What is the difference between prostitution and stripping?

What is the difference between prostitution and stripping?

A Chapter by Huggy Bear

My view on the difference between prostitution and stripping

What is the difference between prostitution and stripping? Within our culture we celebrate one type while the other profession is vilified. Yet both professions are essentially the same. Both professions require teasing, sensual touching, being naked for a period of time and getting paid for that. There are strip joints all around and they are just doing the same thing as prostitution but they are not going all the way. Well I would not be surprised that within strip joints they all sex to go on for extra money. The key here is money. This is a male dominated society and sex is a major part of the male psyche. We have strippers and porn to "ease" our desire but it is just a substitute for the real thing.

I believe the reason prostitution is illegal is because people are afraid it will be out of control. That our country will be fill with sin and corruption. The ironic piece to all this is we already are at that point. See if the government allows prostitution to exist then establishments would govern themselves to make sure nothing comes to harm with the client or the employee. The fear that STD will spread will not happen if those companies dont allow it to happen. STD are bad for business and whatever is bad for business will not be tolerated. So really in the real harm that prostitution is causing is by the profession being illegal, and having this go unchecked.

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great essay/chapter lol

Posted 13 Years Ago

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I think that prostitution is legal here in Australia and on the whole safe and well run. Although my personal opinion is that strippers and prostitutes are both degrading to all women, but grant you the woman and girls that practice this do it of their own free will, or out of necessity of their drug addiction.

As I have said I don't agree at all with that life style, but who am I to judge and I guess "there for the grace of God go I."

Brothels are a safeguard for all women and children by being protected somewhat from being raped in their homes and on the streets. There has always been prostitutes since forever and there always will be.


Posted 13 Years Ago

You are correct. I lived in Europe. Most of the countries have area where prostitution is legal and control. Create taxes and allow men/woman to full fill their desires without harming anyone.

Posted 13 Years Ago

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