Wilbert the Wizard (Relics) Chapter 1: The Unlikely Hero

Wilbert the Wizard (Relics) Chapter 1: The Unlikely Hero

A Chapter by Mr. Mills

Wilbert encounters a new hero when all thing have become dark. Who is togath really? Can this reign of terror really end?


Wilbert the Wizard and the Unlikely Hero

So Bella had been experiencing events I hadn’t even worried about because of this entire Strike of Darkness thing. Strike of Darkness is what we were set to destroy. Bella had met this elf named Snitzel recently. He had been the most hilarious elf of all time, apparently. Even though my witted comedy can be so much better than anyone’s. Anyway Bella had invited me over to meet her friend. Obviously me and her had business to work out. Soon I at arrived at the rubble we called home at where we were supposed to meet up. A home. Wish we still had one of those.

“Bella. I have bad news and good news.” I told her.

“Which is which? What’s going on?” Bella asked. Me and Gallia made serious faces. We hesitated before answering her question.

“The good news is, me and Frostwing took our first flight together, although it didn’t turn out very well. The bad news is the rulers of the cloud kingdom have come to take over Storagia by performing this attack they like to call the Strike of Darkness.” I explained.

“I see. You think you need more people to assist you. Well I’ve got 4 people for you. Snitzel, and the three elves.” Bella said.

“I have no idea for any of those people.” I replied.

“They’re elves. Don’t worry Snitzel and the elves will be a great assistance to us.” Bella said. Then we realized Togath was standing right beside us.

“Hello? I’m standing right here. Why do you dislike me so much Bella?” Togath asked eying her suspiciously.

“Oh, it’s just... I don’t know you to well and you’re not one of my contacts on my communication orb.” Bella replied.

“Togath doesn’t take excuses.” Said Togath crossing his arms.

“This is our army we will raise to defeat the strike of Darkness. I think the all of us can take down King Strike and Queen Storm together, don’t you?” I asked.

“Were ready. Let’s head back to the crystal castle to take them down.” Gallia said. We immediately began heading toward the crystal kingdom.

“Sorry to say, but how is this Snitzel guy going to be of much assistance to us?” I asked Bella.

“He has magic powers. He just doesn’t usually tell anyone that so they treat him formally. He was until he met the 3 elves. They bullied the old man and planned to destroy the rest of his life. In the end they came out to be friends and don’t make me drag out the story to tell you why?” Bella replied.

“These elves are like sons to me. I will help them at all costs.” Snitzel said.

“Were here. The crystal castle. You and your elves better be ready for this. These rulers aren’t as easy as they seem.” I told Snitzel. Guards marched at the front entrance of the kingdom.

“What is plan to go inside?” Togath said.

“Were just going to have to take out all the soldiers together.” I said. That’s when King Flare snuck up on us from behind the berry bushes.

“Ah! King Flare? What are you doing here?” I asked.

“I’m here to assist you.” He said louder than he should’ve. The guards turned to us. The plants we had been hiding behind were immediately destroyed with a zap of lightning.

“Quick, Frostwing blast these guys with ice!” I exclaimed. Frostwing used his icy breath to wrap the soldier’s ankles in ice. Then Snitzel and Bella both blasted the soldiers with magical beams. The ice around the ankles smashed to bits and they were sent flying into the castle. Everyone stayed outside the castle. While me, Gallia, Frostwing, and Togath went inside. King Flare watched us as we walked in. Then he ran up to me.

“This is for you.” King Flare said holding a long golden wand that had a golden serpent that wrapped around it.

“For me? You don’t owe me this. They do.” I said.

“Accept it. You’re going to need it to defeat them.” King Flare replied. He wasn’t wrong. Their powers were going to become beyond our control. I firmly grasped the wand through the palm of my hand.

“Imundo!” I exclaimed teleporting the four of us.

“Masters.” Togath said bowing down to the cloud kingdom rulers.

“Masters. Togath you must immeadialty tell me what is going on.” I said.

“Togath has been working for these masters for a long time. I only tried to steal from you because they made me. I am under their control. If I do anything wrong, they will just instantly kill me. Sorry Wilbert. This means I have to kill you.” Togath explained.

“No. This can’t be true. Togath, we were always friends. You can’t do this to us.” I exclaimed. Togath reached into the pocket of his torn leather jacket. A jagged silver blade emerged from it.

“Togath was told to lead you back here. You lead yourselves.” Togath said. Togath held the silver blade to Gallia neck.

“You cut her throat, I kill you too.” I said trying to hold back tears.

“Togath will only give you mercy for one reason. If you join the rulers of Storagia. Join the force known as the Strike of Darkness. Join us!” Said Togath.

“Inspecto!” I exclaimed blasting Togath away from Gallia. The silver blade dropped on the ground with a clank. I held my wand to Togath’s face.

“Please. Give Togath quarter.” Togath said. I ignored him. I had to finish off. My tears began pouring down my face.

 “It has to end this way. You betrayed me and I’m not going to let you kill all my friends.” I said.

“Xaptis!” I exclaimed. Togath’s head fell to the ground. The troll that I have saved I had now slayed.

“How could you do such a thing to a friend? You have ruined our entire plan!” Queen Storm exclaimed.  That’s when Snitzel burst through the doors of the castle. Then he saw Togath on the ground. My wand still pointing at him.

“Togath? How could you do this? You’ve been with them the entire time haven’t you Wilbert.” Snitzel said.

“No. It’s not what it looks like. It had to happen.” I told Snitzel. He continued to frown down upon me. He blasted me with a burst of magic.

“Protecto Horon!” I said protecting myself. The rest my friends had lept out of the way of the dome forming around me. The blast had rebounded and hit Snitzel.

“Stop Snitzel. Togath is in the Strike of Darkness.” Bella said. Snitzel rubbed his head and then nodded. We had stalled out for enough time for the Strike of Darkness to leave.

“Where could they have possibly gone?” Gallia asked.

“There’s only one place that they could’ve gone.” I said. Lightning suddenly struck near Bella smashing the roof into bits.

“Evacuate the castle now!” I shouted. As they all escaped the castle crumbled to bits. I held Togath’s body as I had held him the first time. That’s when I realized there was a way to save Storagia. If I used Protecto Horon dome around Storagia, I could save it from the Strike of Darkness. The issue was the large dome might absorb all my magic. I had to make this sacrifice.

“Protecto Horon!” I exclaimed my wand pointing straight up at the clouds of darkness. A large spark emerged from the wand. A very large dome began forming around Storagia. That’s when the Strike of darkness began to attack me. Lightning struck all around me.

“Hold them off or I won’t make it!” I exclaimed.

Snitzel, Bella, Frostwing, Gallia, the King of the northern Kingdom, and King flare all defended off against the Strike of Darkness. After a few minutes the dome had fully formed. The clouds of darkness disappeared. I gasped for air, then fell to the ground lying on my side.

“No! Wilbert! Respond to me now!” Said Gallia.

“It might be his time.” Said Bella’s father.

That’s when I woke up. I opened my eyes squinting. I felt wobbly when I stood up.

“The dome must’ve not drained all you’re a magic. You’re still alive. You’re 100% magic right?” Said Gallia.

“Yeah.” I said still dizzy from the blast.

The adventure continues.... Narrator: Wilbert and his friends journey would continue as they live in their brand new crystal castle. Find out what happens in Wilbert the Wizard 12 coming soon.

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