Chapter 2. Memories.

Chapter 2. Memories.

A Chapter by Joshua David Vrana

Jaso walked home alone that night wishing he was still on Tarra with his parents. He thought to himself, "Why did Maliron kill them?” he whispered to himself “Why did dad send me to this planet” as he walked along the streets of New York City he watched all the people around him, there were many races walking about him all colors and types of people. Finally reaching home a little late, Jaso quietly and slowly pushed the front door open. He then closed it behind him and set his backpack by the door, he slowly walked farther into the room. Reaching for the light switch something struck his hand, He quickly turned to pull the door back open, when the light came flooding into the room there was nothing there. He looked beside the door and saw that it was a hat from a rack above the light switch. He picked up the hat and put it back on the rack. Looking around the apartment Jaso thought back, for eight years this place has been his home, May had found him on the street and took him in and raised him like her child. May was nice to him when no one else had been, he went to the kitchen to get some food, he didn’t need to eat because of his race and powers, but it felt right to him. Jaso’s right eye shone red as he used an eye power called zerran, it allowed him to look through walls, people and if he focused long enough he could see the future. He used it to see things around him slow down so he could react to them faster, upon releasing this power his right eye hurt so he placed a hand on his eye to rub it until the pain died away; he had not been able to use it properly since he had not finished his lesson on Tarra, so he could only use it in his right eye when he did use it longer than a few seconds it would start to hurt and after longer use it would start to bleed. So Jaso never uses it more than he has to, he heated his meal up with the palm of his hand as he used his power to control the element fire soon the soup warmed up and he began to eat it. After a glass of milk he sat down on the couch and finished his homework and practiced his power control until he was tired. He quietly walked down the hall to his room and checked on may, she was sleeping, just like she was every day when he came home from school. She would be up in about an hour for work. He thought of her working at that place. "I wonder how she puts up with him" he whispered to himself. He walked into his room and saw some new clothes lying on the bed. "I must thank her" he thought as he put them away, then he got ready for bed. Jaso's last thoughts were about May as he closed his eyes, and then all was black.

© 2012 Joshua David Vrana

Author's Note

Joshua David Vrana
may vrana, jaso's adopted mother

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I like how you ended it .. I vary much like the read so far

Posted 12 Years Ago

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Added on March 22, 2012
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Joshua David Vrana
Joshua David Vrana

Lincoln, NE

Hello my name is Josh, I'm 23 years old, live in Lincoln, NE, when I was younger I didn't like to read that much, it wasn't untill the Harry Potter books that i satarted to enjoy reading. I fell in.. more..