Wilbert the Wizard (Relics) Chapter 5: The Time Orb

Wilbert the Wizard (Relics) Chapter 5: The Time Orb

A Chapter by Mr. Mills

The 5th chapter of Wilbert the Wizard (Relics) Wilbert purchases a mysterious device from a mysterious man at the mage market in attempt to save his loved ones lives.


Wilbert the Wizard and the Time Orb

I had been waiting for the answer to question I had asked Gallia earlier.

“Frostwings family died because of the Strike of Darkness, but not in the way you think. It’s a whole different concept.” Said Gallia.

“The Strike of Darkness? How could they do that to such poor creatures.”

“I don’t want to get into detail about it.” Gallia replied.

“That’s all I wanted to know. See you after work.” I said walking out the door.

“Bye.” She said weakly waving as I left.

I was on my way to Mage’s Market. Now that I had enough gems to buy the time orb, I was set off to find the man that was trying to sell me it. It’s the key to saving 2 beings lives. Now only if I could that one guy I called the shadow man.

“Have you heard of a time orb? Where do you get them?” I asked a man on the streets of mage market.

“There at the stand over there in the ally way. Be warned, you can’t transfigure your past in many sorts of ways. I wouldn’t trust that man.” The man replied. I headed over to the stand with Frostwing crawling toward it at my side.

“What do you want? Leave me alone.” Said the man at the stand.

“Me and my dragon have just come here to purchase a time orb.” I replied.

“Great. I only got one of those left. I been holding it just in case for you.” Said the shadow man. I gave him my bag of gems. It was all worth it. I held the strangely rounded object in the middle of my two palms.

“Lets’ head back to shack before we decide to use this.” I told Frostwing. I flew Frostwing all the way back home. When we got back Gallia was standing right there in front of me.

“Tell me what you’re up to.” She said firmly.

“Of course I’ll tell you what this is all about sweety. It will just take a second to explain. Remember when your mother died and I never had the chance to save her?” I asked.

“Of course. Why do you bring that up?” Gallia asked.

“I was very close to saving her. I had retrieved the one flower that could save her but I hadn’t gotten back in time. If I could use the time orb and travel back in time I could get the flower back to her quicker.” I explained.

“You don’t even know if that works. And if it does I know it’s not right to fiddle with time. Bad things come out of it.” Gallia replied.

“I have to try, Gallia. You can finally see your mother again.” I said.

“I’m coming with you. I have to come with you.” Said Gallia.

“I know this might be tough for you if we don’t succeed. But I want to do this with you. I want to do it together. Obviously Frostwing will tag along too because I always have him at my side.” I said. I clenched the time orb in my hand.

“3 months ago and 1 day.” I said with the orb. The orb burst into nothing and I was back at the mountain of enchantments. I saw myself talking to the snake charmer.

“Did you come here to obtain spells?”  The old charmer asked.

“No, I came here to teach my dragon to fly.” My past self-replied.

“Should I tell myself about Mother Nature?” I said to whispered to Gallia.

“Don’t do it, otherwise Frostwing wouldn’t be able to fly.” Gallia replied.

“Good point. Let’s just go for the flower at the Goblin Kingdom now.” I exclaimed. Frostwing watched his past self-learning to fly.

“Frostwing take us down to the Goblin Kingdom quick.” I said. When I got onto Frostwing, everything had seemed normal, but when Gallia got on he growled.

“Easy buddy. Let’s take it down there easy.” I said. Frostwing slowly glided over the gates of the goblin kingdom.

“It’s behind the lava falls here.” I told Gallia.

“If this works, you think you could save Togath too?” Gallia asked.

“I don’t know if we should push it.” I replied.

The goblin king emerged from the kingdom.

“Servants. Be on guard. I heard there is a Wizard trying to sneak into here. A little birdy told me. Or maybe I was eavesdropping on Mother Nature.” Announced the king.  The flower was in my sight, but we had to stay out of the sight from the goblins. When they weren’t looking me and Gallia slowly glided on Frostwing to the lava falls.

“Don’t burn your wings through here.” I told Frostwing. He narrowed his things barely fitting between two streams of lava beside us. That’s when we got interrupted by a very large goblin I had never seen before.

“And just what do you two and your dragon think you’re doing here?” The troll asked. “Boss told me what to do if something like this was going to happen. I’m telling you things are going to get messy. He held up what looked like silver brass knuckles on his knuckles.

“That the crystal fist! We have out get out of here Wilbert now!” Gallia said. The strange goblin thrusted his fist into the ground knocking us off the cliff behind lava falls. We were now falling rapidly toward the molten rock. Frostwing saved the both of us just in the right moment.

“You really had me there, Frostwing. I thought you might’ve let us go all the way down.” I said. Frostwing flew us out of the goblin kingdom.

“What are you doing dragon, you forgot the flower.” Said Gallia.

“He’s very loyal to me. He’ll do whatever it takes to protect me. And from what he’s doing right now, I could tell that the crystal fists are very dangerous.” I said.

All the sudden we were sent forward to a different period of time. Now we saw the crystal castle. Me, Gallia, and Frostwing creaked open the front door. We saw our army facing off against the Strike of Darkness.

“This is my chance. I can save Togath.” I exclaimed.

“No Wilbert we shall gamble with time no further.” She said grabbing onto my wrists preventing me from stopping myself.

“No. I can’t bare this to happen again. Let go Gallia!” I exclaimed as tears were rushing down my face.

“Xaptis!” My past self-had exclaimed. Togath fell to the ground. His silver dagger bounced toward me and Gallia.

“Togath’s really gone because of you!” I exclaimed. It was you Gallia the entire time. If you had just let me save him.” I said. Frostwing made a worried face at me. She may have been right but there’s no reason not to save a friend. We were back in the present and there were no time orb’s left in existence. We zapped our way back into my bedroom.

“We failed at both our chances to save them.” I said.

“One thing I want you to know Wilbert. You can never change what’s happened in your past. You can only look forward to your future.” Gallia said. I sat on my bed sobbing quietly.

“Leave Gallia. I need some alone time. Frostwing that means you too.” I said. Gallia and Frostwing remained outside the shack. I couldn’t believe what Gallia had done. Maybe her words are true. Maybe I couldn’t change the past. But I really did need to look forward to my future. I opened the door of my new shack and walked outside.

“I’m sorry for what I said to you Gallia. There really was no way to save him. You can’t just travel back in time and fix your problems. You can’t pick up the things that you have already left behind.” I exclaimed.

“Thanks for understanding Wilbert. No offense taken.” Gallia said.

“Does this mean we can be together still?” I asked.

“It’s not like experiencing anything different from what I have. I could have saved my mother’s life. We didn’t make it to the flower quick enough.” Said Gallia.

“True. Let’s continue our adventures together and look forward to the future.” I said. That’s when my communication orb rang. It was king Hydro.

“Solder’s are entering our kingdom and we do not know where they are coming from. They are armed with swords, crossbows, spears, and all sorts of other weapons. We need you to save our kingdom again. Or at least tell us what’s going on.” King Hydro exclaimed.

“Told you that our adventure would continue.” I told Gallia

To be continued.......................

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