Wilbert the Wizard (Relics) Chapter 9: The Royal Wedding.

Wilbert the Wizard (Relics) Chapter 9: The Royal Wedding.

A Chapter by Mr. Mills

Wilbert had just proposed to Gallia. What would she say? How will it be for her to be his wife for the rest of his life?


Wilbert the Wizard and the Royal Wedding Part 1

I had just proposed Gallia. I’m still was unsure of her response. I had spent hours and hours making that ring. It was forged from the heat of molten lava and a few other rocks. I had it cool for a while. It was ready now. I was still awaiting Gallia’s response to me.

“Will you marry me?” I asked rephrasing the question chills began running down my spine afraid of her answer.

“Yes!” She finally exclaimed after those long quite moments. My brown eyes brightened. I actually had a bright future now.

“The wedding shall be in 1 month!” I exclaimed. “At the crystal castle!” I continued. I was rejoicing. Maybe a bit to excitingly though. I realized I had gotten myself wet in the water. I stood up. This next month was going to be very interesting and that’s for sure.


Over these few weeks, I prepared for the wedding. I had a little somebody help me. That little someone was Sam. He can be very dangerous during the night time and I know, but in the day time it is as if he is an entire different person.

“Sam, I need your help. I need this to be perfect for Gallia.” I said.

“I figured you ask me to help you with something just like this. I know how to help you plan the perfect wedding in the crystal castle.” Sam replied.

“Right, you’re the party kind of guy.” I said. I knew Sam really knew girls well. It was something that he was actually good at.

“Sa, you can’t ruin this for us. This is like the most special thing me and Gallia will ever do.” I said.

“Don’t worry. Were just going to put the crystal chandelier here above my head. We could put some tables over there.” Sam said motioning to some free space.

“What about the guest list? You have to tell me about what you have planned for that.” I exclaimed.

Sam pulled a list out from within his robe now.

“The guest list? Well of course I have our and Gallia’s fathers. Me and Bella obviously. I invited King Hydro, Queen Hydra, King Flare, Togar, and even Marty from the food stand.

“That sounds... wait did you just say Togar the troll?” I asked.

“Of course I invited him. I knew you loved Togath so I figured you would want him to come.” Sam exclaimed.

“You can’t invite Togar. He hates me. You think a guy is going to come to a mage’s wedding if that mage murdered his son?” I asked Sam.

“Well it’s too late now. He’s on the guest list.” Said Sam. Hopefully Togar wasn’t set out to kill me. Possibly he could even forgive me. Then we heard a scratch on the large crystal castle doors.

“Frostwing! Sorry I left you outside. I’m just seriously worried about the wedding.” I exclaimed. Over the few weeks me and Sam prepared the crystal castle together. The wedding was tomorrow afternoon. Me and Gallia met up beforehand.

“Wilbert, you keep telling me tomorrow is going to be so special tomorrow. A special surprise to be exact. Will you please tell me now?” Gallia exclaimed.

“Nope you have to wait till the wedding.” I replied. I wouldn’t be ruler of my father’s kingdom until I became of age. Bella was next in line. She was so to be a lone queen without her charming husband. I wasn’t really concerned for that.

“Honey, before this whole thing happens, meet up with me at the lake so we can have a talk.” Gallia said.

“I’ll see you later sweetie!” I exclaimed heading toward the crystal castle. When I walked inside everything was ruined! Chandeliers shattered on the floor.

“What happened? I can’t put up with this now!” I exclaimed.

“We were attacked. I don’t know by what, but me and Frostwing tried to defend against it.” Sam explained.

“We’ll worry about that one later. Right now we need to quickly fix this place back to the beautiful castle that it was before.” I replied.

It was getting dark. That meant I needed to meet up with Gallia for whatever she wanted out of me now. I flew on Frostwing. We soared through the sky. I noticed a bat as I soared by. I looked back at it and it looked back at me before flying away from me and Frostwing. Sooner or Later me and Frostwing ended up at Glimmer Lake where Gallia had wanted us to meet up.

“Wilbert. I have been awaiting you. I’ve come here to tell you a secret I should’ve told you a long time ago.” Said Gallia.

“Secret? Honey, you know how I feel about this.” I replied.

“I do and I can’t keep it from you any longer. Frostwing’s family, they weren’t just killed by the Strike of Darkness. It was Togath. That wasn’t as hard to tell you as I had expected it to be.” Gallia said.

“I’m very disappointed that Frostwing’s family died and I understand it was done by the troll that betrayed me. It doesn’t have to be that big of a deal.” I said.

“No, Wilbert you don’t understand. Those dragons that Togath shot, those dragons were owned by my father. I can’t believe what Togath did.” Gallia said.

“Your fathers? How come he didn’t come for Frostwing?” I asked.

“My mother knew it had to be you. You to take care of Frostwing.” Gallia replied.

“Right. It’s as if me and Frostwing were always meant to be.” I said.

“Is there anything else you have to say.”  I asked Gallia.

“Yes, there was another thing. My mother didn’t die of natural disease. It was yet a man. Or what I thought it was. I was there that night. The knife, the scream, it’s all coming back to me.” Gallia exclaimed.

“I remember a legend about Mother Nature. It was the one about the curse on the man that killed her. I don’t remember it well.” I said.

“I do. Mother Nature was born of the seed of life which was hidden away from this world forever. If someone were to destroy the seed of life’s descendant, they would forever be cursed. Cursed with evil. A desire for evil.” Gallia explained.                 

“That person who killed your mother is still out there. Do you think that he could’ve...? I trailed off. Gallia lifted up her tilted head and looked at me.

It could’ve been the same person trying to ruin our wedding, but I obviously didn’t want to spoil it, or for Gallia to know what happened at the castle earlier today when we preparing.

“I guess you better get your beauty sleep for tomorrow sweetie.” I said not wanting to say anything else about it.

“You better too my magical sweetie pie.” She replied. She left and worried the wedding might not turn out. I headed back to the crystal castle.

“Samuel! You know that guy that invaded our castle earlier today and knocked you and Frostwing out?” I asked Sam.

“Yeah, why do you bring that up?” Samuel asked.

“Because I might know who that someone is. What did the person look like?” I asked Sam.

“I’m not sure what it looked like. I’m not even sure if it was a person.” Sam replied. Obviously Sam didn’t have the info I needed. There was only one other way to do it. I bet Frostwing knew what happened. He’s a dragon though. Unless I talked to the old snake charmer on the mountain. He is also a dragon whisperer. He’s a ton of other things that I’d rather not talk about also.

“Frostwing, we have to do a quick favor for Gallia.” I said. Frostwing looked at me as if he were confused. I got onto Frostwing’s back.

“To the Mountain of Enchantments!” I exclaimed. Frostwing took off and flapped his wings hard. Then he began gliding softly. I wanted to ask this guy what Frostwing knows as fast as I could. The issue was, it was basically midnight and it was low chance of him being there. I do need sleep, but helping Gallia is much more important to me. We arrived at the top of the mountain. Luckily the snake charmer had stayed there.

“Good thing you’re here.” I exclaimed.

“I’m always here. This is where I live.” The old man replied.

“I need you to do something for me. Frostwing knows something I don’t Can you explain to me what Frostwing’s thinking?” I asked the charmer.

“Explain what your amazing dragon has to say. Now I’m honored.” The snake charmer replied.  Frostwing began making plenty of loud roars and assortments of other noises.

“What is he saying?” I asked.

“He’s saying that he saw................”

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