Wilbert the Wizard (Relics) Chapter 6: The President of Magic

Wilbert the Wizard (Relics) Chapter 6: The President of Magic

A Chapter by Mr. Mills

The President has a risky assignment for Wilbert after he looks over everything Wilbert has done and saved in the past.


Wilbert the Wizard and the President of Magic

“I’ll find out where the attack is coming from.” I told Hydro through the communication orb.

“Who’s that friend of yours over there?” King Hydro asked.

“She’s Gallia. She worked for the company ice ware if you knew anything about that.” I replied.

“I do actually. I love Iceware, they support us so much.” King Hydro replied. That’s when I noticed that these weren’t your normal solders that were invading. There were the lightning soldiers from the Strike of Darkness. And then there was countless giant sea snakes invading too.

“Looks like a major issue. This may have meant the Strike of Darkness must have in some sort of way be inside Storagia. Unless they were just communicating through their soldiers. We’ll be over there as soon as we can.” I exclaimed. I quickly headed back outside and hopped abroad Frostwing.

“Gallia, are you coming?” I asked her.

“About Starlight. She’s not feeling well. I’ve been trying to get her to fly, but she won’t. It’s not as if she’s sick it’s more as if she’s depressed.” Gallia said.

“Interesting. Just come with me on Frostwing. We’ll do everything together.” I told Gallia. Frostwing took a few steps back, then sprinted forward and took off to the skies. Wind made Gallia’s long blue glossy hair fly in the wind. Sooner or later we arrived at the Underwater City. Before even going under, I could witness the chaos that was happening below us.

“Hold your breath Gallia. Frostwing stay here. I don’t want you to get hurt.” I told Frostwing. He sat there and acted as if he were going to stay put. Me and Gallia prepared ourselves by stripping our outfits. I stripped my Robe which I was wearing my swimsuit right under. Gallia did the same revealing more of her body thoroughly in her swim top and bottom.  I held Gallia’s hand as we swam downwards. Soon we arrived in the air bubble. Sea snakes dashed across and flew all around us in the bubble.

“I’ve never handled anything like this before.” Gallia exclaimed.

“Trust me, I have.”  I replied. I had brought the Aquatic sword just for this occasion.

“They’re not going to be so easy this time Wilbert. This time you’ve got soldiers to face and the snakes are being controlled by someone else.” Said King Hydro.

“Controlled? What do you mean. Do you mean that....” He didn’t let me finish.

“Yes, the Strike of Darkness is controlling them.” King Hydro interrupted.

“Gallia, try to hold off the lightning soldiers, I’ll take care of the sea snake suicide mission.” I said.

“Right.” Gallia replied taking off toward the soldiers invading the Underwater City. Before I began battling I decided to call the magical government.

“Come to the Underwater City. Some suspicious behavior is going on around here.” I said into the orb.

“We don’t assist those in need anymore.” The orb replied.

“What?! You assist people. You hold Storagia together, that’s like the entire point of the magical government.” I said.

“That’s because I’m the new president of the magical government, King Strike.” King Strike replied.

“No. How did you manage to do that? You couldn’t even get into Storagia.” I said.

“It’s easy when you had a friend named Togath who slipped you in.” King Strike replied to me.

“Togath slipped you in. He’s been trying to get you to be heads in the government of magic. He’s been doing it behind our backs the entire time!” I exclaimed.

“You’ve got that correct. I have to go. I need to control sea snakes so I can destroy you now.” Said King Strike. I sheathed the Aquatic Sword. Quickly I jumped into the water outside the bubble. What seemed to be dozens of sea snakes dashed toward me.

“Imund........” I didn’t finish saying holding the gold serpent wand King Flare had given to me. The sea snakes had knocked it out of my hand. I held the Aquatic sword up to my face to protect myself.

A sea snake began pushing me backward. The Aquatic sword wouldn’t help me for much longer. If I could just get to my wand that was floating somewhat near me. I reached toward it and barely touched it, but I was unable to grasp it. Another sea snake dashed toward me razor sharp jaws wide open. That’s when King Hydro had protected me with a current he used on the sea snakes.

“King Hydro, you saved me from...” I didn’t finish.

“What I have done hasn’t compared to what you have, now get rid of the rest of those snakes.” King Hydro exclaimed.

“Maybe I don’t need to get rid of the snakes, I just need to get rid of the source. I needed to go after King Strike. If I could only get past my protection dome. There was no way to leave it, not by using magic. Then I thought if I got rid of the dome.

“Wilbert don’t. That’s our only protection.’ Gallia said as she saw me motioning toward the dome that was protecting us. “All that work you put in it.” She exclaimed. That’s when I did it. I discasted the spell. Everyone knew this wasn’t good. Storagia was no longer safe in the way I had protected it. It was worth it completely Dispose of Queen Storm and King Strike. I called out Frostwing.

“Frostwing come over here!” I said waving to him from the beach. Frostwing hoisted me up on him by grabbing my trunks. We flew up into the dark clouds that I knew is where the Strike of Darkness would be. Should I actually be trying to kill. There has to be a better way. Frostwing firmly grasped onto a cloud. I hopped off of him.

“Looks like you’ve found what we’ve been doing.” Queen Storm said.

“He’s in Storagia now, thanks to you.” She said afterward.

“No. Where is he? Tell me now!” I exclaimed.

“He’s obviously at the home of the magical government.” Queen Storm said knowing that she shouldn’t have ever told me that.

“I know didn’t just come here to find King Strike. You want to kill me and you can’t deny it.” Queen Storm Said.

“If it really has to come to that, then yes.” I replied.

“Then it looks like its resorting to that.” Queen Storm said desperately.

She blasted and array of lightning at me. Quickly I ducked predicting that action.

“Quorao!” I exclaimed holding the serpent wand knocking out Queen Storm. Now I had to decide. Should I dispose of her now, or should I spare her mercy? It felt wrong to kill her, but I knew it was the right decision.

“Xaptis!” I exclaimed. Her body remained no different before. Except is was seriously feeling cold now. I had just killed a queen. I didn’t think I’d ever get to this point in my life. I left her there knowing she was in the right place. Now for King Strike. Frostwing continued to watch Queen Storms body drift away on a cloud gliding off somewhere out of sight.

“Frostwing, glide us down there so we can end the Strike of Darkness.” I said. Frostwing glided us all the way down to the home of the magical government. We immediately burst through the doors of the building.

“Your reign s over King Strike!” I said.

“Execute him, immediately. He is the murder of my wife.” Said King Strike.

“But how did you know that?” I asked confused.

“The magical government is always watching.” King Strike replied.

“Imundo!” I exclaimed teleporting to King Strikes throne. The guards turned around confused on where I had gone.

“Xaptis!” I shouted. King Flare sat dead in his throne. There was nothing left to deal with but the Lightning Guards.

“Were free. We’re no longer under the control from the Strike of Darkness.” One of the guards exclaimed.

All these people I killed. I these people I disposed of. I began crying unto myself.  No one will ever experience the cruel things I had to do to people. I might have saved Storagia, but no one else is going to die. Not on my watch

Me and Frostwing once again arrived at the underwater city.

“Wilbert, the snakes stopped attacking and so did the guards. Did you...” she trailed off.

“I had too. You’ll understand later.” I said.

To be continued......................

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