Do we as humans want to be saved?

Do we as humans want to be saved?

A Chapter by Huggy Bear

My answer to that question is an empathic NO!

My answer to that question is an empathic NO! When doom lurks around the bend for humanity we always expect someone to save us. We place so much faith in an individual and yet we as a civilization hold more power then any superhero out there. The reason why so many people are hesitant to be that hero is because of humanity other annoying trait. The trait of make others scapegoats when things go wrong for a split second. We will cheer and love our heroes but the moment when something doesn't go towards the way of the hero, the masses are quick to maim him or her even if it wasn't their fault. We are so quit to judge and due to that we shun people that have always been there for us before.

Humans only value change when something horrendous happens. Fear takes over and anything can change in a blink of an eye. We are too comfortable to evoke change. No Obama doesn't count as an important change. We have yet fix our greed and corruption that is the black hole of our country. We have yet created affordable health-care for all citizens. For true change to start we rely on terror to get the people on top to evoke change to not only save them but also for us as common people.

As I sit outside my house and as I write this it may show I do not have hope for our country. So far America has not shown me it wants help. It shows that like Rome we will fall to our own sedated lifestyle.

© 2010 Huggy Bear

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Added on January 21, 2010
Last Updated on January 21, 2010


Huggy Bear
Huggy Bear

Astoria, NY

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