Vessalius Family

Vessalius Family

A Chapter by TheEverHungryOne

So I drew Hime a one-shot... and then I was like "Oh great, now I want to write a story too" soooooo Yeah. This is pretty much a Day in the life of the Vessalius family.

Vessalius Family
Sarah yawned after wandering out to her kitchen for a drink of water before bed. Her infant daughter Harmony was a pretty even tempered kid, but she was still very curious about life and it took a while for her to allow herself to drift off to sleep. Over all though, life had been good. She and Jack had moved out of the city and into a small house in the country. The place was quite adorable and they were still not too far away from the city so Sarah still saw her friends and their new families fairly often and could go shopping in the markets. As Sarah set her cup back down on the counter she felt strong arms wrap around her and pull her against a hard chest.
"Hey." smiled Sarah allowing herself to lean into her husbands embrace. It had taken a long time for Sarah not to get impossibly flustered in her love's presence after she had accepted his romantic advances. Still, her heart fluttered madly at his touch, but she welcomed the feeling and closed her eyes in contentment.
"Our little angle finally drifted off then, I take it?" asked Jack giving the crook of her neck a feathery light kiss. Sarah giggled slightly at the ticklish feeling.
"Yeah, she didn't want to. I think she knew you were coming home soon." said Sarah.
"I wish I didn't have to be home so late, but Pandora is still suspicious of me and I don't want them to cause any problems for our family." sighed Jack into her hair. Sarah's heart fluttered slightly at that. Their Family. Even though Harmony had been with them almost three months, and even longer while Sarah was pregnant, it still seemed so foreign to her. She and Jack had created a family together. Sarah giggled slightly. 
"Our friends would never allow them to cause problems for us." Sarah smiled. She could feel Jack tilt his head in confusion at her change in mood.
"No, I am pretty sure first they would murder me for being the cause of such problems, and then take down Pandora." Jack reasoned.
"No, the others have grown fonder of you I think. Yasmine still pouts about us now and then, but she adores Harmony so she has half forgiven you." grinned Sarah turning in his arms to face him.
"Half indeed." chuckled Jack, "Well it's a start I suppose. Little Harmony is hard to resist."
"Yeah..." said Sarah gazing at her husband. He had shed his coat at the door and his shirt was slightly unbuttoned. Jack wore a half smile that Sarah found was always on his face when he was thinking of their daughter, his hair falling out of his braid after a long day. Reaching around him, Sarah took hold of the elastic and gently pulled it out and beginning to comb her fingers through his long tresses.
"Wha...?" Jacked trailed off recovering from his shock to realize what she was doing before relaxing again. Before they were married Jack had once confided in her that he didn't like it when other people touched his hair. It felt too intimate, he had said and it made him uncomfortable. Then she had pointed out that he allowed her to touch his hair. "If it's you, it's nice." he had told her seriously. As Jack's gold locks fell freely into her fingers Sarah once again couldn't help but feel slightly smug that she was the only one who got to see her husband like this. 
"I am glad you didn't give up on me." she told him standing up on tip toe to kiss him. It was unusual for her to be the one to initiate affectionate touches and she could tell Jack was thrown off for a second before he scooped her up in his arms joyfully and began to kiss back in delight.
"So... Harmony is asleep, does this mean I don't have to share you tonight?" asked Jack when they pulled apart. 
"Y-yeah, I think so." said Sarah slightly breathless. 
"Oh good." grinned Jack picking her up bridal style and carrying her off.

Sunlight streamed thought the window and Sarah squeezed her eyes stubbornly close. Maybe if she ignored it, the light would take the hint and go away. She swore it got brighter in the room after she thought this. Sarah groaned and reached blindly for Jacks warmth. Maybe she could burry her face comfortably in his chest and block the morning out. Instead she found that Jack was not there. Sitting up Sarah saw that he was not in the room at all. She heard some sounds from the front of the house and wandered out to investigate.
"Well, are you the prettiest little baby in the world? yes, yes you are~! You look like a princess. Princess Harmony, that sounds about right since you were born of the queen of my heart. Oh, you think that's funny? AWH, you're so cute!" Jack was cooing to their daughter who was sprawled across his chest on the couch where Harmony was gurgling and laughing right back at him. Sarah giggled at the cute scene and their two heads turned to see her lingering at the door.
"Ga~!" said Harmony happily reaching her arms out for mother.
"Ah! you want to leeeeave me? Papa is heart broken forever more!" said Jack dramatically.
"Ah~! Eeeeee~" said Harmony returning to her favorite game of mimicking daddy.
"Don't teach her to do that," scolded Sarah trying not to laugh, "I am sure she'll be dramatic enough as it is."
"But I can't help it, she is so cute! aren't Harmony? Hmm? Are you daddy's little girl? yes, yes you are, aren't you?" Jack cooed while letting her grip onto his fingers with little fists.
"Don't spoil her." laughed Sarah, "She'll grow up to be awfully conceited if you keep that up."
"That's impossible. Harmony is too perfect to be spoiled." Jack said fawning over their daughter.
"Oooookay." said Sarah shaking her head, "I am going to get some food."
"Oh! Yeah, Harmony and I made you breakfast earlier. It's under the lid on counter." Jack called.
"Aw thanks!" beamed Sarah as she went to find her food, "What time do you need to go in to work?"
"Not till around noon." Jack replied.
"Okay." smiled Sarah digging into her food, happy that she still had the morning with her daughter and Jack.
"That reminds me, Cheshire was at work last night and he mentioned that the Walkers might drop by this afternoon." said Jack thoughtfully.
"Which ones?" laughed Sarah.
"Both I think." said Jack, "Neah and Allen are out for the day and I think the girls are board." 
"Well, that sounds fine to me." said Sarah happily. After she finished she went back into the other room and curled up next to Jack. Harmony squealed in excitement at being so pleasantly squished between her parents. Jack and Sarah laughed and they spent the morning in lazy happiness.

"Why hello Gaara, come on in." smiled Sarah as she opened the door on the bashful red head.
"Hello Auntie Sarah." said Gaara shyly ducking his head as he came inside.
"Where is your mum?" asked Sarah.
"Back down the road with Auntie Rachel and Siana. They were walking reeeeeally slow." said Gaara huffing and forgetting his shyness for a moment.
"Well there are cookies in the kitchen if you want to help yourself." smile Sarah pointing.
"Thank you Auntie Sarah." said Gaara his eyes glistening with excitement as he ran to the other room. Harmony began to complain quietly about being left out of the excitement by making little fussy sounds that Sarah decided to attend to before they escalated. 
"We're here!" announced Siana as they walked though the door a little later.
"Welcome!" called Sarah as they trudged in, "I must admit I am surprised. I didn't hear anything about you coming siana, though I am glad you're here. And Yazzy and Rachel? Shouldn't you two be in bed or something?"
"Augh! Do not speak to me of bed. If I have to spend another day in bed I am going to start murdering the pillows ruthlessly!" exclaimed Yasmine plopping down with her brand new son Natsu who had just been born several days earlier.
"Allen had tried to insist that I stay in bed. It's cute really, I have no idea why he thought that was going to work for even a moment." laughed Rachel rubbing her large tummy.
"But you look like you're going to pop or something!" exclaimed Sarah uncertainly, her house was not exactly ready to have a baby be born in it right now.
"That's because it twins. I am not even due for several more weeks so I don't know why everybody is fussing so much." complained Rachel sitting awkwardly on the couch.
"Because you need people to worry for you." said Yasmine.
"Whatever," said Rachel rolling her eyes.
"Soooo, the main reason to come here, besides to just see your beautiful face-" began Siana.
"And Harmony's." interjected Yasmine.
"And to get out of the house." added Rachel.
"That too."
"AS I was saying..." said Siana, "there is another reason we're here."
"What?" asked Sarah curiously. Siana grinned and wiggled her left hand at her where a ring sparkled.
"OhMGosh! He proposed?!!" asked Sarah excitedly.
"Yep. Actually I am surpassed that he didn't ask sooner... something about wanting to wait until I was at least out of my teens." said Siana rolling her eyes, "He's very self conscious about our age difference. It's pretty hilarious if you ask me. Anyway, we're going to married in March at the start of the butterfly season."
"That sounds... fitting." smiled Sarah, "Congrats."
"You shouldn't wait around to have a baby though," said Yasmine earnestly with the air of someone returning to a previous conversation, "We should all have kids around the same age!"
"I think I am going to wait." laughed Siana.
"You're lame."
"Mum?" called Gaara.
"Yes darling?" asked Yasmine immediately beaming at her adopted son. Sarah was relieved because Harmony was getting agitated by the loud noise. Natsu on the other hand was delighted, but Sarah supposed he was used to it given how much Neah like to tease Yasmine.
"Can I play outside?"
"Sure~!"Yasmine allowed happily.
"That reminds me, you're going to 5 soon aren't you Gaara?" asked Sarah with a smile.
"Yep." agreed Gaara.
"Aw you're getting so big! And what do you think of being a big brother?" grinned Sarah.
"It's loud." said Gaara bluntly without missing a beat before going out. Yasmine roared with laugher at this response.
"That about sums it up." she agreed still chuckling.
"Will you be staying for dinner?" asked Sarah with a smile.
"Do you have enough food to feed me?" asked Rachel with a laugh, "I eat even more with these two on the way." 
"I didn't even think that was possible." laughed Siana.
"Maybe." responded Sarah.
"Maaaaaan, I didn't really think about it but you and Allen must be broke on the money you guys have to spend on food!" laughed Yasmine.
"That's nothing new." said Rachel with a shrug her mouth twitching. 
"What time will the boy's be wanting you back?" asked Sarah as she got up and led them into the kitchen with Harmony on her hip to investigate their food stores.
"Well, seeing how Allen didn't want her to leave at all. Probably now." teased Yasmine.
"He didn't want you to come over?" asked Sarah startled.
"No, he's just being a worry-wort over my health and other useless things. I'll stay as long as you'll have me Hime." said Rachel with disinterest.
"I am a free woman, I don't have a curfew." grinned Siana punching on a stool.
"ME TOO!" exclaimed Yasmine, "Well, in spirt. But Gaara needs to be in bed by 7:30."
"Sounds good to me." smiled Sarah and they settled down to talk and eat the afternoon away. 

© 2013 TheEverHungryOne

Author's Note

So this was kinda random. But fun and cute (I think) hope you enjoyed.

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Merp!!! Loved it!! XD So adorable!!
I think this sparked a little manga inspiration...I make no promises though ^^; Let's say there MIGHT be a manga~

Posted 10 Years Ago

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phx, AZ

I LOVE FOOD! other then that I am a Renaissance girl (aka I have a lot of hobbies all of which I do intensely) and i am Dyslexic.... so if my writing gets confusing thats why. Oh and I go to a M.. more..

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A Chapter by TheEverHungryOne

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