Mix of Fan fic and original characters

Mix of Fan fic and original characters

A Chapter by Ashley.M.E

This was a request of a girls 2 original characters and Virgil and Dante from Devil's may cry


            The sand crunched under the red heads feet. It was quiet, and lonely, but the sun kissing her already a beautiful Carmel color, after all she spent so much time in the sun and little inside that her skin was used to the heat, she didn’t even break a sweat. She moved a piece of loose hair out of her face as she sighed. She cannot remember how she had gotten into this business, but she could not see herself doing anything else.

            Reila was a tall girl; she was on her way to an abandoned city placed in what now is desert area. It was a flourishing town, before they showed up. Reila took out the picture of the beast, an odd skinless creature, with a long neck and a dog shaped head. It almost stood like humans, with a hunched back. She was not interested in the oddly easy-to-kill-looking creature, instead she wanted the bounty, after all that is what she was, a bounty hunter. The group of people just want their home back, but it almost made Reila laugh when she seen the human mixed dog creatures that had settled on the land, it was easy money, though she had to travel far the money for it, seemed good.

            She walked slowly, her high heels boots sinking into the sand, though she hardly noticed. She reached the edge of the town, the road covered in sand, but she could feel the difference in the ground as she headed to the destroyed buildings.

            She shook her head; it was a deserted wasteland. She walked slowly, her dark red shoes clicking against the creaking concrete, an inch layer of sand covering everything. “Do these people really want this land back,” it seemed like all life had been sucked from the land. She held her sharp one pointed sword called the “normal slate Dark Void” tight in her hand, well the sword stayed in its sheath. She did not believe these creatures could hurt her, but still they could jump out of anywhere, and that was something she had to be prepared for.

            She walked to what she had to guess was the center of the town; she looked at the old fountain. The water dried and gone, taken the place of the water going through the open circle and running down it. She looked down the roads, exactly eight roads cut off into the circle. Still quiet. “There is no one here…” She bit her deep red lips ticked lips as she looked around once more, her ears open to any sound.

            Finally, the sound, four legs, charges. Her head turned and her body followed with a jerk. Her sword came out of her sheath, pointed down, her pinky being the closest finger to the blade. She pulled up on the handle, the sword going above her head, she felt the warm cool liquid of blood, it trailed down the sword and landing on the dry sand just to be sucked in and make the yellow sand a golden color.

            She turned, looking at the split in half animal, the human-dog. She smiled, “to easy,” She looked around. “Great I got blood on my shoe,” She shook her head as she put her sword away. “Let’s see where that came from.”

            She walked slowly, enjoying the sound of her clicking shoes. She walked with a long stride, her hair hitting against her back. Someone was there; she was starting to hear the sound of the quick swings. She walked down the pathway, the sound of the snarling creature right on her.


            Renna frowned as she kicked at the dust. “Where could she of gone! Reila!” The teenage girl whined as she hit the ground hard and looked around. She let out a sad sigh and lowered her head. Her short red hair falling around her faces, blocking the sun from her face just enough for her to see the ground below perfectly.

            The began to walk again. She had been following her sister for days, how hard it is to stay out of sight when you are walking in the desert is torture. All Renna knew was she spent most of the time crawling trying to blend in with the sand and her Carmel skin stood out like a sore thumb.

            Still she walked through the rubble of buildings. She held her fan up as she tried to cool herself off, but that wasn’t what it was for. Her fan was her weapon, not paper, or cloth, but sword like. Following her sister was dangerous; she put herself in danger all the time. She enjoyed the adventure of it all.

            She walked slowly, wishing that she hadn’t been separated from her sister’s sight. She had watched her for days, but Renna slept to long and her sister slipped away. She kept walking, things still quiet, until she heard a bang in the distance, she began to run, a smile on her face. She knew her sister was close. It was obvious; there was no other land in sight.

            As she was walking through the sand filled desert, she heard the sound of fast pacing feet, heavy and weighing more than her sister. She jumped out of the way, doing a side flip and landing it perfect. She looked at the man she couldn’t believe her eyes. She stood there, trying to make him out. He looked so much like Dante, a man that her and her sister ran into often.

            This man though wear his white hair stuck up, and was wearing a blue long coat. He looked so much like Dante that the name just slipped from Renna’s lips, “Dante…?”

            The man’s eyes narrowed as he looked at the girl. “Dante that is a name I haven’t heard for a while. You are mistaken stupid girl,” The man told as he ran at her.

            Renna jumped out of the way, but the man swung his sword. Renna hardly had time to hold up her fan, which blocked the sword. She took another step back. Her quick reflexes didn’t seem enough to save her. This guy reminded her to much of Dante, but Dante would have never attacked her.

            “My name is Vergil,” The man yelled as she ran at her.

            “Vergil…” the name sounded familiar, she remembered Dante talking about a Vergil. His brother. “Your Dante’s brother!” She yelled as she looked at him.

            “That’s right!”


            Reila turned the corner, to see a blade coming down at her. She quickly raised her sword, the clash of the metal meeting making a loud clenched sound. She jumped back to see who her attacker was. Dante, Reila’s red eyes widened as she looked at him.

            She shouldn’t have seemed so surprised, so she quickly went back in attack mode, holding her sword out in front of her, her eyes narrowing. “Long time no see,” She let a slight smirk come to her face. “What are you doing way out here?” She asked.

            There Dante stood with his brown pants, long red coat, and white hair. His bangs cut above his eyes, touching his eyebrows and the rest of his hair barely touching his neck. The thing that Reila liked the most was his bare chest. If she wasn’t a bounty hunter she would just melt away like any other girl who fell in love with hot, fighting men, but she couldn’t allow herself to do that she had to take back this area for the people who used to exhibit it.

            “That is none of your business,” Dante muttered in his strong, cocky voice. He turned away from her, his hands in his pockets. “You’re slow; I defeated more of these damn things, could you have been slower?” He turned his head and looked at her.

            Reila, wanted to blush as she watched him sway his weight back to look at her, his hair falling in his eyes. His hands in his pockets still as he leaned toward her, hiding a slight smirk. Reila scalded as she put her hands on her hips. “It was a long way here, a*****e, I don’t know when you got here, but I walked through the desert for five long days!” She shouted.

            “No need to get so defensive,” Dante told as he started talking away.

            Reila followed him irritated. She wasn’t sure why it mattered, she would still get her bounty, but it wasn’t that, he always seemed to show her up, and she was tired of it.

            “Are you that lost that you having to follow me?” He teased as he looked up at the sun.

            “Oh, shut you!” She shouted as she held her sword out.

            “You not going to use that on me are you?” He asked, not even turning to look.

            “Was thinking about it,” She muttered as she twisted her sword, cracking her wrist.


            They walked for some time, until they heard a piercing scream, Reila turned quickly, and it sounded too familiar.

            Dante turned at the same time. “Was that your sister?” He asked, his face calm, though Reila was worried, a beam of sweat making it to her chin.

            To lighten up the thought Reila had to say something. She turned to Dante, and got a serious look on her face. “How do you know how my sister screams?” She said in a sarcastic tone. She knew very well Dante has never been alone with her sister, but it always seemed that her sister wanted Dante just as much as she did.

            “Of course not, be she is always the first to get her in trouble because you rarely know she is here, besides whom else would be out here,” He shrugged as he ran toward the scream.

            Reila rolled her eyes as she followed him. They made their way to the center of town with the large fountain. There as the old fountain sat Renna tired at the feet and hands a cloth over her mouth. She looked at them with wide eyes as she tried to talk. All her weapons were gone and she was cut bad, blood stained the sand that was around her.

            Reila and Dante both walked up to her. Reila bent down and pulled the cloth off her sister’s mouth. “You would think you would learn,” She muttered.

            “It’s a trap!” Renna yelled as she tried to move.

            Dante rolled his eyes. “It always is,” He pulled out his sword, just in time to have his brothers clash against his. “Vergil!” Dante yelled with narrowed eyes.

            Vergil smiled and jumped back. “Well that didn’t work,” He muttered as he pulled out his gun and shot at Dante multiple times. Dante tried to cover all the shots with his sword. “Get out of the way!” He shouted back at Reila and Renna.

            Reila nodded as she grabbed up her sister and ran down the road and turned the corner. She dumped her sister against one of the buildings and went to run back to Dante.

            “You aren’t seriously going to leave me tied up here!” Renna cried.

            Reila sighed as she turned around. “It would serve you right for following me.”

            “I’ll tell Dante! He will hate you forever!” Renna yelled. She kicked her feet against the ground and wiggled trying to get free.

            If Reila wasn’t so pissed at her sister’s rude comment she would of laughed, as her sister looked like a worm. “Fine, I will unite you, but stay out of my way,” She told. She pulled at the ropes, quickly untying her sister before running back towards Dante.

            The sounds of gunfire and them cursing at each other made Reila stop. She looked at them. Not sure what to do. It was then see heard Renna running behind her. Reila turned, but her sister ran passed her towards the fight.

            Reila’s eyes were on her fan, which was tied to the back of Vergil. She ran behind him without him. Noticing and began to pull on the fan. Virgil turned slowly and looked at her. His eyes narrowing in frustration as he lifted his guns and pointed it right at her head.

            Renna’s eyes widened as she watched the man point the gun at her sister’s head. She darted out from behind the building trying to get in the way of her sister and the gun.

            Dante say that Virgil was distracted. Knowing very well that Virgil would shoot any moment until Reila’s sister. Dante this gone the other brother and started a fire. Virgil hardly seemed phased as he scolded down at Renna.

            “Over here” Reila said. She was trying to get Virgil’s attention because he was holding a gun to her sister’s head. The last thing she wanted was her sister to be killed. Even if it was her own fault for not following Reila’s instructions.

            I should return even though Reila had tried to get his attention. It seemed nothing was going to get him to stop giving her sister deadly glare until he actually shot.

            Dante knew that his brother would never look up the girl unless he done something. “Why are you out here?” Dante question.

            Virgil turned and looked at Dante. “What does it matter to you are not here or not! I am a free man I can do whatever I want too. Without you or anyone else trying to stop me!” Virgil yelled. He seemed rather frustrated knowing that he was outnumbered with all of these people.

            Dante smiled as he watched Reila from behind Virgil and use her sword to cut her sister’s fan. Renna fell backwards but quickly stood up and see there that her sister. Her way was like saying thank you. Except colder words.

            Reila smiled at her sister just shook her head. “You really need to be more careful. If he really wanted to he could have killed you, you know that right?”

            Renna just nodded.

            Virgil ran at Dante shooting at him at every chance you got.

            Reila and Renna sit back and watch the longest time without interrupting the fight. It wasn’t until they’ve heard Dante hit the ground did they react. Both on their feet ready to fight. They both ran at Virgil but he jumped out of the way. Looking at him, he was bleeding almost as bad as Dante. Both taking several shots from the others gun.

            Virgil ran out of the way. Reila wanted to run after him, but Dante was more important. Dante sat up, his vision blurred. He went to stand, but Renna grabbed his arm and pulled him down.

            “Just let him go, there is nothing you can do,” Renna told.

            “Nothing I can do, I can f*****g kill him, if you give me the chance,” Dante yelled

            Renna hold him down. Reila’s eyes narrowed her arms crossing over her chest as she watched her sister. “All you are going to do is kill yourself. If you cannot walk we aren’t going to carry you out of here!” Renna yelled.

            “If he wants to go let him go,” Reila muttered as she walked off. ”Seems like it was a waste to even come here,” She added.

            Dante tried to get up. “Renna let me go!” He yelled.

            “Fine!” Renna stood up.

            Dante got up and walked in front of Renna. Renna quickly stopped and looked at him. “What?” She asked eyeing him.

            He shook his head giving a cocky smile. “You know all too well,” He lifted her hand and kissed it. “I am glad I got to see you, how long has it been?” He questioned, a hand going to her hair. She looked at him, her cheeks becoming red.

            Reila jumped onto Dante’s back. Dante jumped and pulled back. “What about me, not happy to see me!” Reila yelled.

            Dante rubbed the back of his head. “Yeah, of course,” He said a slight laugh.

            “Seemed you healed well,” Renna told Dante. Then eyed her sister who stuck her tongue out at her. Renna’s blood boiled as she walked over and hit her sister over the head. Her sister slid off Dante’s back and rubbed her head.

            “What was that for?” Reila cried.

            “Figure it out!” Renna told.

            Dante laughed, “I have to be getting back,” he told as he walked over to Renna and kissed her cheek. “Wait for me,” He whispered as he walked away.

            Renna turned in shock and watched him leave. If only she would have followed.

            Reila laughed. “You love him,” She muttered.

            Renna looked over at her sister, “You’re lucky you are family.”

© 2011 Ashley.M.E

Author's Note

Until I was asked to make this I have never seen the anime or played the games. I just hope that I stayed true to the characters, I do not usually do fanfiction.

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This is pretty good Ashley. I have to say a big improvement in editing. This genre isn't easy to write.

Posted 9 Years Ago

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