Wilbert the Wizard (Relics) Chapter 8: The Intentions of Togath

Wilbert the Wizard (Relics) Chapter 8: The Intentions of Togath

A Chapter by Mr. Mills

Togath's life story. After everything he's been through, he deserved his own side of his dark departure.


Wilbert the Wizard and the Intentions of Togath

I’m Togath son of Togar. This is the story of my life and my experiences. What I meant is when my world turned upside down when I met Wilbert. Not to be rude or anything it’s just the way it turned out to be. Me and my father were both in the swamp that we lived in. I was finally old enough to live on my own but that just made me more anxious.

“Farewell father. Troll is beginning his new life.” I said to my father.

“Stay safe. Don’t get into trouble by messing around in other kingdoms, they can get dangerous.” My father, Togar, exclaimed. I left on my journey to become a great troll such as my father. He clenched his fist, not necessarily his fist it was the crystal fist that he had stolen. I wounded up in the enchanted forest. A dragon saw me and immediately swooped toward me. I ducked as plenty of rough wind blew over me as I closed my eyes. It was an ice dragon. When I opened my eyes I wasn’t on the ground anymore, I was on the dragon!

“Ahh! Would you please put me down?” I asked the dragon. It continued to soar upward toward the sky. That’s when the dragon turned my world upside down, literally he flipped upside down. I began falling.

“I didn’t think it would end this quickly.” I said to myself. I landed on something very cushiony luckily. It seemed to be a cloud of some sorts. A ruler came up to me and began to speak.

“You’ve invaded the cloud kingdom. Now you’re our slave. We’ve always needed another troll like you. Our last one was a loser.” Queen Storm said.

“I did not mean to get here; you see there was a dragon......” I didn’t finish.

“Speaking of dragons. I have a task for you, slave. I want you to exterminate those pesky ones that we thought were extinct. There’s an entire family. Slay the, all.” King Strike said looking down into the enchanted forest.

“Troll does not want to slay dragons. Troll wants to help dragons.” I replied.

“You slay those ice dragons or we slay you.” Queen Storm exclaimed. I decided to do as she asked, if it was the only way I was going to live. Could that ice dragon that brought me up here in the first place be one I have to slay?

Queen Storm casted me down into the Enchanted Forest. She looked at me as if I were missing something.

“You’re going to need this.” She said passing me a hunting rifle. It was very heavy for me. I wobbled side to side. I grasped the gun as soon as I got balance. Queen Storm and King Strike floated away on their clouds.

“You have to do this. Don’t get scared.” I told myself. That’s when I saw a dragon’s nest. There was a mother there on that mountain. I couldn’t see the father at all. I held the barrel of the gun straight pointing at the mother. My eyes watered up a bit. I didn’t mean to hurt her like this. That’s when I shot. The shot had sent me flying backwards into some bushes. I heard the mother roar loudly. When I looked she had begun tumbling down the mountain. I pulled out the dagger my father had gave me to ensure of the kill. He said not to use it to hurt anyone, only to protect myself. Technically this is how I had to protect myself.  Blood oozed from the mother’s chest. Panting and squealing the dragon wished I could show mercy. That’s when I thrusted the dagger right through its throat.  The father came to attack me.  I hadn’t seen him earlier.

“Why does everyone have to torture me in this way.” I said. As the father flew by I attempted to jump over him, but instead he only ended up carrying me up into the sky.

“Sorry old friend.” I said knowing it was the dragon I had rode on before. I cut his throat and he began crashing toward the ground quickly. His body, dead.

I walked up to the nest to see if there were any more dragons. Nothing but a newborn baby dragon. He was hidden in the nest. I couldn’t be this cruel. Maybe they’d never find out if I left this one alive. That’s when Queen Storm and King Strike arrived.

“Great work slave. You killed the dragons. Now you’re going to need to fend us some food because we don’t get a ton of that in the cloud kingdom.” King Strike said to me.

“Yeah, I guess.” I sighed to myself knowing it was wrong. I hung my head in guiltiness. This is totally not what my father wanted me to do.                        

“Then get to it slave. Get us food.” Queen Storm exclaimed. There is one place I knew where to get food. A place where my father use to steal was a home of a wizard. Wilbert the Wizard.

“Yes, master.” I replied heading over to Wilbert’s. His old shack just lies across the enchanted forest. At the end of it. That’s when I was struck by something. Some kind of dome was being formed around the direction I was headed. Extreme pain met me as it encircled my waist. I let out a loud cry. The spell was discasted afterwards. I fell to the ground, bleeding. That’s when I blacked out. I woke up to a wizard mashing up an enchanted mushroom.

“I got the mushroom, just hold still.” The Wizard said.

“Troll is very appreciative of your mercy.” I replied.

“What’s your name.” The Wizard asked.

“Togath son of Togar.” I replied.

“Open.” The Wizard said pouring a strange liquid into my mouth. It tasted quite good actually. It was a very weird sensation though.

“Thank your kind mage sir. Hopefully troll will see you again.” I said. That’s when I left the young wizards cottage. What a great mage he was. He had given me some food on my way out of the forest.

“I give unto you your food masters.” I said to King Strike and Queen Storm.

“Thank you Togath. You are of great assistance to us. Now we know you’re worthy of being our new troll.” Queen Storm said. I looked toward the ground. Knowing everything as downhill from here.

I had lied to this poor Wizard for months and months about my true self. I gave him a phony map that was supposed to lead him into a trap. I only pretended to help him so he had more trust in me. I really did like him though. After a few months there was one mission I never wanted to complete that they have given unto me.

“Togath, we want you to slay Wilbert the Wizard. It’s so honoring to do the honors isn’t it.” Queen Storm said.

“No slay Wilbert. Troll cannot slay Wilbert.” I replied.

“It’s either that or...” King Strike trailed off. I knew what I had to do.

“Meet with Wilbert in the crystal castle.” Queen Storm said. “Pretend to help them defeat us.” Queen Storm continued.

“Please, no! We do not need to kill Wilbert.” I said. It’s as if they were trying to ignore my response. I was headed toward the crystal castle with Wilbert and some of his friends. This old guy named Snitzel took out master’s guards.  I walked inside head hung. I had a plan. And that one and only plan was to kill myself. It was the only way to stop anyone else from getting hurt. King Strike, Queen Storm, and Wilbert were talking.

“I’ve been working for them. Sorry I had to do this.” I told Wilbert revealing my father’s dagger. I didn’t know if he knew I was about to kill myself. I think Wilbert assumed I wanted to kill him. I thrusted the dagger toward my stomach, but before that could even happen I was killed by something else.

“Xaptis!” Is what I heard from Wilbert muffled a bit. I fell to the ground and my knife bounced across it. The last face I saw was Wilbert. But not the normal one. The one that was hiding behind the front door then ran out, strangely. Tears rushed down Wilbert’s face. One day, he would realize that it was never his fault. I would’ve done it myself, he was just quicker to it.

That’s the story of my life. I pretty sure my father wasn’t very happy about my death though.


“My son is dead!” Togar exclaimed to the magical government.

“We know. He was part of the Strike of Darkness. It’s a good thing that Wilbert got rid of him.” Jay, president of magic said.

“Rid of him? I’ll get rid of you. I’ll get rid of all of you.” He said pointing out the entire magical government.

“Togar, leave this to the investigators. You’re just going to have to sit back for a while.” One of the officials said.

“It’s all that Wilbert’s fault. Let’s see how he likes it if I kill everyone he loves.” Togar exclaimed out loud.  The magical government made worried faces.

To be Continued

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