Chapter 15: Confronted

Chapter 15: Confronted

A Chapter by Eryn ♪

I stumble up the staircase dragged by Clare who insists on taking it three or four steps at a time. At each turn I cant help but bash into the railings. For though I can see the ground below my feet, as well as each step Clair lands on the world is still dark. For a time I could hear the ghosts behind us, but they eventually they fadded away, leaving only the biting memory of Neil's eyes dying.
I hear the lock open on a door ahead of us.
"Thank goodness you two made it." I hear one of the dragons say, though I am unsure which one it is, my mind is still trying to sort through the damage.
"Yeah, we made it, now move aside." I hear Clair say loudly, though I know this has also taken a toll on her.
"Right, sorry." The girl at the door says nervously. And I take a moment to notice her dark blue shape. As we step into the black room I am supprised, the only sound is subdued breathing, not even loud enough to give the space a slightly brighter hue.
soon however I am dragged through the space tripping over the many sleeping bodies on the ground. Their groans of protest quickly fill the space giving it a brighter atmosphere considering the situation.
"Jay, what is going on?" Clair asks in her booming voice filling my sight with red.
"You are waking everyone up." He says, and the red is imediately disspersed by a green blade of sound.
" Thats not what I meant" She says quietly, taking me by suprise. " I thought you said this place was safe, that no one would be lost on the way here."
"And we didn't, the way was safe and the ghosts cant climb this high, the alltitude wont let them."
"Is that so? Then what about Neil? Is his lifeless body in the foyer not a loss, do the individual members not mean anything to you? You didn't even notice he was missing."
Silence. The only sound was the wind against the round glass windows I remeber from my childhood. the room slowly fades to dark, only holding Clairs faint glow.
"Thats what I thought."
With that she walks away, the little slpashes of light from her footfalls leaving me alone. I turn my head over to where Jay had been sitting, but there is no sign of him. I wait patiently in place, trying to figure out what could be going on in his head until he whispers.
"It's getting late Seth, go to bed."
I nod, unsure of what else to do. Slowly I move away from his voice. I try shuffling through the crowd of people, but I cannot tell where people are lying. I decide to take off my shoes and try the same method. The floor is cold on my feet, but I am able to tell when I am about to step on somone. Eventually I find a spot where no one lies and I curl up in it, reading myself for the terrors that surly await my sleeping self.

© 2013 Eryn ♪

Author's Note

Eryn ♪
Sorry if the spacing is weird, I will fix it as soon as I find a laptop or desktop of some kind to use.
As for the chapter itself sorry it is so short, the next couple should be better lengths. As always, tell me what you think and how I can improve.

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1. First off, I want to apologize for my constant absence for who knows how long over the course of the past few months. Life, work, stuff, just got in my way and - where I had been reading, reviewing, writing on here - I kind of just... dropped off of the face of the earth. Funny enough, my read request box is chocked full of stuff now. I'm surprised it hasn't reached a limit or anything. Lol.

2. I do remember this tale and how well it was building up. After having picked back up from where I left off from chapter 8 or such close to that, I can see that this story has only grown in detail, creativity, along with, um... surprises since I last looked into it. I mean, I knew there were going to be struggles for your characters but I never imagined there was going to be as much loss as you've put them through thus far. So much dying... It's kind of depressing but not enough to make me dislike anything you've done with this.

3. Demons, Dragons, a Meteor, Auras; are you about ready to introduce Fenrir, the nordic god of wolves and destroyer of moons, yet? Ha ha, that's just a joke, my friend. However, I don't wish to be a jerk but... I feel like you're introducing too many loose ends without taking care of them. What exactly are these ghouls running around? Are they like dementors in Harry Potter? And what about your dragon - the literal dragon that breathed fire? What significance did he have? Where did he go when he failed to destroy your main character? How on earth is this all of this epicness going to connect together?

4. You keep saying be a critic. No, wait, you say you appreciate serious reviews. My bad. Anyway, your story-line here is fantastic. As always, I appreciated reading through what I've been missing for the past few months. Nevertheless, soon enough, I expect some answers as to why the ghouls are being complete jerks and why a dragon has shown itself from amid the chaos that was once the modern world.

5. You - yourself as a writer, I mean - are good enough. I feel that I really, really drilled into you with this review but your imagination is evidently working it's hardest in "What Lies in Shadows". Sure, you made a few grammar errors on this chappy but ignore that and go on writing this story. To error is only human and, psh, everyone messes up on spelling. Especially me so I just need to zip it. Keep up the good work here. I'll be sure to keep right on reading what you dish out in the future. :)

Posted 9 Years Ago

Eryn ♪

9 Years Ago

Thanks Cou, I have been absent for a while too so it really isnt a problem. And thank you for the se.. read more

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