My Brother's Not-girlfriend 3

My Brother's Not-girlfriend 3

A Chapter by TheEverHungryOne

short chap update


Chapter 3


            “Road, there is nothing you can say or do that will make me put on one of those outfits.” Said Siana flatly as Road showed her all of the young Noah’s outfits in a closet larger than her actual room.

            “Is that a challenge Siana?” asked Road with an evil glint to her eye.

            “No. It is a statement of a fact.” Said Siana without amusement as she exited the room so as to avoid Road trying to physically force her into some frilly outfit.

            “What if I took you with me next time our family goes to Japan for free?” asked Road skipping up behind her.

            “And spend a month in close company with your crazy dad and your creeper uncle? No thanks.” Snorted Siana.

            “I am hurt minha querida~ you think of me as a creeper?” sighed a melodramatic voice that was becoming far too familiar for Siana’s comfort. Taking a deep breath Siana turned and made a show of giving the smirking Tyki a disinterested glance while he leaned attractively against the banister.

            “At least I am honest.” Siana said.

            “Ah, meu amor ainda esta em negacao~ but you will realize your place next to me soon I am sure.” Said Tyki confidently.

            “In your drams Mikk.” Growled Siana turning away to stalk down the stairs.

            “Voce nao tem ideia.” Murmured Tyki faintly behind her. If this kept up, Siana thought bitterly, she was really going to have to force herself to learn Portuguese or she would drive herself crazy trying to figure out what he was saying all the time.

            “You guys are so cute~” giggled Road skipping up next to her.

            “Don’t even.” Warned Siana.

            “But I am really not done nagontiating with you~! How about I buy you that whole seires you were moaning over in the library the other day, in hard cover, if you try on one outfit  for 10 minuets?” asked Road eagerly.  Siana paused and unconsciously licked her lips slightly. That was an expensive seires… she had resigned herself to buying them slowly over the next couple of years… it was only one outfit… how bad could it be?

            “I will buy you that whole series and give you the money to cover another.” Said Tyki suddenly sliding between them.

            “Tyki! You’re ruining my bribe!” complained Road punching him in the shoulder.

            “What exactly do you want in return?” asked Siana suspiciously.

            “Nothing much,” grinned Tyki leaning against the banister again, “just your hand in marriage.”

            Siana contemplated whether or not he would die if she shoved him off the stairs and whether or not she would care at all…

            “Kidding!” laughed Tyki as he took in her murderous expression, “I just want your phone number.”

            Siana paused to think that offer over.

            “And you’ll buy me those two series in hard cover?” she asked.

            “I’ll order them tonight.” Said Tyki.

            “And you would have to promise not to be a pest or I will block your number faster then you can snap your fingers.” Warned Siana.

            “You have my word.” Said Tyki with a grin. Road looked between the two of them as if she was watching a very interesting ball game.

            “It’s a deal.” Said Siana finally, “give me your phone.”

            “You won’t regret it.” Promised Tyki handing over his expensive phone with a smile that, to Siana’s surprise, seemed genuinely happy.

            “We’ll see.” Said Siana with a frown as he typed in her number, already wondering if she was making a grave mistake.


            “Well they’re having fun.” Grinned Rachel as they walked through the door of the Noah manor. Even two sotires down, she could still hear Yasmine cooing and squealing over Neah’s Toothless, “Shall we go up?”

            “Um, before we do can I, um, show you something?” asked Allen hesitantly. He breathed a sigh of relief when Rachel simply smiled and nodded. He did not want to seem like a creeper since they had only really spent time together over Christmas and spring break, but they had talked over the phone so much that Rachel did not seem like a stranger.

            “Where are we going?” asked Rachel as he lead her up the stairs.

            “My favorite place in the house.” Said Allen with a shy smile. He noticed Rachel frown slightly at that but then she simply smiled again.

            “I can’t wait to see it.” She grinned.

            “Neah and I used to share this room when we got on better but now… only I come up here.” Explained Allen suddenly feeling a bit self conscious as they reached the top floor. Hesitantly he opened a narrow wooden door with ornate carvings on it, “After you.”

            “Why thank you good sir,” laughed Rachel jokingly as she squeezed her way in. Allen followed closely behind her and heard her gasp as she caught sight of their surroundings. It was a small roof garden with glass walls and tall bookshelf’s that acted as columns between the panes. The early morning light streamed in through green leaves and illuminated the beautiful piano that sat in the center of the room.

            “Father built it after he visited the compass down town when we first moved here… but he lost interest in it within a few days. Neah used to come and practice the piano up here with me, but the moisture from the plants can make the piano go ever so slightly out of tune sometimes and Neah being the perfectionist that he is can’t stand it. So… now it’s just me.” Said Allen nervously.

            “It's beautiful!” breathed Rachel looking around at all the exotic plants framing the scenery, “If I had a room like this I am not sure you could ever convince me to leave my house!”

            “Yeah… some times it’s a trick.” Agreed Allen watching her approach the piano and skim her fingers over the keys.

            “It’s not too badly out of tune, I doubt anybody who didn’t have perfect pitch would be able to tell anyway.” Mused Rachel sitting down on the corner of the bench to lightly play a simple and sweet tune. Recognizing it, Allen hesitated only a moment before sitting cautiously on the other end and joining her on the keys. Rachel looked at him in surprise for a moment before grinning in delight and continuing the song.

            “I didn’t know this piece had a duet part.” Commented Rachel when they had finished.

            “Yeah, it was originally written for four hands but when it became popular they created a solo version as well.” Said Allen bashfully.

            “You play really well.” Said Rachel looking impressed.

            “Y-you too.” Said Allen dropping his eyes and flushing slightly from the praise. Hardly anyone ever told him he was good as Piano, not with Neah being the protégée that he was on the instrument. But Rachel spent a lot of time with Neah at school helping him with his music… she had definitely heard him play as well and seen his skill. But she still thought Allen had talent.

            Allen glanced up and noticed how close their faces were.

            “Ah, we should, um, go find Yasmine before Neah convinces her to sell him her soul for a baby toothless.” Said Rachel flushing seeming to have noticed the same thing.

            “Ah, yes, we should!” agreed Allen hurriedly getting up.

            “Thank you for showing me this place, it’s really special.” Said Rachel getting up as well.

            “Yeah… You could- if you want, you could come here any time you like if you just want some space alone or whatever. I don’t mind.” Offered Allen hurriedly.

            “But it’s your special space.” Said Rachel hesitantly.

            “I don’t mind if you’re the one using it.” Allen assured her, she seemed a little uncertain about that but she smiled earnestly at him again after a moment.

            “I’d like that.”


thatangryshortperson �" hey there


TheEverHungryOne �" Hiya!


thatangryshortperson �" Rachel do you know Portuguese?


TheEverHungryOne �" Huh? No, but it’s very similar to Spanish and French so I can understand a lot of it(same with Italian) why?


thatangryshortperson �" The tall b*****d keeps texting me in Portuguese and the translation app on my phone sucks and makes no sense.


TheEverHungryOne �" What ‘tall b*****d’ is this?


Imagination-mage �" Hello my peeps!


Imagination-mage �" Your stalker?! Why does he have your phone number?!


thatangryshortperson �" yeah… I may have sort of given it to him… long story.


TheEverHungryOne �" I would have never have guessed that he spoke Portuguese… Allen and Neah are both British. Although I think the whole family lived in Japan for a while so I think they all know at least a little Japanese…


TheEverHungryOne �" Can you ask him if he’ll teach me?!


Imagination-mage �" Siana! Don’t give your number to creepers! Block him immediately!


thatangryshortperson - …sure Rachel, whatever you say.


thatangryshortperson �" Block the creepers? Dang, guess I have to block you Yasmine.


Imagination-mage �" Ooooooh! I see what you did there!


TheEverHungryOne �" (-_-;)


Imagination-mage �" Which reminds me, Siana, DID YOU KNOW NEAH HAS A TOOTHLESS CREATURE IN HIS BEDROOM?!


thatangryshortperson �" WHAT?! FOR REAL?!




TheEverHungryOne �" Neah would never. Besides, I was there supervising almost the whole time. The Toothless is really quite adorable!


thatangryshortperson �" that makes me feel better. I want to see it too!


Imagination-mage �" you have no faith in me!


Imagination-mage �" Rachel, tell her I can fend for myself!


thatangryshortperson �" ha! Buuuurn, she is silent!


Imagination-mage �" traitor!


thatangryshortperson �" Wait she usualy would respond by this time did she log off?


Imagination-mage -  It says she’s still online.


Imagination-mage �" RAAAAACHEEEEEL!!!


TheEverHungryOne �" woops I had to take a phone-call. What did I miss?


TheEverHungryOne �" Yes, Yasmine is perfectly capable of beating the s**t out of Neah if he tries anything, I am not too worried about that.


Imagination-mage �" SEEEEEEE??!!


thatangryshortperson �" whatever you say~


thatangryshortperson �" Who was the phone call from?


TheEverHungryOne �" the Earl. He was calling to request something that will require all the faith you can possibly have in the two of us.


Imagination-mage �" Oh gods I just saw the message… he can’t be serious!? We’ll kill each other!!!


thatangryshortperson �" you guys are killing me with the suspense here, hurry up and spit it out.

TheEverHungryOne �" The Earl is concerned by the fact that we don’t seem very, erm, “couple-like” right now


thatangryshortperson �" Well about time he noticed! So what did he say.


Imagination-mage �" He wants us to have “bonding” time.


thatangryshortperson - …what?


TheEverHungryOne �" He bought us tickets to a couples retreat next weekend

© 2014 TheEverHungryOne

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Author's Note

Translations –
Ah, meu amor ainda esta em negacao – ah, my love is still in denial
Voce nao tem ideia – you have no idea

Just a short chapter update :)

I am either going to update Be My Baby or the Hogwarts story next

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I liked this chapter/part~

Posted 8 Years Ago

......LOL!!! we would kill each other, rachel may the force be with you~

Posted 8 Years Ago

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I LOVE FOOD! other then that I am a Renaissance girl (aka I have a lot of hobbies all of which I do intensely) and i am Dyslexic.... so if my writing gets confusing thats why. Oh and I go to a M.. more..

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A Chapter by TheEverHungryOne