Chapter 10. Prom

Chapter 10. Prom

A Chapter by Joshua David Vrana

“I’ll kill him” Jaso said as May looked puzzled standing over Jaso’s bed “who?” she asked “Maliron, that b*****d who killed my family” Jaso snarled scaring may a little bit, she had never seen him like this. Jaso got to school a little later than usual the halls were filled with students as he walked to his locker he overheard that Sara’s boyfriend dumped her last night, Jaso heart jumped a little as he heard this, he got to his first class he saw Sara sitting in the corner seat reading her textbook, she looked as if she had been crying, “hey Sara are you ok?” Jaso asked knowing the answer “yeah” she replied with a sniffle “I heard he dumped you” Jaso said bluntly quickly wishing that he hadn’t as she broke down crying “I’m sorry I didn’t mean to make you cry” he quickly apologized she wiped her tears away “that jerk dumped me for Kim” she said as more students walked into class “well I was looking for a date to tonight’s dance” Jaso said “would you care to join me?” he asked hoping she would say yes “um, sure” Sara replied making Jaso’s heart jump “I’ll pick you up around five?” he asked “that sounds fine, I’ll be at Jessie’s house” the first bell rang. At lunch Sara sat with Jaso, he told her that he had liked her since that first day she had stuck up for him and she told Jaso how she had thought he was cute but already had a boyfriend and she apologized for him picking on Jaso “its fine he has been a jerk to both of us” Jaso said bluntly “yeah” she said looking over her shoulder as her ex and Kim sat down at a table “come on let’s get to our next class” Jaso said knowing where she was looking. After school Jaso walked Sara to her friend’s house so that she could get ready “I’ll see you at five” Jaso asked as they stopped at the stoop “yeah five” she answered and then she quickly kissed Jaso cheek, he watched her go in the house then took off to his home. As five o’clock rolled around Jaso got ready by putting on the tux may had borrowed from her older brother. Jaso walked out into the living room “well, how do I look?” Jaso asked as he stood there adjusting his tie “wow, you look handsome” may remarked “too bad you didn’t get a girl to stand next to” may joked with him “I do have a date, her name is Sara Archer” Jaso replied with a smile “oh well I want some pictures of you two” May ordered as she straightened Jaso’s tie “I’ll get you some of us May” Jaso said as he walked out to his rental car. He pulled into the drive way of Jessie’s house and walked up to the door and knocked, the door opened as a man answered “yes?” he asked sizing up Jaso, “I’m here to pick up Sara, sir” Jaso replied calmly “if that’s ok with you sir?” Jaso asked calmly as the man moved to let him in “she’s getting ready upstairs” the man said as he walked in to the living room “have a seat” the man said gesturing to the couch, a girls voice came from the stairs “daddy is mark here yet?” she asked the man walked to the stairs “no sweetie he isn’t” he replied, Jaso could tell that the girl was mad, then he heard softer footsteps, Jaso walked to the stairs to watch Sara walk down in this beautiful light pink dress that came down to her knees her hair was let down and it stopped at her shoulders, Jaso heart skipped a beat as he watched her stop about three stairs from the bottom “well how do I look” Sara asked smiling, Jaso stood there just staring at the beautiful woman that stood before him “you look beautiful Sara” Jaso said as he offered a hand to help her down the stairs “thank you” she said “so how are we going to get there?” Sara asked cutely “I got a car” Jaso said as he lead her out to the one of a kind shadow made by lambo “wow” Sara said stunned, Jaso opened the door for her and closed it when she got in, he drove to the school and they talked all the way there just about anything the two of them could think of. Once they arrived Jaso got the door and walked Sara to the gym where prom was being held, “come on lets go dance” Sara asked as she pulled him to the dance floor “ok, ok I’m following” Jaso replied as he walked to the dance floor with Sara.

© 2013 Joshua David Vrana

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Added on January 24, 2013
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Joshua David Vrana
Joshua David Vrana

Lincoln, NE

Hello my name is Josh, I'm 23 years old, live in Lincoln, NE, when I was younger I didn't like to read that much, it wasn't untill the Harry Potter books that i satarted to enjoy reading. I fell in.. more..