Wilbert the Wizard (Relics) Chapter 4: The Mage Market.

Wilbert the Wizard (Relics) Chapter 4: The Mage Market.

A Chapter by Mr. Mills

The 4th Chapter of Wilbert the Wizard (Relics) Wilbert finally returns to his job selling jewelry and enjoy's himself with Frostwing. Some customers are, picky.


Wilbert the Wizard and the Mage Market

I had recently missed a call from mage market. They called me and told that I had been late to my stand there. After all the chaotic going around I had completely forgotten. I’ve been slacking off from it for months. Me and Frostwing need to get to it. Frostwing would be a great advertiser. My stand was known as Wilbert’s Knick knacks. Terrible name I know but don’t judge me. I mainly just sold jewelry for women, but occasionally I have something on sale for the others. Such as crystal balls and many other things of fortune. Everything I sell I make myself. My customers really do seem to enjoy my works. I finally arrived at one of my stands at the mage market.

“Your finally here. I see you brought a dragon with you too.” The market boss said eyeing Frostwing.

“He’s me advertiser. I’m entrepurnuing now and I have some great jewelry to sell.” I exclaimed.

“Great, because all the money you work for this week goes to me.” Said my boss.

“I save Storagia and this is how you repay me? I’ve been working at this job for years barely making any profit. Now you’re going to leave me completely broke?” I questioned him.

“You’re the one that’s been gone from this job for all those months.” My boss replied.

“True. Let’s just say I had issues to work out.” I said.

“I don’t care what you have to work out, I want you to get to work!” Boss exclaimed boldly.

I quickly headed to my stand. It was only a few minutes before I had my first customer. I greeted them.

“Mommy, I really want that necklace.” Said a small witch.

“Why it’s too expensive. Do you know how many gems that cost? You’ll probably lose it.” Her mom replied.

“I promise I won’t I really do.” The little girl said.

“I’ll give you a slight discount on that necklace if you want.” I said.

“What kind of discount are you trying to sell me.” She asked.

“20% off. That’s as low as I can go. It would regularly cost you 50 gems, but I’m cutting you some slack and it would cost 40 gems.” I exclaimed.

“Okay, as long as it’s for my little Danita.” The mom replied. I had my first sell. As long as I could keep this going I could sell out into the boss in no time. I had half an hour selling nothing alone. That’s when things turn for the worst.

“Hello valued customer.” I said to a new witch customer. I could tell she was going to be physically nauseatingly disgusting.

“I’m not just a customer. I am a model.  And I want to buy, your entire stand.” She exclaimed. She already had plenty of jewelry that she was presenting to me, but obviously I was going to take the deal because I need sales.

“That’s be 100,000 gems.” I exclaimed to her.

I do not pay for my jewelry. My beauty makes people run off because I am so beautiful, that it scares them. Then I get their stuff for free. Do you not think that I’m dazzling?” She asked. Obviously she was nowhere near dazzling but I’m not that mean to genuine citizens of Storagia.

“Beauty doesn’t give you money. Jobs give you money. Now get one and stop trying to be a super model.” I said roasting her in a fire which she would forever be burned.

“Fashion is my job. Haven’t you seen me in the magazine.” She said showing it off to me.

“You think a generic mage like me waste his time reading fashion magazines. Talk to me when you actually have your money.” I said. Then I realized I was 1 minute into my break time. I hadn’t noticed while I was wasting time with this witch.

“Were closed. Come another time.” I told her.

“But....” She started.

“Nope. Leave. I said were closed so go be a super model like you said you were.” I intrurupred.

“They gave me free stuff last time.” She muttered as she walked away. Now that I was on break I wasn’t going to mess around. There’s a stand I know that can have really good lunch and that’s where I was headed. It was called Marty’s. As soon as I walked up to the stand, Frostwing at my side, and was greeted as soon as I had arrived there.

“Wilbert, it’s you! My most valued customer.” Marty said.

“Marty my most valued stand owner. I would like a simple enchanted mushroom stew and a roasted goose for Frostwing.” I ordered.

“Right. Would you like anything to drink with that?” Marty asked.

“I would just like a glass of water.” I replied. Marty went over into his kitchen to prepare our food. I lounged on the bench while Frostwing lye his big body across the concrete floor. His eyes closed as he decided to take a little nap. Our food was ready after a short wait time. My soup was piping hot.

“Careful Frostwing. Your meat is pretty hot to.” I said setting beside him on the concrete.

“We finally get a day where we can just hang together Frostwing. Just me and you. It hasn’t been like this in a while.” I exclaimed. Frostwing was tearing up the roasted goose Marty had prepared for him.

“When I found you in the forest I remember Mother Nature saying you were a lone dragon who had lost his family. Lost and lonely you attempted to fend for yourself and was barely on the bridge of survival.” I said. Frostwing looked at me. When he looked at me I could really see the detail that went into his deep blue eyes. When you looked at them right they looked like a beautiful crystal blue. He had all attention to me.

“Frostwing, how did you lose your family? Maybe Gallia knows. I’ll ask her about it later.” I said. Frostwing was licking at the bone of the goose meat.

“Wow, you really can eat.” I said.

That’s when an advertiser walked over to us.

“Do you need a take a moment, step back and look at your memories? Look no further buy yourself a time orb.” Said the strange man.

He was dressed in worn out robes. Like the ones I would’ve thrown out a long time ago.

“Wait a second, those are my old robes!” I exclaimed.

“Oh, so you’re the guy.” The man said. I was actually kind of curious about this time orb. Maybe I could save Mother Nature and Togath from their deaths.

“These orbs will take you back to the past. It can take you to only your experiences. So be aware of that. Read the caution label on the bottom.” The man said. He smirked at me. In my head I liked to think of this guy as the shadow man. He was very shadowy and mysterious and boy did he scared me.

After my shift at work I thought about the time orb that that guy had wanted me to buy. He might have convinced me. I’m going to try to get it next week when I start actually having a salary.

“Frostwing, do you mind coming to work with me again next week?” I asked Frostwing. He looked at me with his smiling eyes as if he wanted to.

“Great. I’m going to go talk with Gallia. Stay here.” I said motioning for Frostwing to stay inside my shack. She was just outside apparently.

“Gallia? What are you doing here?” I asked.

“Didn’t mean to scare you I just meant to see you again.” Gallia replied.

“I have a question to ask you.” I said.

“Yes. Please ask it. I’d love to answer it.” She replied.

“What happened to Frostwings family?” I asked.

“Any question except for that one.” Gallia replied.

“If I’m going to date you, you can’t keep secrets from me.” I said.

“Okay I’m going to have to tell you. Frostwings family died because............................................................................................

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Side note: This is the 14th Wilbert the Wizard story I just want avoid any confusion going confusion.                                                        Next Chapter- Right Arrow Key                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

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