I Am Just a Neutrino

I Am Just a Neutrino

A Poem by Nix is typing...

A poem by Nix&Ts "Primary feature of quarks is that they're always bonded together but in that moment, I felt like a neutrino, destined to be alone forever" -Adult Sheldon Voiceover in Young Sheldon


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I am just a neutrino

Never bonded, always alone

I barely interact

With the stuff of this world

A billion years through the vacuum of space

Just to pass through a planet

And not touch anything

Laughs and smiles fly by


I change forms as I go

One flavor then another

Not that anyone could detect it

Because I barely exist

I'm nearly nothing

With a trillion other nothings

Passing through you right now

Destined to be alone

For the rest of my little life

I don’t really matter

Just a tiny piece of matter

When I decay no one will miss me

Never noticed, I’ll pass by you


I’m just an extra in that dream you had last night

You know which dream I’m talking about? 

No… of course, you don't remember

You don’t know who I am,

I’m just someone you saw

And forgot

Like a neutrino, insignificant

I might float through your mind

For a moment

But you won’t know who I am

No one will mention me

When I'm gone

I was barely ever there

I’m nearly nothing

I am just a neutrino

© 2021 Nix is typing...

Author's Note

Nix is typing...
A poem by Nix and Ts (T.S. Ulmus). (Sorry it's so smushed up up there^^ I ran out of characters so I had to get rid of some punctations smush our names together) This one was my prompt, I started with, "Sometimes I feel like a Neutrino, never bonded, always alone" and he asked if that was my work, and I said, "Yes, I was the one that put that" and he said, "I'm surprised you know what a neutrino is". Ts is actually really SMART, so I absolutely HAD to have him add on to it. As always, I enjoyed writing this with him. We brought a little science to the cafe...Hope y'all like it!

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Being and nothingness Nix - good existentialist material. Noone and nothing is insignificant - 'There is a special providence in the fall of a sparrow' - everything we say think or do changes the World.

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Added on February 22, 2021
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Nix is typing...
Nix is typing...

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