Wilbert the Wizard (Relics) Chapter 7: The Fading World

Wilbert the Wizard (Relics) Chapter 7: The Fading World

A Chapter by Mr. Mills

Storagia is slowly disappearing. Wilbert must find the source and destroy it. Even if it includes a teenager from another world...


Wilbert the Wizard and the Fading World

I had just saved the Underwater City from mass attacks. I had also taken the lives of the Strike of Darkness.  But that was 2 months ago. There was still something wrong with it and I know. The Strike of Darkness was over, but something else was rocking the world of Storagia that I didn’t know about. Me, Frostwing, And Gallia were just about to find out. We headed back to the shack where we lived after we had taken a visit to Iceware. Except it wasn’t there. It wasn’t just the shack that was gone, it was the entire area itself.

“What?” I questioned to Gallia.

“Storagia. It’s unstable. It seems to be falling apart!” Gallia exclaimed.

“What do you mean? Does that explain how the complete northern side of the kingdoms is gone.” I replied. That’s when we realized there was no land left in Storagia that surrounded us.

“What’s going on? Stay close Frostwing.” I said. That’s when I began fading from Storagia. From the bottom of my toes to the top of my head.

“Wilbert, no. This can’t be the end.” Gallia said. She began fading too. We were no longer in Storagia. It seemed as if we had ended up in a peculiar world. I didn’t think I would ever go outside Storagia. This world was bland and low on magic. They called the world the original dimension. Sparks fizzled all around us. We were in a whole different world. Tall buildings surrounded us. Along with a lot of short brown houses.

“Idaho. This is where Jane’s from.” I exclaimed.

“How did we end up here?” Gallia asked.

“I don’t know, but maybe Jane is our key to getting back to Storagia. I wonder what brought us here?” I asked.

“Hello, Gallia. You’ve fallen into the trap of my world. Magic doesn’t work here.” Jane said in midst of darkness behind us.

“Jane, why are you doing this? All we did is help you.” I said.

“Help me get back to my boring normal life.” Jane replied. She smirked. The book she had used to get into Storagia was in her grasps.

“This was very childish of you. Help us get back to Storagia.” Gallia said.

“I don’t think I’ll be helping you do that. I had more of thought that you would be staying here with me, forever.” Jane replied.

“Storagia is fading all thanks to me. Soon it will be completely gone.” Jane said.

“Jane, were just trying to be kind friends to you.” I said.

“Kind friends? More like the people who betrayed me and sent me to the lamest world in existence.’ Jane said.

“I know you might not have the best world, if it makes you feel any better I worked at boring ice company, that is until I met Wilbert.” Gallia said.

“I’ll take you back to my house to see how you enjoy it. I have to keep you away from my parents though. Otherwise they’ll think I’m mad.” Jane explained. I whipped out my wand and knew exactly what she deserved.

“Nice try, magic doesn’t work in this world.” Jane said. I slid my wand back into my pocket. I noticed a few holes in Frostwings wings.

“What have you done? To Frostwing. He does not seem well, at all.” I said.

“Frostwings fading from existence. Dragons don’t live in a world like this.” Jane said. I wouldn’t be able to fly on Frostwing now. I hoped he was okay.

“It’s going to be okay. We have to get you back as soon as possible Frostwing.’ I said. Jane gave me a hard stare.

“I don’t give pity for that stupid dragon of yours. Why should I ever care?” She said knowing that she didn’t mean it.

“Jane, come inside. It’s time for dinner.” Called her parents from the back porch.

“I’m come deal with your fairytale fantasy later.” Jane said. It wasn’t just Frostwing that was fading. I was fading too. One of my sides was halfway gone.

“Gallia we have to get out of here immediately or we’re going to cease to exist. We just need to get that special book from Jane.” I exclaimed.

“That door down there that leads to the basement, maybe that’s are key inside.” Gallia said.

We crept open the door that lead into the basement. I crept slowly looking around for Jane’s room. It was bound to be in there. The first room e checked seemed to be a laundry room. The second room was a bedroom, so we began searching for it. I opened one of her drawers and right as I opened it Jane walked into the room.

“What are you doing here? This is exactly why your fairytales need to cease to exist.” Jane said. I quickly grabbed the book and sprinted toward the door. Jane was chasing after me. She had grabbed onto Frostwings tail.

“Give me the book and you can have your dragon back.” She said. I ran toward her, then body slammed her away from Frostwing. We had gotten pretty far away from here house. She had come out with a bow and arrow.

“I got these for my birthday. I have been itching to use them.” Said Jane.

“These humans can be real maniacs.” Gallia exclaimed. Arrows began to com soaring down beside us. One went through on of the holes in Frostwings wings. That’s when one of Frostwings legs disappeared into dust.

“Frostwing. We’ll get you out of here as fast as we can.” I said. I began flipping through the spell book. I had found the words to open the portal to Storagia.

“Desor Intoro Climata onoro finate illsae intoro debata!” Gallia exclaimed. She had taken us back to the Storagia we knew and loved. There was still an issue. Jane had followed us into the portal before it had closed.

“Jane. You’re underpowered now. Magic works just fine in this world.” I said pointing my serpent wand at her neck.

“Give me mercy.” I didn’t mean to try and ruin you.” Jane said. Frostwing’s leg had come back and the holes in his wings have been repaired. My side had reappeared.

“This girl really deserves something.” I told Gallia. Gallia held up the book then said, the rituals all over again. She had sent Jane back home. She had screamed as this was happening.

I held the book in the air above my head. I tore out the page and ripped it to shreds. They all fell to the ground slowly.

“So I was thinking if we could hang out at glimmer lake.” I asked.

“That’s sounds wonderful. That place is so beautiful. When do you plan to go?” Gallia asked.

“Tomorrow morning actually.” Gallia replied.


The next morning, I had been preparing for the date I was asked to go on by Gallia. She was ready to go to glimmer lake.  I had special plans for us there. I had been together with Gallia for, 8 months going on now. Today was a very special day for he both us. 21 years of my life were all leading up to this moment.

Gallia had met me there at the lake. I slipped a small black box into my pocket.  We had sat on the side of the lake where you could see the horizon perfectly as the sun was rising.

“This particular place is important to me. This is where I first met your mother. We were good friends until.........” I trailed off.

“It’s okay Wilbert. You didn’t have to talk about that. Let’s just enjoy this beauty that she has created.” Gallia said.

Her hand was now lying over top of my hand. We sat together seeing a reflection of ourselves in the lake. It reminded me the reflection of my past self. I might’ve been on my own back then, but now things were about to change.

“Honey, I feel like there is something you want to tell me. If there is tell it to me now.” Gallia said.

“Yes, that is true. I actually had question to ask you. I’m fine with in every which way that you answer.” I told her. I scooted closer to her. The closest we had ever been before. I grasped the black box tightly in my hand.

“Gallia Nature, I’m proposing to you.” I told her.

She was astonished by the question. She hesitated to reply. She was stunned. Then she finally stood up and said................................

To be continued..........................

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