my house.

"I - " she began but then corrected herself, "We - haven't decided that yet. Let's wait for everyone else, okay ?" she said.

I nodded. I looked down at my pants where my wallet has. I had all of $7.00 with me since I kept most of my money with Dad for safety.

"Well," I began hesitantly, "the reason I am asking is I only have - "

But she interrupted me seeing finances were a problem for me, "Hey ! Don't worry about it kiddo, my treat, whatever you want ! How does that sound ?"

"Ahhm ... Sure, thanks !" I said and feeling more at ease, I pulled out my Conan The Barbarian comic book and started looking at it waiting for the others. Barbara sat in her own chair, cross-legged, her miniskirt riding up her and I smelled that kinna girlie perfume from her, really from everyone I met her, but I was used to it by now.

A few minutes later some other girls showed up. As usual they were all pretty and definitely trying to outdo the other on how sexy and beautiful they were with one outfit after another. And they were all gossiping and whispering to each other.

I got scared for a moment and I think Barbara noticed it. She comforted me by saying, "It's okay, David. They usually argue like that for where we're gonna go eat."

It was so odd, they were doing this fashion-thingie at this office years before I showed up. I wondered if some of the girls were attracted to the other girls for doing it. I'll bet they were and maybe they ... suddenly my whole brain hit a large zero divided by zero trying to solve this ? I shrugged. Girls still scared me so I never gave it too much thought so I went back to my comic.

Finally they stopped whispering and one approached me from the front and asked what I was reading. I said proudly, "Conan The Barbarian."

She then sat down on her knees in front of me and implored politely, "Is he really strong, this 'Conan The Barbarian' ?" and she deepened her voice to say who he was. Some of the other girls giggled but I took that to be a friendly request.

I got excited now, "Yeah, he's a superhero kinna, and he always says, 'By Crom !' when he's beating up on a baddie." and I deepened my own voice to emphasize how he said it. Then I showed her a picture of where Conan was pulling someone's arm out and beating him with it.

She laughed at that and got back up off her knees to regard me.

"Are you strong like him ?" another girl said suddenly sitting down in the seat to the right of me. As I watched, Barbara suddenly sat down in the seat to my left.

Now I was flanked on all sides. For some reason my brain drifted and I thought of chess. Two rooks and one knight and I was in check. One girl stepped up to pull away my briefcase as I dazed off but I was more confused about why they were crowding around me right then.

I was really getting nervous at this so I said, "No ma'am. I'm not - not really strong like him." The girl ahead of me met my fearful eyes with her own intense gaze. I felt it important to let them know I was uncomfortable right then so I added quietly, "I get scared sometimes - like right now." and I started to get up out of my seat for my briefcase wondering what they wanted with it.

"Good." the girl ahead of me said with finality and a flash of light suddenly reflected off of the ceiling's white flourescent bulb against her lipgloss and in my eyes in a tight sparkle where apparently she had wet her lips earlier.

"Huh ?" I asked confused trying to think about her answer right then.

But I didn't have to wonder very long. Barbara suddenly lunged and pushed hard against my shoulder to hold me in place. The girl on my opposite side did likewise. The one standing in front of me snatched the comic book out of my limp hands. She held it from the edge sideways and stepped backwards carefully clicking her tongue disconsolately at it, clearly she couldn't see it right from that angle.

"What a load of horseshit !" she said with disgust in her voice and tossed it over her back to leer at me.

I felt it was more important right then to defend Conan rather than worry about what was happening to me so I yelled, "Give it back !" cause I thought she was gonna do something bad to my magazine and they were pretty expensive after all, at least for me at $4 apiece.

"WHAT - are we going to do with you ?" she said. The girl who had my briefcase quickly picked up my magazine and snapping open the front of my briefcase quickly set it inside before snapping it closed and setting it neatly against the opposite wall. I gulped fearfully.

"Doncha mean WHERE are we going to put you ?" the girl on my right giggled.

Barbara nodded and said quietly, "Good one, Danielle."

I looked around twisting my head hard left and right. There wasn't anywhere to go here - except ... ?

* * *

Once I realized they were all here to shove me in the women's restroom to do - whatever it was that Barbara wanted - I panicked and started to yell but Barbara let go of my shoulder and wrapped her arm around my neck and choked me there for what felt like a minute and I felt reddish and blurry and dizzy and I coughed.

I blinked my eyes confused forgetting to yell like I wanted to. I reached my own arms up to try and pull her off but she tightened her grip on my throat even more and put her other hand to my forehead. I was definitely burning up now, not with a fever but with fear.

The other girls watched intently. One kept looking up and down the hall to make sure no-one was coming. Finally my head slumped forward and I felt I could pass out from lack of air, a sickening sleepiness. She finally loosened her grip.

"No noise or I'll do it again and THIS time I'll KILL you and we'll throw your dead body in the parking lot, understand ?" she said dangerously, letting me go so I could breathe again.

"You going to be quiet now ?" she asked threateningly and tapped a sharp fingernail up against my throat while putting pressure back on my shoulder again.

I nodded but didn't say anything and my brain spun trying to figure a way out of this but since it was starved for air at the moment, I couldn't think clearly.

"Let's get this over with." one of the other girls said leaning on the opposite wall, apparently bored with the whole thing.

"Patience, Junie." Barbara said back to her. I could see this was all planned now. And then Barbara looked back at me, "Not a word from you !" she said in a deeper and scary tone of voice I had never heard before from her.

I whimpered loudly for a moment and although she smiled at it she said, "Ah ah ... not even that. Save it for later, when you'll need it !" One of the other girls snickered cruelly at Barbara's words.

Then there was a flurry of movement and a painful wrenching in my arm as the chair I was sitting in suddenly capsized sideways and I was grabbed by I don't know how many of them. I felt my arms jerked hard and painfully behind me and then I was grabbed by my legs. And then I was pushed headfirst through the women's restroom door.

And by headfirst I mean they used my HEAD as a battering ram. 3 times in fact, laughing loudly as they did as my skull made a horrid sound against the metal, and then they finally threw me against the far bathroom wall as I rubbed my forehead which ached fiercely.

I sat there for a moment and cried silently covering my head with my hands to protect myself like I learned back in High School. I wanted to go home so bad right now and be with Susan and be rid of this terrible situation !

"God what a sissy." one girl said meanly as they all piled in the restroom to see me kicking my feet in front of me which caused me to scoot over into a corner beside the sink. My head was throbbing painfully like it never had before and I imagine a hundred aspirin wouldn't do anything.

And ultimately, I really couldn't argue with the logic of what she said as I was called that name back in High-School many times when - when - I didn't like to think about it. I continued to cover my head with my hands to protect myself in case they wanted to kick me in the face.

"God you big baby ! You're not hurt !" one of them said and the others laughed at how distressed I must've looked then. I felt my knees start to shake as they crowded all around me again. Someone took my briefcase and setting it on the floor, kicked it against the far wall adjacent to me.

Fortunately no one kicked me. Barbara however did lean down and pulled one arm off my head to talk to me.

I thought she was going to be nice but then she spoke and changed her voice to sound like Nancy, a rather good impression I thought, and her voice inflection was almost perfect.

"You need to sit down on your seat mister and have a good think !" and the other girls giggled cruelly at her imitating Nancy's words since they were witness to it when she initially told me this earlier when she was angry with me.

But I felt this was my queue to leave. I nodded and immediately got up. My balance was all screwy so I fell down. They laughed some more. I got back up, concentrating on my balance and started to leave out the bathroom door but Barbara grabbed me and her voice returned to normal.

"Uh uhm. Where you think you're going ? Not in the boy's room. Your seat is RIGHT in there, sweetie." and she pointed to the right of her where there was the door to a stall.

The door was closed but one of them stood up opening the door wide holding her hand out extended and said graciously, "Ladies first." which the others giggled to. When I didn't move she added angrily, "That means you, twerp !"

I bit my lip and started crying hoping one of them would say it was enough what they did already and might as well let me go now, but apparently not as they continued to laugh at my discomfort.

I turned my head to look at the commode and one girl, apparently braver than the rest got up to the side of me and stamped her foot down hard, inches from my fingers while yelling, "Get in there now little boy !"

And even though she was shorter than me, it was clear word-of-mouth was passed since I started working there that I was definitely frightened of all women in general, even if they were my age or younger or smaller.

I scrambled up because I'm pretty sure she was gonna step on my fingers next so I ran to the stall and tried to close the door behind me but Barbara was right there to grab it.

"I need privacy, don't I - to think ?" I offered, my voice squeaking hard as I couldn't speak right from the shame they were putting me through, also learning that from talking to counselors back in High-School about protecting my space.

"No," Barbara said carefully, "The game we're playing now involves - TWO people." and the other girls whistled in approval to that. I noticed one had already pulled out a little Polaroid instant camera focusing on where I was going to be sitting.

* * *

"Now sit your butt down !" Barbara said in that scary tone again. Her voice was so eerie the way she did it that I immediately jumped up on the seat.

It was like I was in 4th grade all over again in the Reading Room with the bullies, only this time a librarian wasn't going to bail me out. My teeth started chattering.

And I felt that weird warmness in my neck again, like the bones in it were vibrating from tension. My chest tremored as it involuntarily rippled muscles in it. Nonetheless I sat down on the seat, which only had the U covering like the school bathrooms.

"Pull his pants down !" one girl giggled from the group. Everyone got quiet and stared at her like what she said was incredibly stupid.

"Whaaat ?" she said changing her pitch in the middle, trying to defend herself. Someone cuffed her on the shoulder and murmured under their breath, "God, what are you, 6-years old, Maggie ?"

"Sorreee !" she said sarcastically and lowered her head and stepped back and didn't offer any further mean suggestions.

Barbara however took advantage of the moment of silence to take the center stage, "Where were we. No, we're going to do this the RIGHT way. It's David's last day here. OK. Let's work with that. He has YET to apologize to me. I think it's time he do it - NOW."

The other girls cheered and clapped their hands.

"I'm sorry ! I'm sorry ! Really I am !" I said sincerely holding my hands up for emphasis though in truth I had no idea what I was apologizing for at the moment.

Barbara looked at me, apparently surprised I would knuckle under so quickly. There was a moment of quiet before I added, "Apologize for what ?" cause I really didn't know.

The girls laughed and Barbara stepped in the stall causing me to bunch up my legs behind the back of it and my head against the tiled wall. She put her pretty face up against mine at once and sneered, "You have no idea the hell you put me through earlier ! I had to make a perfect a*****e out of myself in 'Nancy's' office to get out of it, so I think it's only fair that you apologize to the same !"

The other girls murmured in approval. The girl with the camera stepped forward and snapped a photo showing me sitting on the commode. I heard the buzzing of the undeveloped picture as it spat out the bottom. She grabbed it and started shaking it in the air, encouraging it to develop.

I realized this could be used for blackmail or something so I covered my face with my hands but then Barbara smacked me hard on the head causing a weird pain, so I put my hands in my lap instead, complying. Was it possible I had a concussion ?

I reached my hand up to feel the top of my head to see if it was bleeding but Barbara slapped it so I put it back down again.

"Just for insurance, now show me a pretty face." Barbara said holding her hand flat out against me like I was a platter of something in a restaurant. She rolled her tongue across her teeth wickedly as she prompted the girl with the camera to take another snapshot of me now sitting miserably on the seat.

I understood perfectly. If I mentioned what they did here they could blackmail me later by showing my folks, or worse yet - ROSE, the photos they took here. I couldn't have that !

I put my head down and groaned. The girl with the camera this time came inside the cramped stall to the side of my and with the camera facing me said, "Give me more - " and she paused as if she were filming a supermodel by tilting her head to the side playfully, "PATHETIC !" she said completing her sentence in a mean laugh and even Barbara giggled at that statement.

One girl in the group offered, "He can't be any more pathetic than he is now." and one beside her agreed.

Barbara spoke imperiously again, "Oh I think he can, he just needs a little encouragement !" and she reached for the bottom of her skirt raising it and turning around to - I closed my eyes. I didn't want to even guess what was happening. I heard more fabric shift and the light got darker as if someone was blocking it.

Everyone got really quiet for nearly a minute and finally the girl with the camera slapped my face and said, "Goddamit ! Open your eyes, will ya !"

I looked - and regretted it ... Barbara had indeed bared her naked bare bottom up against my face. My eyes grew saucer wide in fear and crossed to focus on ... !

Suddenly my left leg started twitching uncontrollably. The tension in my chest was causing it to almost vibrate against the floor. Despite the sweat beading on my forehead I felt like my whole body was freezing.

The girl with the camera snapped another shot, this one would be great for blackmail. Without really thinking I faced the camera and gave a sheepish smile, really hoping she was done and would leave now.

"That's perfect ! Now work with me here !" she said complimenting me for my pose, clearly not going to leave, and tilted the camera 90 degrees sideways to take another photo. I coughed and twitched my head like that wasn't what I wanted at all. I knew I was supposed to be sick at my stomach at what I was seeing and yet ... something - a memory from years ago twinged at the back of my brain.

Something from my distant past cried out to me - a weird feeling - maybe from when I was younger. I couldn't describe it - except that it was a metallic cube being pressed on all 6 sides by perfectly round silver balls.

And the resulting cube was a razor-sharp horror object that I had to balance on the tip of my fingers, that kind of feeling, and the fear it would fall and cut me badly - and that I would die if I couldn't keep it balanced.

Everyone got quiet in the room seeing where my gaze was drawn to and Barbara realized it was now my turn to apologize to her - as it were.

She looked carefully around her shoulder and backed up some more until my head was pushed up against the back tiles as far as they would go. As for me, I thought hard on the repressed memory in my head and why it arrived unbidden now at this bizarre and clearly insulting time. Was I losing my mind ?

"Hey," the girl with the camera spoke a little concerned seeing a scary change in my face. "Is there something wrong with him ?"


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So it is here we are moving into fiction? I have to say it was a very emotional chapter for me. I have problems reading scenes of torture.

Posted 6 Years Ago

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6 Years Ago

This is fiction, but remember I always work events from my life, even into fictional chapters. While.. read more
Omg!! I was looking for more!!! I was at the edge of my seat reading, especially at the end when he was remembering what he had done. I'm ready for the next chapter!!

Posted 6 Years Ago

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6 Years Ago

Gosh Lee. Ahhm - I'm glad you like it. Just click the, "next chapter ►" button above to continue .. read more

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