6: Drama Club

6: Drama Club

A Chapter by Mikey S.

Andrew, Michael and Marie encourage Tom to take up an extracurricular activity. When Courtney overhears Tom acting she encourages him to try out for the Drama Club.

Lakeside High: Room A203- Tuesday
School is about to let out when Tom and his friends start to talk about clubs.

Tom: You guys think I should join a club?
Marie: Yeah, it would give you a chance to meet other people.
Tom(serious look): How come I feel there is an alternate reason then what you’re saying?
Marie(panicked): Don’t be silly.
Michael W.: Joining a club is fun. It gives you the chance to make a name for yourself.
Tom: Well when you put it like that it’s actually something to give some thought to. What clubs are you in?
Marie: I play violin in the schools Pit Orchestra.
Tom: That sounds more like a class than a club.
Michael W.: I’m in the schools Skateboard Club.
Tom: What the heck? What kind of school has a club like that?
Andrew: Not sure.
Tom: What about you Andy? What club are you in? It can’t get any worse.
Andrew: I’m not in a club.
Tom: Maybe Andy has the right idea. Maybe I shouldn’t join a club either.
Marie(hyped up): There’s no way word is going to go around that I hang out with two losers.
Tom(serious face): I knew there was an alternate reason.

The final bell rings. The halls become filled with student.

Lakeside High: Second Floor Hallways
Tom: I’m not against it. I’m just not sure where I would fit in.
Michael W.: There are plenty of clubs. Like foreign language clubs.
Tom: No gracias(No thank you).
Marie & Michael W.: (surprised/confused)
Tom: What? You guys haven’t taken Spanish before?
Michael W.: When did you?
Marie: That’s not important. What about Mock Trial?
Tom: Pre Law? That seems too stiff.
Michael W.: Well there’s always Drama Club.

Lakeside High: First Floor Hallways
Tom(joking): Drama Club? You think acting is good for me?
Michael W.: I’m not sure about acting but you sure do have a lot of drama in your life.
Tom(joking): Yeah like I want to be on stage in front of a lot of people saying; 
(acting) I take thee at thy word;
Call me but love, and I’ll be baptized:
   Henceforth I will never be Romeo.
(regular speak/joking) I’m really up to that alright.

Courtney Puck, a member of the Drama Club, overhears Tom’s acting and becomes fascinated.

Andrew: That was pretty good actually.
Tom: Really? I was just repeating what we said in class today.
Courtney: No, your short commenting friend is right. You reenacted Romeo’s declaration of love for Juliet from Act ll Scene ll, the Capulet’s Orchard, perfectly.
Andrew(shy): Short Commenting?
Marie: Calm down Andy. So Tom was really that good?
Michael W.: Who are you anyway?
Courtney: Oh sorry. My name is Courtney Puck, a stage actor in the Drama Club. And yes Tom has a lot of potential although he is a little rough. Come by the auditorium  tomorrow when our director is around.

Courtney exits.

Michael W.: Great job. You’re joining the Drama Club.
Tom: What? I never said I was going to join.
Andrew: Short commenting?
Marie: But you have an audition. You can’t miss that.
Tom: Fine I’ll go.
Michael W.: Well now that is settled, you can come check out the Skateboarding Club just incase the Drama Club doesn’t workout.

Michael begins pushing Tom toward the back entrance of the school.

Tom: Hey, stop pushing me. I can walk by myself.
Marie(sarcastic): Looks like they will have fun.

Lakeside High: Auditorium- Wednesday
Tom, Andrew, Michael and Marie enter the auditorium where several other students are awaiting a chance to audition.

Tom: So this is our schools auditorium. It’s huge.
Marie: Speaking of size, check out how many people came to audition.

Looking into the commoner seats, about 35 other students came to auditions.

Tom: This will be difficult.
Michael W.: Don’t worry buddy we’re here to show you support.
Marie: Yeah, so go show them a show that they won’t forget.

Auditorium: Stage
Courtney comes onto stage.

Courtney(act): Come, come, sit you down, you shall not budge;
     You got not till I set you up a glass
     Where you may see the inmost part of you.

Everyone sit in confusion. The Drama Club director and stage crew member come onto stage.

Ronald: Ok welcome to Drama Club auditions. I am the clubs director Ronald Brooke, senior class.
Courtney: I am a stage actor of the Drama Club Courtney Puck, sophomore class.
Elliott: I am a stage crew member of the Drama Club Elliot Ellicott, junior class.
Ronald: Ok I hope you all remembered what Courtney just said because you are going to repeat and act it out the best you can. We only have two spots open, so after everyone has gone we will announce the two best today and they will become members of the Drama Club. Everyone got that?

Everyone nods. Ronald, Courtney and Elliott get off stage and sit in the commoner seats.

Auditorium: Seats
Tom: They’re testing memory too. That was from Hamlet Act lll Scene lV, the Queen’s Room.
Michael W.: You can tell all that just from hearing it?
Marie: Maybe you do belong in the Drama Club.
Ronald: Ok not everyone come up at once. When you do come up give your name and class.

Lakeside High: Auditorium
Several students give their audition before it finally becomes Tom’s turn.

Michael W.: Looks like you’re up next.
Andrew: Break a leg.
Tom: Thanks.

Tom gets up on stage.

Tom: My name is Tom Cannon, freshmen class.
Ronald(directed toward Courtney): This is the frosh you mentioned yesterday?
Courtney: Yes, he has a lot of talent.
Ronald: Ok you may begin.

Tom(act): Come, come, sit you down, you shall not budge;
      You got not till I set you up a glass
      Where you may see the inmost part of you.

Tom gets off stage and sits back with his friends.

Andrew(sarcastic): Great, you didn’t choke!
Tom: Shut up but thanks. But there are several others that haven’t gone yet. They could be better than me. And I’ve only realized this talent 24 hours ago so my chances are slim.
Elliott: Well Courtney I must admit you were right. He does have a lot of talent.
Ronald: Yes but he is still rough around the edges.

The next student comes onto stage.

Paul: My name is Paul Mitchell, freshmen class.
Ronald: Ok begin.
Paul(act): Come, come, sit you down, you shall not budge;
      You got not till I set you up a glass
      Where you may see the inmost part of you.

Paul gets off the stage and sits down. More students go up until all have participated except for Andrew, Michael and Marie.

Ronald: Sad to say but the two frosh seem to be better than everybody else.
Elliott: So out choices are final then.

Ronald, Courtney and Elliott finish debating and come up on stage.

Michael W.: Looks like its judgment time.
Andrew: Are you worried?
Tom: Not too much.

Auditorium: Stage
Ronald: Thank you all for auditioning but as you know we only have two spots open. And the selected students are Paul Mitchell and Tom Cannon.
Courtney: Thank you everyone for coming to audition.
Elliott: Please will everyone but the two selected exit the auditorium.

Everyone leaves. Tom and Paul join Ronald, Courtney and Elliott on stage.

Courtney: As of now you can consider yourselves part of the Lakeside High Drama Club. A community to help develop dramatic talents for fine drama productions and those wanting to pursue a career in acting.
Elliott: You two were chosen out of 36 tryouts because you showed real promise in your performances. If you don’t wish to join our community then please leave.

Both Tom and Paul stay.

Ronald: Ok then great to see we have two new additions to our club. All club members meet here on Wednesdays and Thursdays after school each week. Welcome onboard.

Ronald and Elliott exit.

Courtney(excited): Congratulations Tom! I knew you would be able to make it. You too Paul.
Tom: Thanks. You were good too Paul.
Paul: Likewise.
Courtney(still excited): It’s going to be great working with you guys.

Courtney exits.

Paul: Just to be clear, I’m not going to let some amateur show me up.
Tom(confused): Did I do something wrong?
Paul: We all saw your performance. How did somebody like you get chosen is beyond me. But everyone else sucked so it really doesn’t matter.

Paul exits.

Tom: Esto será divertido(This will be fun).

© 2010 Mikey S.

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