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You Roar; I ROAR

You Roar; I ROAR

A Chapter by TheEverHungryOne

more Yazzy... I seem to be stuck on her at the moment. Oh well, I don't think she minds. oh yeah and this is continuing where the last chap left off.

You Roar: I ROAR

'twas a quite day at Neah's house until...
"WHAT IS IT?!" demanded Neah throwing open his door.
"Good morning Neah~" sang Yasmine with a grin, it pleased her tremendously to see him so royally pissed off... it was also elating to know that if anyone else dared to wake her lovely friend in this manner they would be immediately beheaded.
"You... you..." Neah slumped slightly against the door frame looking already exhausted just by seeing Yasmine so full of energy.
"What did you expect when you sent me that message waaaaaaay late last night?" grinned Yasmine, "Karma is a bi-"
"Yeah, yeah I am fully aware. Get inside before I change my mind." growled Neah stepping out of the way for her to enter. Yasmine practically skipped inside.
"So? SO? where is it?" asked Yasmine eagerly once they were situated on the couch together.
"Fine..." sighed Neah pulling out a folded up pice of paper from his shirt. Yasmine lunged for it but Neah pulled it out of her reach teasingly.
"GIIIIVVVEEE IIIIIIITTTTTT!!!" whined Yasmine practically climbing into his lap as she batted at his arm trying to draw his hand closer.
"What do I get for my good deed?" asked Neah with a grin.
"It's not a good deed if you read and kept it hidden from me in the first place! I heard you've had it for at least a week and didn't bother to tell me!" complained Yasmine still making snatching motions.
"And you won't see it at all if you don't-"
"FINE!" Yasmine gave him a kiss. Actually it was meant to be a total "just-friends" peck on the cheek, but he turned his head at the wrong time. Yasmine pulled back really quickly looking embarrassed to see Neah staring at her wide eyed and completely shell-shocked. Trying to find something to distract herself and lighten the mood before it became even more awkward Yasmine spotted Neah's arm now laying limply within grasp.
"Ah-AHA! V-VICTORY!" grinned Yasmine shakily snatching it away and quickly putting space between her and Neah. She noisily unfolded the papers taking a peek over the top at her friend. Neah's face was very red and he had a hand over his mouth looking away from her with his bangs hiding his eyes. Hurriedly Yasmine bussed herself with reading and tried to ignore the deplaning silence. There were 5 letters;

Dear Yahizmen,
I miss you soooo much! I hope you're okay. Things have been so f*****g quite over here without you and Siana around. I think Guss-buss is going to go all serial killer on us if things don't liven up soon. But you know (insert sponge-bob reference that I will never understand here) and all that. We can't say anything about our location or what we've been up to incase this letter gets opened and read before it gets to you, but I can say that it's not all that interesting or important and people try and convince us. Don't let that Noah brat make any moves on you or Jaya and I will come @#$%^&&*( ##$%%&*()@#$%^&*(@#$%^&* and then we'll @#$#%^&*(@#$%^&*@##$%^&&&&^*%$@#$#$$%%. He has been warned.
Looove soooooo much Rylie

Yasmine laughed as she pictured her friends writing the letter shaking her head. If only they knew.... poor Neah. She chuckled again and flipped to the next note which was an animated letter from her family, a mixture of lectures, well wishes, and assurances that they were all fine. Yasmine smiled and placed it carefully with the last.

Hey there,
How yoooou do'in? I am doing marvelously horrid if you were wondering. F*****g idiots keep blowing up the power lines and shutting off all the electricity for hours! You'd think we were in a war zone! (sarcasm intended) we've had so many black-outs these past few weeks I think Cry is going to brake out his machete soon. Thankfully I have invested in the wonderful invention of battery charged games so we're both still pretty sane over here. You better be practicing you gaming skills or I am going to KO your A*S when I next see you. Playing with Cry is making me f*****g amazing! I also demand that you make some amazing artistic master piece while your there (Rachel too) My walls are painfully bare. I expect at least 5,000 from the both of you just so you know.
Don't die or I'll kill you, Bmel.

Yasmine sweat dropped, she hoped she wasn't serious... It also made her feel a twinge of guilt. The others still didn't know Rachel had gone missing. She knew that there was no way she could tell them and that there was nothing they could do even if they knew but still... Yasmine turned to the final letter and smiled at the familiar handwriting;

I AM GOING TO KILL THAT SEXY B*****D! THIS TIME I MEAN IT!!! ugh.... Yasmine please save me. I. Am. So. Boooooard! I am locked up in this freak'in giant house. And nobody here even speaks English here! or Korean! or any other language that I know random words in! nooOooo they speak f*****g Portuguese! sdfghjkpoeerufgh... I have been saying random things to them in Korean just because they don't understand either way. It's good practice. Oh and I have also only been speaking to that b*****d in Korean as well. Drives him absolutely crazy because he knows I am insulting him most of the time. He even threatened to drive me of my books and manga if I didn't stop being "so stubborn"  FOOL! he thinks I am on bad behavior now? Just wait, if he tries anything like that he will discover just how well short people can kick-a*s. I mean what do tall people even think they- but I digress. There are so many questions I want to ask; Have you heard anything about Rachel? have the others written you? is Sarah doing ok? is that Jack still acting all suspicious? Are Toothless and NEah still at each others throats all the time? Sadly though even if you had answers to these questions I doubt you could even get me a answer without it going through every f*****g Noah in the clan... Ah well. hopefully Tyki will stop being such a prick soon and I'll be able to rant with you properly.
Wish I was with you, Siana.

Yasmine laughed and then smiled sadly carefully taking all the letters and folding them neatly and and tucking them into the pouch she wore under her shirt by her heart. She looked up to find Neah watching her curiously.
"Why are you looking at me like that? don't even pretend that you didn't read all these before giving them to me." said Yasmine feeling self conscious, she knew she was expressive when she was reading. One of the reasons she preferred to read by herself. But there was no helping it with Neah.
"I don't usually understand your friends when we talk face to face and I can ask them to explain. I understand them even less in letters." admitted Neah, "you guys have a lot of history and inside jokes that you draw upon."
"Yeah... I miss them... so much." mumbled Yasmine sighing and suddenly feeling depressed. Neah hesitantly rose and came to sit by her. Yasmine unconsciously leaned comfortably against him.
"It makes me a little... jealous." admitted Neah.
"Huh?" asked Yasmine not sure wether she was more surprised that Neah was jealous or that he had admitted that he was jealous.
"You and you friends are so close." sighed Neah leaning his head against hers, "I feel like I am a complete stranger... like your in your in a different world; one that I can never enter or comprehend."
"I have known them longer. You said so yourself." Yasmine pointed out, "I am sure we'll be like that eventually too."
"...I would like that." said Neah. They sat in comfortable silence for a while. Yasmine sighed in contentment. This was how it was supposed to be. She had been fighting with Neah far too much lately. She had almost forgotten why she refused to let their friendship simply die. Yasmine wound her fingers with his and after a moments pause he folded his fingers as well and began making lazy circular motions on the back of her hand. She was so relaxed she didn't even realize that she was drifting off to sleep until the dream began.
Yasmine walked through a strange room full of clouds following the sound of sweet music. Every step that she took though toward the music a sense of dread filled her further. Up a head she could see Neah playing a piano made of glass from which the sound that was calling her was coming. Toothless flew franticly around her tugging at his sleeves trying to pull her away.
"No, I need to see Neah. Something's wrong." she told him. Toothless made a sound of protest and continued to try and pull her away. Behind her she could hear Gaara crying for her. She needed to go to him. She needed to get out of here. But... Neah looked up into her eyes a terrible look of anguish on his face. Yasmine realized that the piano was steadily becoming less transparent as Neah's blood flowed freely from his finger tips in his continued playing.
"Neah stop!" she cried.
"I can't..." he whispered back brokenly.... Then suddenly Yasmine was running down the sandy beach along the shore where she had first received her dragon training. Thunder crackled around her and there were strange voices on the wind. She clutched a bag full of dragon eggs that were hot against her skin... burning her but for some reason she couldn't seem to transform. Then Siana was there with her telling her that they needed to get to class. She tried to explain to her that she had to get the eggs to safety and that she couldn't possibly need to get back to class because she was graduated and the universities had been closed down for the war for a while now. And then the dream shifted again, this time different... as if she was seeing things through a dirty glass. She was in a small room. Rugged blue curtains hug closed in front of a small window. An odd painting of a tree hung on the wall... a tree with ravens for leaves. A crash sounded from behind her and Yasmine turned to see that she was not alone in the room. A small figure was half laying half sitting on the floor with a blanket clutched around it's shoulders. It was a young woman, Yasmine could see much but she could tell the girl was very thin and sickly. Short brown hair hung lankly about the girls face and she shook with coughs... blood splattered from her mouth.
"... Yazzy.... I told you not to look for me... you have to stay away!" Yasmine's eyes widened. No... it couldn't be. 
"Rachel...?" Yasmine whispered.
"Yasmine please, it's dangerous. I- I'll find a way to make things work. Just please don't come-" there was a smashing sound from some where and Rachel's head whipped around, "Drat! they've found me!"
Yasmine wanted to ask "Who" had found her but Rachel had already jumped to her feet letting the blanket fall from her shoulders and activating her innocence-

Yasmine's eyes snapped open. She was disoriented by the darkness but soon her yes adjusted. Even then, though, she was confused by her surroundings. Sitting up Yasmine realized she was still at Neah's house. The man in question was laying beside her with his arm wrapped limply across her waist. Yasmine took a deep breath to calm her wildly beating heart. They had only been dreams, and weird ones at that, she shouldn't let them bother her. Still... that last one had felt very real... and when Rachel had let the blanket fall and activated her innocence Yasmine had realized something. She had suddenly realized what must be the problem and felt really stupid because it was soooo obvious. AND NOW SHE COULDN'T F*****G REMEMBER IT AT ALL!! Yasmine fumed silently. She needed to go for a walk.
Carefully, Yasmine detached herself from Neah and slipped outside without waking him. Yasmine let out a breath that she didn't know she had been holding. Those dreams had really stressed her out. Without thinking her feet took her to the pub she, Siana, and Rachel used to frequent at. Though they were old enough to drink that was never why they came here. So why go to a bar? Easy; Cards. The place had the best gaming circles around. Whether you were simply playing for the fun of a rousing game (like Rachel enjoyed) or to gamble (like Siana relished) or simply to let off steam (like Yasmine frequently chose). Sadly stepping in there by herself just made her miss her friends more and she turned away from the card tables and ordered a drink, decide ding to watch her competition a bit before playing (she had learned to do that after Siana had first encountered a terrible cheat, which later turned out to be Tyki, and started a tavern brawl) Scanning the crowd Yasmine was surprised to spot the white haired exorcist among the players. Now that she thought about it he had actually been playing here before but Yasmine had never paid him much attention.
"Hey," said Yasmine when the bar tender came back with her drink, "Could you tell me what you know about that boy over there? the one with the white hair?"
"Oh? things not going well with Neah these days? I bet he's in a foul mood." asked the bar tended with a chuckle.
"It's not like that." said Yasmine rolling her eyes, "I was just wondering because I've seen him here before and I was wondering what an exorcist like him is doing gambling."
"Why couldn't you just ask your friend with the bangs about him?" asked the bar tender looking surprised.
"Rachel? why... why would Rachel know about him?" asked Yasmine... that was right. Out side the order no one really knew that Rachel had disappeared. Still, though Rachel had been an exorcist that Lavi boy had even said that she and that white haired boy didn't know each other-
"She hasn't talked to you about him? That's strange, they used to meet up here for breakfast (if you can even call a feast like that breakfast) almost every day in the wee hours of the morning. They were very close," the bar tender looked around and leaned in to whisper, "I suspect they were having an affair."
"Rachel doesn't have affairs." Yasmine said immediately though the thought bothered her, "She's never even had a boyfriend in her life."
"Just telling you what it looked like." said the bar tender raising his hands in defense, "But I am an old man and I have seem more love stories at this bar than you've probably seen in your life and let me tell you, those two were more than friends, thats for sure."
"But-" Yasmine stammered trying to process the information. 
"His name is Allen Walker. If you want to know more than I suggest you ask him yourself." said the bar tender walking off to take care of other customers leaving Yasmine stunned. Quickly she gathered her self and began to make her way over toward the young man. "Walker"... the same as Neah. That couldn't just be a coincidence. 
"Hey can I talk to you?" asked Yasmine tapping his shoulder.
"I am sorry miss, I am afraid I am a bit busy at the moment." said Allen politely.
"It's about Rachel." said Yasmine flatly. Allen's head snapped back to look at her an appraising expression in his eyes.
"Sorry boy's, I'll have to pass up on this match." said Allen setting down his cards and getting up and following her outside in spite the complaints of his fellow players. 
"So Walker, I want to know if you know anything about Rachel's disappearance. Tell me honestly because I am not with the Order or the Noah but if I find out you had something to do with her disappearance you'd better wish I was because I-"
"Because your one of her best friends. Yasmine Lambert the Dragon, correct?" said Allen calmly.
"H-how-?" stuttered Yasmine her heart thudded.
"Rachel talked about all of you a lot." smiled Allen weakly, "Don't worry, I won't tell anyone your secret."
"So you did know each other well..." said Yasmine.
"Why keep it a secret though?" asked Yasmine in confusion. Allen sighed running his hand through his hair.
"It's hard for someone to understand who has never been in the order, but the people there came be extremely low and cruel. Both Rachel and I have unique and powerful innocence's as I am sure you are aware and the order already didn't trust us... we didn't want them using our relationship." said Allen.
"But why keep it a secret from her friends?" asked Yasmine feeling hurt.
"If things went south with the order or the noah than you guys wouldn't be likely to be dragged into it." said Allen with a shrug.
"But- but-!" said Yasmine trying to think of something to condemn them with, but she couldn't; hadn't she been doing the same thing with the others sometimes?
"If it counts for anything, I really do love her." said Allen with a sigh, "In fact, since I don't suppose it can hurt since she's missing right now, I married her about 3 months ago."
"... come again?" asked Yasmine her brain short circuiting. 
"Well, if you hear any more about her please tell me immediately; I've been searching high and low for her and haven't found any traces." commented Allen walking away.
"W-wait! HOLD IT RIGHT THERE!" but it was to late, Allen had already left, "@#$%^&*(@#$%..."
"WHAT NOW?!!" Yasmine exclaimed rounding on the person. Sarah "Meeped" and must have jumped a foot, "Oh, sorry Sarah. Just... had a stressful day."
"I am sorry..." said Sarah cautiously approaching her for a hug, "What happened?"
"Hm? oh just stuff with Rachel is all so crazy. I am not sure what I should believe." sighed Yasmine as the two of the began walking back to Yasmine's place which was not far.
"What do you mean? has something new turned up?!" asked Sarah eagerly and worriedly as they climbed the stair.
"Sort of..." said Yasmine pushing open the door.
"Mooooommmy!!!!!" squealed Gaara from the other room toddling in, Yasmine just about jumped out her skin as she quickly shut and locked the door.
"Oh my gosh! so cuuute!" said Sarah excitedly at the little red head.
"Erm, yeah. Lots of crazy stuff happened and he ended up staying with me. Sarah this is Gaara, Gaara this is Sarah." Yasmine introduced them, "Could you not mention to anyone that he's here? It's kinda a secret and I don't want word to get back around to Neah because he'd flip."
"Why?" asked Sarah who had gotten down on knee level to tickle the giggling boy, "He's obviously not yours so I doubt Neah would get into a jealousy fit."
"Neah get's into a jealousy fit about everything..." muttered Yasmine, but the real reason was actually that she didn't want Neah to know because she was sure that he would recognize the boy as both the Noah and the Order's current target... and she didn't want Sarah telling Jack because she was still suspicious of what he was doing in that village, "Speaking of which, how are you and Jack?"
"Oh we're doing really well!" sighed Sarah completely distracted with a dreamy look on her face, "Last night he came over and we ate REALLY yummy food and he gave me this pocket watch! Oh Yasmine I think he really likes me!"
"That's wonderful Sarah," smiled Yasmine, "Can I see the pocket watch?"
"Oh sure!" smiled Sarah brightly pulling it out from where it was hidden under her coat, "Wind it up! it plays a really beautiful song!"
"Okay." smiled Yasmine taking the watch. It truly was a beautiful work, made of gold and a strange circular design on the front... actually the design seemed kind of familiar. Kinda like the doodles Neah sometimes drew. Yasmine shrugged it off; maybe it was some musician thing? She twisted the side of the clock and let the melody play forth. By the second note Yasmine froze. Gaara started to cry and cover his ears rocking back and forth. She could vaguely hear Sarah asking her what was wrong. 
"It can't be..." she whispered. But it was.
It was the song Neah had played on the piano in her dream.
"Nessie!" called Toothless flying through the window and transforming part way though, "Nessie it's terrible! The order attacked one of the Noah's safe houses! they've taken little Siana captive!"

© 2013 TheEverHungryOne

Author's Note

Yeah... I didn't even try to attempt writing how Yazzy's family would send a letter... I am not familiar enough with how they write.
I am kinda depressed right now... work stuff is looking crazy and the location that I am working at is going to have to temporarily close. They might be able to get me in at the other location but there is no guarantee if they'd have any hours for me. And my other two jobs are not going to bring in enough income for my college bills... which means I could very well be job hunting again. *sigh*
On the story, I am sorry I didn't have more Gaara and Toothless moments. They were in the plan but I didn't want to make the chapter drag on too long. The Title really has nothing to do with the story I realize. But I don't really care. You guys have probably figured out thought that in this story itself EVERYTHING is connected and significant. Some of you might even have an idea of some of what is going on.
Hope you enjoyed.

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I really loved this chapter!!

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A Chapter by TheEverHungryOne