Wilbert the Wizard (Relics) Chapter 2: The Portal to Storagia

Wilbert the Wizard (Relics) Chapter 2: The Portal to Storagia

A Chapter by Mr. Mills

People wonder if there was magic on another world out there. One person has finally reached it and surprises everyone at Togath's funeral.


Wilbert the Wizard and the Portal to Storagia

I needed rest from the spell I casted to protect Storagia from the Strike of Darkness. I was still recovering in my new home, the crystal castle. Frostwing is helping keeping me company during my recovery. I didn’t feel so hot. Pain in my chest occurred at a few times. I was ill. Not just ill, magically ill. I sat up from what I thought was going to be my death bed. Frostwing snuggled with me in my warm covers to just prove he was very loyal. Snitzel had left back home to his elf village or whatever with elves. Bella flipped on the TV to the news channel.

“Bella, please change the channel I don’t want to hear any of that.” I called from my brand new bedroom.

“Brother. There’s something very important going on. Someone from another world has gotten into Storagia. This could prove that the dome isn’t entirely safe.” Bella exclaimed.

“Well hopefully this isn’t true.” I replied quietly.

“A normal human getting into Storagia. I’ve dealt with something like this before back at ice ware. We were greeted by a the human man. We sent him back to where he came from. It took a lot of brewing” Gallia explained.

“That’s great. You can investigate this teenage girl that has wandered into Storagia.” Bella’s Father said.

“I definitely will.” Gallia replied.


I’m Jane. I live in Idaho, Springs. I had been reading this book lately. I know it had to do with fairytales and obviously it they didn’t exist. But then this one book really began getting me interested. It was an instruction to a brew to a magical world they call Storagia. I knew there had to be a way to get on there. I had all the ingredients in my room. I had been waiting for a chance to perform this brew for a long time. Hopefully I could do It time before my mom got home. I know I sound crazy with this imaginary brew and such but I really believe in this. I began placing all the ingredients on the right page of the book just as it had instructed.  A needle from a pine tree. A poppy flower. Fur of a dog. Last but not least the wand of Luther. I had found Luther’s wand in the library which only egged me on more.

I grasped the wand then said “Desor Inoro Climata onoro finate illsae intoro debata.” I exclaimed holding the wand. That’s when something surprising happened to me.


“After I recover, maybe we can try flying again.” I told Frostwing. Frostwing roared. I could tell it was a happy one.

“Come outside for just a moment Wilbert. It’s time.” The king said. The King was talking about Togath’s funereal. It was tough going to funereal for someone you killed. It made me feel guilty.

“I am too weak to walk. I might need assistance.” I told him. Pain began to enter my chest again. I wheezed and then lye back down in my bed after sitting up. They wheeled my bed outside. I didn’t even know if I wanted to be here.

“I have some words to say about Togath.” Bella announced.

“He was of great assistance to Wilbert. Wilbert took him in as own. Without Togath we all might’ve been dead. We come to this point where we say our farewells. He wasn’t just a troll; he was our Troll.” Said Bella.

“I have some things to say too.” Announced Gallia. I glanced at her.

“Togath was a very high spirited troll. He didn’t deserve to be treated the way he was by the Strike od Darkness. We shall forever rejoice in his name.” Gallia said.

“Anything you would like to say, Wilbert?” Bella’s father asked.

“I’m very sorry for the troll. I’ve hurt him so many times. He didn’t deserve me.” I exclaimed.

“Don’t say that Wilbert. Don’t guilt yourself.” Gallia said. That’s when we were interrupted by something interesting. A teenage girl emerged from the trees.

“That’s her! That’s who Storagia has been searching for!” Gallia exclaimed

“No. I’m not going to let you send me back to Idaho. I want to live here in Storagia. Don’t tell me you’re with the magical government on this.” Jane said.

“I don’t have to tell you that.” Said Bella.

Jane began dashing away. The king continued to dig Togath’s death bed as they seeked out this human from the other world. I stayed behind with the king.

“How did you get here?” Gallia shouted out to Jane.

“Why should I tell you? You’re with them.” Jane said.

“Jane, please stop running away from us.” Bella said softly.

“You’re not meant to be in Storagia. It would be best if we sent you back home to your family.” Bella exclaimed. Jane really had missed her family for the few days she had been on the run in Storagia.

“But, Storagia. What a wonderful a place it is.” Jane said.

“It can wonderful. But so can your world. I bet your world is the most magical place that there could ever be.” Gallia exclaimed.

“You can say that again.” Jane replied.

“Jane, please. We have a lot going on right now.” Bella said.

“Fine.” Jane finally agreed to allow u to take her back home.

“You still have that book with you?” Bella asked. Jane pulled out the book that had brought her here from her backpack.

“Desor Inoro Climata onoro finate illsae intoro debata!” Gallia exclaimed. Blue flames formed all around Jane. Jane glanced at us before disappearing in the flames of fire. Jane was now gone.

That’s when I began feeling less ill. My chest still pained but it was slightly better than it was before. Frostwing was now wrapped around my bed.

They pushed me back inside. Real soon I wouldn’t be weak anymore and I will recover. Which is a good sign. I ended up back in my room with Frostwing. Gallia made a look at me.

“So, Wilbert maybe next week we could go on a real............date.” Gallia said hesitating to ask.

“For sure. We need to do that.” I replied. Gallia’s hand came upon my chest.

“Stay strong. Don’t keep fading on me.” Gallia said. When she put her hand on my chest it made me feel warm inside. The pain stopped as she was doing this. I know that I love her it’s just I think it might be moving too fast. I do enjoy this though.

Gallia left the room and blew me a kiss. We were definitely meant to be. After she left Frostwing cool tongue rubbed against my face.

“Frostwing, buddy.” I said. His cold ice blue tongue felt so nice against my face and what seemed to be my overheating body.

“Wilbert. We are now in progress if building your new shack!” Bella’s Father exclaimed to me.

“Great. I really do miss that old place.” I replied.

“I wonder what Janes up to.” The king replied.


I, Jane Wailer, was so angry they had to send me home. But so happy at the same time. My parents weren’t taking this well. I’m grounded for 2 weeks. That’s what I get for believing in this and taking it to far. I just assume this was all a dream though. I must’ve dozed off in my bedroom.

“Jane. You know how cross we are. Tell us the truth about where you were.” Said her father.

“Did you go out late. With your friends?” Asked my mother.

“No.” I replied. I pulled out the book that had brought me to Storagia. Maybe one day I could go back there and begin my adventure. But this time I better get permission to do it.

The next day at school I had told my friends about the weird dream I had had. They thought I was weird for that reason. I would return to Storagia and get my revenge on that Gallia and her friends.


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