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My brain keeps flipping switches

I keep pulling at the stitches

Causing it to fester

While you treat me like some jester

You said that you would love me


But you never really did

So I sewed it all away

Until one day

I started pulling at the stitches

I could only try to buy

Your alibi

For so long

Before the old wound itches

Why the hell do I want you back?

Your heart was cold

Your soul was black

You hurt me, 

Slashed open my heart

So I pushed all the pain within

To let it fester within the dark

While I pasted on a fake grin

You did it just to watch me bleed

And guaranteed my misery

All the while

There was no mystery

Our history is all too clear

I saw her standing near

And saw what you were doing

Watched your pleasure brewing

I couldn't miss the kiss

Now I can't help but scratch

And pull at these old stitches

You said that you loved me

But you never really did

© 2021 Nix is typing...

Author's Note

Nix is typing...
I had a lotta fun working on this collab with you, T.S. Ulmus!!
It was interesting to see how our brains combined to make this little poem.

Let me know what y'all think of our poem!!

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Now you know he was a craphead. And all crapheads should be ignored and put out to pasture where they belong. Put it in your local newspaper: Craphead at large. Watch out for him ladies. He'll eat you up and spit you out. Even your dog won't approve of his actions.

All kidding aside, nice collab.

Posted 1 Month Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

Nix is typing...

1 Month Ago

Lol, thank you for your funny review, Relic!!! I really appreciate it!! ❤️

1 Month Ago

................... 😎

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Woah great poem!

'My brain keeps flipping switches

I keep pulling at the stitches'

dramatic, intense.

Keep up the good [email protected]

Posted 1 Week Ago

Nix is typing...

1 Week Ago

Thank you, you're so sweet :)
I appreciate the read and review!!!
Where are these stitches? Are they over your heart? Are you protecting your heart or are you healing? What is the purpose of the stitches? Why do you pull at the stitches? Are you bored? Do you not know what to do next? Or are you opening yourself up to him again. You are ready to prematurely remove the stitches so that you may offer your heart up again. You're ready. You love him. He loves you. At least you thought he did until you saw him kiss another girl. What now? Have you given up on him for good or will he have another chance as soon as you think you have healed up again?
He thinks your a fool; Treating you like some jester. You love him and he goes off and fools around with whomever he wishes. Hurt. Pain. You need to be put back together after being devastated. Some think a heart is just a plaything. Your heart is hurting but you keep it all inside. To make sure it doesn't escape, you stitch yourself back up. Why, then, do you pull on the stitches? Do you want to see if it is still there or if it has disappeared? Wouldn't how you feel answer that? Do you want others to know you are hurt? Look at my stitches. Look at my pain. Look at what he did to me.
Why buy the alibi in the first place? This tells me you wanted to believe him for some reason. You believed in him. You believed in the two of you. Now you realize he's not going to change and you are never going to be the priority that he is to you. Cold heart. Black soul. Is this the brain switching that you mention in the beginning of the poem? Are you ready to let your head take over for your heart and make a hard decision that, deep down inside, you know is the right one to make? It's hard. It's hard to walk away from something you have invested time, energy and feelings into but sometimes you need to. If nothing else, then for your own self-respect.
Now what? Do you allow yourself to heal? Do you leave the stitches until there is just a scar, internal or external? Will you open your heart again down the road for someone else or has he ruined you forever? He watched you bleed. No mystery. Was he using you for something? Did he have pain he was trying to overcompensate for? Did you see it? Did you want to help him? Why did you go along with everything until now? Whatever the reasons, he used up his last chance. You have moved on and now he will be the one to look for support and comfort. Maybe he can borrow one or two of your stitches.

Posted 3 Weeks Ago

Nix is typing...

3 Weeks Ago

Lol, I always love your reviews, Greg. They're so long and thought out, I wish I could answer all of.. read more
Greg Gorman

3 Weeks Ago

Glad you like it. My questions are more for you to take and use when you write some more or if you w.. read more
Your style of writing is such a joy to read, and your collaborator seems to meld so very finely: can't see the joins though perhaps need to read a couple more times. Could comment about the perpetrator you write about but, for me, best ignored, not worth the time of season or year. Would prefer to focus on your delivery which for me is a breath of fresh air amongst traditionalists who are brilliant but, need to think rhythm rather than metre.. perhaps .(Will now be drummed out of the cafe.. oops. :) ~)

Posted 1 Month Ago

I felt these lines were forced or could be omitted:
Causing it to fester
While you treat me like some jester
The rest of the flow was impeccable....good job!

Posted 1 Month Ago

I think it's emotionally charged. This one seemed so real to me. Intense

Posted 1 Month Ago

Nix is typing...

1 Month Ago

There definitely have been times in my life where I've seen a boyfriend or two kissing another girl,.. read more
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Excellent read.
Dear poet you are way too wonderful to have this shithead cause you grief.
Dump their a*s and shine brightly!

Posted 1 Month Ago

Nix is typing...

1 Month Ago

Thank you so much for your sweet/funny review, MCS!!!

Nix ❤️
Well-done collab written with a dynamic sense of pushing & pulling thru the throes of a split. Tons of lively language makes this poem feel like a "skit" -- as if two people are in an actual physical tussle we can see & feel & hear. Rare for two poets to make word love so seamlessly in a collaboration (((HUGS))) Fondly, Margie

Posted 1 Month Ago

Excellent rhyme and rhythm in this one. I can't help but think of the Heroes of the Storm character Stitches whenever I see the word.

Posted 1 Month Ago

Nix is typing...

1 Month Ago

Lol, I've never heard of that show, I'll have to watch it sometime.
Thanks so much for your r.. read more
It sounds like he put you through hell I love your poetry it tells the truth.find someone that appreciates you doesn’t use you or f**k your over makes you feel great and you’ll go far!

Posted 1 Month Ago

Nix is typing...

1 Month Ago

Thanks for your review, Genocide!! :)
Thank you all for your views and comments. The collaboration was indeed a very pleasant experience, we had a lot of fun with it. Our skills complemented each other well.

Posted 1 Month Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

Nix is typing...

1 Month Ago

You suck T.S., you contributed virtually nothing to this project. The collaboration nod was just me .. read more

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Nix is typing...
Nix is typing...

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Uh, what can I say? Hi! I'm Phoenix (Nix) 🔥 I love writing, and I love getting reviews on said writing. Whenever I'm not busy working on something for school or reading, I'm writing. .. more..


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