Wilbert the Wizard (Relics) Chapter 10: The Royal Wedding (Part 2)

Wilbert the Wizard (Relics) Chapter 10: The Royal Wedding (Part 2)

A Chapter by Mr. Mills

Wilbert's wedding doesn't' go as planned. Or anything else.


Wilbert the Wizard and the Royal Wedding Part 2

The old snake charmer on the mountain of enchantments was about to tell me what Frostwing witnessed when something mysterious attacked the castle.

“What Frostwing saw was, I mean he’s unsure. He saw a bat but then he saw a person. Then he blacked out. That’s it.” The snake charmer said.

“A bat then a....it was a vampire. It was probably that bat I saw on my way over here.” I exclaimed. I never known any vampires though. At least until now.

“I better get home. It’s late.” I exclaimed. My eyes were very dreary and felt like the skin below them was hanging down.

“Goodbye.” I told the snake charmer neglecting to call him by his real name. Whatever his real name was anyways. Me and Frostwing glided back to the shack to get some rest. It was very late.


I woke in the morning startled by Frostwings morning roars. He always does it to wake me up, and that’s a good thing.

“The wedding!” I exclaimed quickly uplifting my heavy head that I had been laying in the shack. I was still very tired. Me not going to sleep quick enough didn’t help me get much more sleep, at all.

“Frostwing just stay here. I have to go.” Said practically running out the door in my pajama’s holding my suit. “Imundo.” I said teleporting myself into the back room of the crystal castle.

“That’s when you’re wearing.” Sam said from behind me. I hadn’t even noticed him there before.

“I don’t have the kind of money to get anything as fancy as you. Or waste my gems on something that I’d never use.” I replied.

“What your holding’s not going to work? Try this outfit that I just recently just bought for you. I figure you’d wear something like that.” Sam said. His suit definitely was more magnificent and perfect that the suit I had brought which was actually my father’s when he got married. My mother, what a woman she was.

My Father came into the room and asked, “do you think this is going to turn out?” I honestly didn’t and he only ended up making me more anxious. Not pre-wedding jitters but the fact me Gallia were actually getting together. Things seemed like they were moving too fast. This is what it was meant to happen between us. 

“Wilbert come out and talk with us. The bride show be arriving in 30 minutes.” Said my father. “One day you and Gallia will be reembraced. Remembered as the legend of the Battle Mage King and Warrior Ice Queen of Storagia.” Said my father. His remarks were slightly comforting, but I still couldn’t get over the fact that Gallia would be here super soon. I wonder what she’s doing right now.


Gallia Nature, didn’t not wake up to pleasant feelings. Wilbert, the Bridegroom, was probably waiting for her at the castle font. Butterflies filled her stomach. She’s been nervous, but never this nervous in her entire life.

“How are going to get there on time. Wilbert is expecting you to be there in 25 minutes.” Said her father.

“I got things worked out. Starlight can get me there really quick.” She replied.

“I’ll see you there. Goodbye my little sweet.” Said her father


Gallia was gliding in outside on Starlight. Sam looked at me as if he were just as nervous as I was.

“She’s here.” Said my father. Her gown was astonishing. Snowflakes lined the dress. It was a bright white as if she were an angel form the heavens. Her eyes glimmered a deep blue. Her dress reflected the lights on the crystal chandeliers. She began to walk down the aisle. I held my fists closed tight and stood up straight.

“You never cease to amaze me.” I told Gallia.

“Neither do you.” Gallia replied eying the suit Sam had given me. Just before anything could get started we were interrupted. The doors to the crystal burst open. A figure with sharp claws scratched the walls as it walked toward us.

“Where is my son? What have done with him?” Asked the mysterious figure.

“Reveal yourself immediately or we’ll call the authorities!” Said my father. The mysterious figure came into the light. It was a troll. It resembled Togath, but was much older and much, grosser.

“My son! You know exactly what I’m talking about don’t you Wilbert.” Said the troll. This was very large and buff troll. This troll was known as Togar. The crystal fist glimmered on his hand.

“I believe your son was Togath. He was killed because of his terrible actions. Killed for the greater good of Storagia.” I said.

“Greater Good? You are the murderer of him! You took away everything I loved, so now it’s time to do the same thing to you!” Exclaimed Togar. He smashed the crystal fists into the ground. The crystal castle cracked and began falling apart.

“This isn’t your kingdom anymore. This isn’t your world anymore. Now it is mine. All mine and Storagia will be known as Darkagia. World owned by me, but mostly my masters.” Said Togar. Togar grabbed Gallia by the neck. He pointed the crystal fist at me and knocked me down with a powerful blast. I dropped my wand into the crystal cavern he had created with his fists. Frostwing fell down in that cavern too. Hopefully he was okay.

“No!” I exclaimed as the wand fell and as Gallia was leaving me on the other side of the crack in the kingdom. Tears ran down my face. I couldn’t lose Gallia, she was the best person in my life and a stupid troll was trying to take that away just like that.

“Welcome to the birth of Darkagia.” Said what seemed to be a disembodied voice in the room. I looked all around me trying to find where it was coming from.

“We don’t do mercy. We have raised an army to take over your world. The army of trolls used by the goblin king.” Said the voice.

“Storagia is a beautiful place. I’m not going to let you destroy it.” I said.

“Your already too late for that one.” The voice said. Then the voice stopped speaking and I didn’t hear it again.

“Too late? Father there is so many things that just happened so fast. Togar just took off with Gallia and left the entire castle, I lost Frostwing and my wand to a cavern, and Darkagia is happening and I don’t know what’s going to happen to Storagia.” I exclaimed. My father looked at me.

“Wilbert you can figure things out. Like you always do.” Said my father.

“I could figure things out, but I don’t think I can handle all these situations at once. It’s like Togar set this up for me on purpose.” I said.

“He probably has. This is what us monsters have been preparing for. Darkagia. This is when we rise to the top.” Said Sam.

“You rise to the top? Are you trying to assist Darkagia?” I said.

“There comes a time when you have to tell your siblings truths they never knew about you, and Wilbert, I’m telling you know.” Said Sam.

“Sam, are you saying that...” He didn’t let me finish.

“Sorry brother. That I had to do this.” Said Sam. He had transformed himself into the werewolf he was.

“How are you doing that? I thought you could only do that in the night.” I said.

“I’ve learned to use my powers now from a special schooling Wilbert. It’s time for you to die just like all your other friends.” Said Sam. He grabbed me by my suit. It had a perfect spot for him to hold it. He must’ve done that on purpose. He threw down the cavern that my wand and Frostwing tumbled down. I landed on hard rock ground. Crystals and jewels lye all around me. At my last sight I saw Frostwing before I had blacked out.

“Frostwing!” I had shouted out to him. Then I fell to the ground, unconscious.


“That bridegroom of yours has been taken care of. Now it’s time to take care of you. I know all about you. Gallia Nature daughter of Mother Nature.” Said Togar.

“How do you know that?” Gallia asked.

“It’s a long story between me and your mother.” Said Togar.

To be continued......

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