The House That Lovecraft Built


Howard Phillips Lovecraft is the creator of many horror short stories from Herbert West's Reanimator to the Dagon and Cthulu mythos he is also the backbone of horror as it stands today. Feeding inspiration to the likes of Stephen King, Clive Barker and many authors of horror and Sci-fi. I have created this group in memory of Lovecraft, I am a big fan. This group is open to all horror and dark fiction including poetry and art so submit anything you want, go nuts, it will be read and will be reviewed by myself and whoever enters here. I welcome all creatures of the night and inmates of any asylum, more evil and twisted the better! Horror should not be censored or cut, it should scare and leave something of fear and thought behind.

New Writing

The Book The Book

A Story by Clinthulhu

I: Descent I: Descent

A Chapter by CT

God's Attic God's Attic

A Story by CT

Duality Duality

A Story by CT

Vengeance pt3 Vengeance pt3

A Story by joenum83

The Crypt The Crypt

A Story by Twilight

Giallo Style Giallo Style

A Story by Twilight

Xtron Xtron

A Story by Twilight

The House The House

A Poem by Twilight

Torquemada Torquemada

A Story by Twilight

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Peter J. Hodgson

Peter J. Hodgson

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