Day in the Life

Day in the Life

A Chapter by TheEverHungryOne

Jumping right in the middle of the story :) just a simply day in the life of our strange extended family.

A Day in the Life

The library was empty except two people. The girl sang lightly as she flitted through the shelfs scooping up book after book. Her friend sat at the couch in the corner pretending to be oblivious to her while listening and watching secretly mesmerized from beneath white bangs. He knew if he outwardly paid too much attention to her she'd get all uncomfortable and stop. Finally he couldn't help it though.
"Rachel... maybe you should get a slightly smaller amount of books..." commented Allen.
"But-! but-! I read so fast that I'll be done with all of them in a few days if I only get a few!" huffed Rachel trying to balance the tower of heavy volumes she carried. 
" least let me carry a few of them for you." 
"But I couldn't possibly let you do that! Your house is in the completely opposite direction of mine!" protested Rachel as she tried to add yet another book to her pile.
"But if you try and carry all those you're going to-!"
"...fall... are you alright Rachel?" asked Allen running over to the legs sticking out from underneath the pile of books torn between concern for her safety, exasperation at her accident done nature, and amusement at how ridiculous she looked at the moment.
"Not. One. Word you..." grumbled Rachel sitting up wincing slightly, apparently having read some of his thoughts on his face.
"Very well." smiled Allen quickly scooping up half the books before she could protest, "Let's get back to your house before you deplete the library's store too much."
"Hey! I told you I could manage! don't go deciding these thing on your own!" called Rachel struggling to clumsily pick up the remaining books and hurry after him.
"Neah is probably lurking somewhere over there anyway. I'll make him give me a ride home." said Allen trying to ease her fears. Rachel's face fell slightly with sadness and Allen had a sudden moment of panic: did she not want to spend time with him anymore? but the real reason came out of her mouth a second later.
"Poor Neah, he's so devoted to Yasmine and she's so oblivious... I just feel so bad for him sometimes." she said quietly. 
"Yeah..." sighed Allen. He and his older brother Jack had been brought into the Noah family just a little bit before he turned 15 since then he had grown to think of them all as his brothers and sisters as well. Out of all his adopted siblings he was closest to Neah though. Since the two were the same age they had shared a room... and just about everything else too for that matter. It had taken Allen a long time to realize that his adopted brother was in love with Yasmine (it had taken Neah twice as long though so Allen didn't feel too guilty). At first he thought it was simply an amusing fixation when Neah had stormed into their room in their first day in their freshmen year of high school and complained loudly about the annoying black chick with no volume control for 3 hours straight. But then he continued to do that every single day without fail after that and Allen began to have his doubts. After a few months his complaining turned into what Allen could only describe as passionate gushing... Allen was so used to daily "Yasmine-reports" from Neah he didn't even bat a lash anymore. But as they all knew (except Yasmine that is) that at the moment Yasmine's love for Neah was still purely platonic. Still, Neah hadn't exactly made a move to try and change that.
Not that he was any better, mused Allen with a glance at his best friend who was spacing out again watching some birds.
"Ouch...!" hissed Rachel accidentally dropping all her books after she ran face first into the electrical post.
"... how have you not killed yourself by accident?"
"Oh be quite Allen." 
Sarah felt warm and safe. That was the first thing she registered. Sleepily she remembered that she had been crashed on the couch with her college project partner and boyfriend after a particularly stressful all-nighter and race to the school to drop off their project 5 min before the deadline. Too exaughsted, physically and emotionally, to do anything else they had gone back to Sarah's place and crashed for an unplanned afternoon nap. Even remembering that and registering the fact that she was rather embarrassed by the way she and Jack were snuggled together couldn't make Sarah muster up the energy to move.
Except that there was a pounding on her door... 
'go away...' thought Sarah squeezing her eyes shut. At first Sarah thought her wish had been granted, for the knocking seased... that is until her phone started ringing, the door bell started to be repeatedly pushed, and the knocking resumed. Sarah groaned: it must be one of her friends and she knew from personal experience that they could, and would, keep that up until she answered the door. She tried to sit up.
"Noooooo..." whined Jack.
"Jack, I don't want to pay for a new door... and they'll knock it down if I don't answer- mphm!" now that was cheating, mused Sarah as Jack unabashedly captured her lips a lazy but passionate kiss that had her thoughts turning to mush within seconds.
"Let them try and steal you away from me..." smiled Jack when they parted.
"...ha?" was the intelligent reply Sarah was able to muster before Jack began kissing her again. He twinned their legs together and pulled her gently closer cupping her cheek to get a better angle. Sarah timidly recuperated as best she could.
"Well that's something you don't see everyday." commented Siana leaning on the couch opposite them. Sarah started in shock and accidentally bonked her and Jacks heads together.
"I am sorry Sarah, I didn't mean to interrupt." said an embarrassed Rachel from a blushing Allen's back, "I saw Siana knocking at the door so I just let her in."
"Ah! no worries, it's your apartment too." said Sarah too flustered to look at her roommate.
"No really Sarah, if I was making out with my boyfriend I wouldn't appreciate my roommate coming in with a bunch of people and interrupting." said Rachel.
"You have a boyfriend?! Why didn't you tell us?!" demanded Siana while Allen stiffened with a slightly pained expression.
"Goodness gracious no! what would I do with one of those? I was speaking in "if's" not from personal experience." said Rachel blinking in genuine surprise. Allen looked relieved and slightly depressed at the same time.
"You're very kind to be so sympathetic Miss Rachel, but if you don't mind me asking, why is young Allen carrying you on his back?" Jack piped up drawing lazy circles on Sarah's back causing slight tingles to run up and down her spine.
"Yeah, I was wondering about that too..." admitted Sarah.
"Do tell us Allen, what did our oh-so-skilled-clutz manage to do to herself this time?" grinned Siana in anticipation.
"Erm... which time?"
"Allen! they don't need to know about every little time!" huffed Rachel flushing in embarrassment, "I was just walking home from the library on that bridge that they're doing construction on with Allen and this biker came speeding past and nearly ran me over but I lost my balance and-"
"Don't tell me you fell off the bridge?!" gasped Siana.
"NO! I am not that unlucky."
"...actually you would have fallen off the bridge if I hadn't grabbed your arm." commented Allen with a shudder.
"BUT! I didn't" Rachel emphasized with an annoyed look at Allen who shrugged and moved around the couch to deposit her gently in the seat, "I only grazed my leg on a piece of metal sticking out of the bridge."
"...that looks a little more serious than a "graze" Miss Rachel, I think you should see a doctor." said Jack grimacing at the deep gash that ran from calf to mid-thigh.
"It looks a lot worse than it is, I could've walked home but this worry-wort wouldn't let me." complained Rachel.
"Rachel, you need to see a doctor." said Allen seriously.
"No. I hate doctors." pouted Rachel.
"Ahem! ah, so I think I'll be going," said Siana awkwardly, "and Sarah, I won't mention to Yasmine what I saw."
"Thank you." said Jack fervently.
"Ah! Siana! Could you by any chance go grab my library books? Allen made us leave them behind he was in such a hurry to get me home." called Rachel. Sarah could hear Allen muttering about Rachel having a "death-wish".
"Yeah sure, text me the address."
"Will do! Bye!"
There was a short silence and then-
"Damn it Rachel, at least let me clean it up and have better look at it!" said Allen tossing her over his shoulder and heading to the kitchen in the back where they kept their medical supplies(Allen, being one of Rachel's closest friends for the past 6 years, was very familiar with both the kitchen and the medical cabinet)
"You're not taking my pants off! Even if you were a girl I wouldn't let you do that."
"Wah-!? no nononono! I wasn't going to- put on a pair of shorts!"
"I don't own shorts that short! and neither does Sarah..." their voices became muffled as they went further back.
"hmmm..." said Jack thoughtfully nuzzling Sarah's neck through her hair.
"What?" asked Sarah not sure if she wanted to pull away or move closer.
"It would be very interesting if those two got together." commented Jack pulling her onto his lap and winding his arms around her waist.
"Er... I suppose..." said Sarah slightly distracted, "They've been together so long as friends it would be really weird... but the again I can't imagine either of them dating anyone else."
"Hmm... I am glad you decided to date me Hime, even though, if I remember correctly, you said it would be "too weird" when I first asked you out too." said Jack sighing in contentment.
"But you didn't give up." Sarah reminded him thinking of 16 times she had turned down Jack in high school before finally relenting in their first year of college, "I honestly didn't think I was going to be the first one with a boyfriend of my friends...."
"So tell me Hime," said Jack grinning and letting butterfly kisses fall on Sarah's eyelids, "Is it weird being with me now?"
"Very. I still can't believe it."
"Believe it."
"Hmm... Rachel said it should be around here..." mused Siana picking her way over to the construction bridge around the corner and behind a large dumpster. She pulled the stack of books out of their hiding spot.
"... how the **** did she expect me to be able to carry all these home?" asked Siana to no one in particular, "Ah well, might as well see if she found any good ones..."
Siana pulled out book after book with many "ooh!"s of excitement and "meh"s of indifference. At last she settled down with one. She promised herself she would only read one chapter and if it was any good she'd ask Rachel to borrow it when she'd returned to books. Siana began to read.
"Oi shortie! What are you doing?"  Siana almost jumped out of her skin when someone sacked her on the head with a book. She squinted through the darkness that had seemed to have come from no where (wasn't it only 2pm? why the **** was it dark already?) and opened her mouth to insult this a*****e who was freakishly tall and smoking a smelly cigaret, little shi- ah... it was her best friend Tyki.... well it was the same difference in her books.
"What does it look like I am doing, smart one?" Siana retorted going back to her book.
"Yasmine called me," commented Tyki flicking cigaret ash on her head, Siana gave him a death glare, "You're 5 hours late from the time you told her you'd be home. Alguém vai estar em um inferno de um monte de problemas~"
"Whatever. I am perfectly capable of taking care of myself. I don't need you to babysit me Tyki." huffed Siana.
"Hmm... I wonder about that. I am pretty sure I came by and took all those books around you and loaded them into my care and you didn't even blink. I wonder what else I could get away with when your in your book-world, hmm?" grinned Tyki leaning over her.
"Hmph." pouted Siana trying to burry herself back in her book: she was at such a good part too...
"Ack-!" Siana cried out as the ground went out from under her and she was plopped into the passenger seat of Tyki's car.
"Let me get that for you little baby." grinned Tyki buckling her into her seatbelt and giver her a obnoxious kiss on her cheek, "Ou devo dizer borboleta adorável, minha pequena provocação?"
"섹시한 놈." grumbled Siana under her breath. Tyki just laughed and went around the car and began driving. Siana leaned against the window and tried to ignore him wiping the kiss off her check. It wasn't fair! she was sure he knew she liked him and that was why he teased her so, the b*****d. She didn't even know why she liked him sometimes (perhaps because she couldn't seem to help it) but Siana was sure that Tyki was a player (though she had never heard him talk of a girlfriend she was sure he had a string of secret lovers that she'd rather not know about). Wether or not Tyki was a player though, and wether or not she might kinda-sorta-may-be-in-love-with-him, he was still one of Siana's besties and so she put up with his s**t... actually normally she attempted to beat the s**t out of him, but the point still stands! 
"You asleep? shall I carry you in as well little baby?" asked Tyki when they arrived. With a sudden wicked grin Siana raised her arms helplessly.
"Yes, carry me in won't you, my slave?" Tyki's eyes widened slightly in surprise before flickering with something before setting his jaw and tossing Siana unladylike over his shoulder.
"você não tem idéia do que fazer para me ..."
"You officially fail as a man-servant, I think you need to persue another career. You show potential as a b*****d though..." Siana commentated from her high vantage point on Tyki's shoulder all the way into the house.
"A b*****d? hmmm... would you like to test that theory?" asked Tyki plopping her on the couch with a look that promised revenge.
"Ah, no, you've demonstrate to me plen-teeeeeee! Tyki!" screeched Siana as he began tickling her unmercifully. Siana's sides cramped from laughing so hard and she panted between peels of laughter as she desperately tried to escape from Tyki's skilled clutches... unsuccessfully.
"SIIIIAAAANNNNAAAAAAAA!!!!!!" Yasmine bellowed when she barreled into the room and caught sight of them, Tyki ran for cover and Siana didn't realize what was happening till Yasmine threw herself on top of her knocking the wind out of her lungs, "I WAS SO WORRRRRRRIEDDDDD!!!"
"Yazzy, you're suffocating her." Neah said wandering into the room munching on some grapes.
"She deserves it...." grumbled Yasmine giving Siana one final rib cracking squeeze before releasing her, "Where were you?"
"Erm... reading?"
"...I knew it..." seethed Yasmine, "... find any good books...?"
"Yep! they're in the car!"
"Oooooh! let's go get them!" squealed Yasmine and the two girls rushed out.
"You been here all day?" asked Tyki with a raised brow at Neah who shrugged.
"I was supposed to be tutoring her, but... well playing video games together was much more interesting." Neah sighed half in exasperation half in contentment, "Where did you find her?"
"Behind a dumpster reading a book." growled Tyki in frustration, "What am I going to do with that girl? anybody could have picked her up... and she probably wouldn't have noticed!"
"She would have kicked their a*s; lil' Siana can pack quite a punch after all." Neah pointed out.
"So can Yasmine, would you want her by herself in a dark ally at night?" retorted Tyki.
"That's... entirely different." muttered Neah looking horrified by the thought.
"Like hell it is..." grumbled Tyki. Neah cast him a sharp look.
"Tyki... don't tell me you-"
"Neah! neahneahneahneeeeeeeah!" said Yasmine rushing back in and glomming him, "Rachel found the newest volume of ______ that I have been searching for foreeever!"
"Rachel said she'd swing by tomorrow to pick them up, but honestly I don't think she's going anywhere unless Allen takes her."
"Oh those to are so cuuuute! they should get together alrea- wait why won't she be able to? did something happen?" asked Yasmine pausing mid-gush.
"Guess." said Siana rolling her eyes.
"The ground rose and tried to eat her whole?" guessed Neah.
"... close enough." grinned Siana.
"menina desajeitada." laughed Tyki.
"Don't laugh, one of these day's she's going to kill herself on a parked car or something." moaned Yasmine.
"Allen keeps a pretty good eye on her. I am more worried about this one." commented Tyki gesturing at Siana who stuck her tong out. Tyki shrugged and lit a cigarette.
"I've told you not to bring those cancer sticks into the house, " said Siana pointing at him with a frown.
"Aw... menina I didn't know you cared." grinned Tyki.
"I will throw you out..." warned Siana.
"Fine fine." grumbled Tyki not wanting to get banned from the house again. Neah and Yasmine snickered in the corner.
"You two better be off, you can come by in the morning if you want." said Yasmine glancing at the clock.
"Will do." smiled Neah giving her a lingering hug that had Yasmine beaming.
"Okay see ya'!"
"Bye then your highness." grinned Tyki giving Siana's hand a mock kiss before going to hug Yasmine.
"Shameless cur." grinned Siana giving Neah a side hug, "Begone from my sight and never return!"
"See you tomorrow Siana." laughed Tyki.

© 2013 TheEverHungryOne

Author's Note

Alguém vai estar em um inferno de um monte de problemas - Someone is going to be in a hell of a lot of trouble
Ou devo dizer borboleta adorável, minha pequena provocação? - Or should I say adorable butterfly, my little tease?

Before you get all angsty, Tyki does not have any lovers of any kind; he likes Siana and the only reason he ever would would be to try to get Siana jealous... but he hasn't resorted to that. However you have to admit he looks like the type yeah?
I realize I didn't translate everything... but I am not going back... too lazy. Use your imagination: it's Tyki and Siana.
The woes of the friend-zone ;)
Hope you enjoyed my random inspiration!

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This was so cute~ ^-^
I went and cheated going to bing translator for the rest of the translations =7=;

Posted 9 Years Ago


9 Years Ago

hahaha I forgot this thing existed!
BOOKKKKKSSSSS BOOKS BOOKS!!!! GUESS WHAT?!?!? terrier came in!! now i can READ IT XDDD and awesome chapter btw. the mention of books made me remember X) and kill yourself on a parked car~ LOL *laughing rage face* COULD happen you know

Posted 10 Years Ago

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A Chapter by TheEverHungryOne