Little Love

Little Love

A Chapter by TheEverHungryOne

so this is part of that same series that I was doing before. If you need a refresher go read "you roar: I ROAR"

Little Love


"Can I see the pocket watch?" asked Yasmine.
"Oh sure!" smiled Sarah brightly pulling it out from where it was hidden under her coat, "Wind it up! it plays a really beautiful song!"
"Okay." smiled Yasmine taking the watch. It truly was a beautiful work, made of gold and a strange circular design on the front... actually the design seemed kind of familiar. Kinda like the doodles Neah sometimes drew. Yasmine shrugged it off; maybe it was some musician thing? She twisted the side of the clock and let the melody play forth. By the second note Yasmine froze. Gaara started to cry and cover his ears rocking back and forth. She could vaguely hear Sarah asking her what was wrong. 
"It can't be..." she whispered. But it was.
It was the song Neah had played on the piano in her dream.
"Nessie!" called Toothless flying through the window and transforming part way though, "Nessie it's terrible! The order attacked one of the Noah's safe houses! they've taken little Siana captive!"

(end recap)

"where is she being kept?" asked Yasmine as she and Toothless flew through the night, nearly invisible to the naked eye.
"In the High Inquisitor's cells." replied Toothless, "It is in the very center of the stone nest, but there is colored glass covering that part of the nests sky where we should be able to get in."
"It's still probably very guarded though, the Order is not stupid: they know what she is to Tyki. Why else would she be the only one taken captive. Getting her back will be difficult." Yasmine growled and swooped higher as the outline of the Order's Castle began to be decreeable to her keen eyes.
"We can just mob them, only a few use the green crystals that can hurt us. They will not keep little Siana from us." said Toothless happily.
"No." sighed Yasmine with a hiss of steam thinking of Allen, "We can't just mob them: some of them are very important to Rachel. We'll have to cause some sort of distraction and then-"
Yasmine blinked as what looked like purple flames suddenly seemed to lick the front gate of the Order.
"No need for a distraction: the Butterflies that eat meat are doing that just fine for us." Yipped Toothless. Yasmine looked closer and saw that it was true. What looked like millions of Tease were eating a massive hole right through the heavily guarded doors to allow what looked like 5 or 6 Noah through. Grimacing, Yasmine noticed that not only was Tyki there but also Neah. If either of them killed someone important to Rachel she wasn't planning to show either of them mercy no matter how fond she was of the two.
Fortunately though, the commotion the Noah were causing had drawn almost all of the members of the Order away from the actual room where Siana was being kept. Yasmine and Toothless landed together on the stain glass roof that was just as her little dragon friend had described it. The two of them immediately circling one of the panels of glass all the while blowing a thin jet of blisteringly hot blue flame. The metal holding the glass turned molten and the glass itself became soft and fell with a crash.
"hurry, the humans will be coming very soon now." toothless told her.
"I know." Yasmine replied before diving into the dimly lit room.
"Yasmine? Is that you?" called Siana in relief. Yasmine bounded over to her and lightly bit her cheek, "Gah! Yep: it's definitely you."
Yasmine snorted lightly and let out a puff of smoke as she began ripping the seals holding Siana tied to the wall to shreds. She turned around so that Siana could clamber on her back just as the doors burst open. The guards froze for a second as they saw the black dragon barring it's teeth at them before the captain regained his composure and shouted.
"Don't just stand there! Stop her before she escapes!" the guards began advancing again just as a sonic type screech could be heard and the ground in front of the guards erupted in flames.
"How many of them are there?!"
Yasmine sent a grateful glance up to where Toothless was perched waiting for her, glad that he'd remembered to not aim for the guards themselves. Now, with siana securely situated on her back and cloning to her neck for dear life, Yasmine crouched and launched herself back up through the broken window and out into the night sky.
"Yasmine! is there anyway you can send a message to Tyki that I am safe? I don't want him killing himself trying to save me... especially if I am not even there anymore." Siana shouted over the wind.
"I will go tell the Noah that little Siana is safe now. They will start to think in their hearts that you are dragon if you turn up knowing things when you are supposed to be stuck at your nest." Said Toothless swooping around having heard the question, "and the annoying Noah will probably try and lock you up in a nest that is like a cage as his mate forever more if he think you are doing dragon things."
"Go ahead, but be careful. The other Noah don't know you and they might attack." Yasmine warned as she grimaced, despite Toothless's crude language he was right: Neah probably would try to lock her up in his house if he thought she was doing dangerous things. Without further ado her Dragon friend dove around and headed back towards the Order.
"Where is he going?" asked Siana who could not hear the batter that went on between the dragons. Not being able to respond, Yasmine simply hummed in reassurance. She wasn't sure where she was going to hide Siana (for Tyki most certainly lock her under even tighter security now) but she knew that she needed to pick up Gaara who Sarah had offered to watch when Yasmine was madly dashing off to save Siana. 
Quietly landing on the roof top of the Vessalius house, Yasmine let Siana slide off her before transforming back before scampering over to the open window Sarah had promised to leave for them as she immediately began filling Siana in on about all that happened since Tyki put her under house arrest including the strange dreams that she'd been having and her meeting with Allen. Siana was naturally flabbergasted when she learned their friends had gotten married without telling them right before her disappearance and was deeply suspicious of Allen.
"I've heard of him, but only through the card games." said Siana frowning, "He's a ruthless cheat you know."
"You don't seem too surprised that she just up and agreed to marry him without consulting us. I thought we were going to go interrogate him together." said Yasmine frowning as they made their way through darkened halls.
"Oh- er- Of course we will!" said Siana, but Yasmine didn't miss the slightly guilty look on her face in the dim light.
"Siana..." growled Yasmine dangerously, "Out with it."
"Okay, don't be mad, but IsortofagreedtomarryTykitoo." mumbled Siana turning away shamefacedly.
"... You BETTER not have just said what I think you just said..." said Yasmine dangerously.
"I was going to tell you eventually! But then he got all clingy and kidnapped me! I called it off after that! he was soOo mad." said Siana hurriedly. 
"SIANA!" Yasmine roared.
"Shh! You guys are going to wake up Gaara." said Sarah hurrying down the hall to hug Siana, "I am glad you're safe."
"I suposse now you're going to tell me that Jack had been proposing to marry you left and right too now without telling me!" snarled Yasmine rounding on her.
"Um-!" said Sarah turning bright red.
"Oh Yasmine, even I knew he was doing that." grinned Siana, "I mean, have seen you seen how is around her?"
"...actually she usually chases him off before he can say anything because she doesn't like him." mumbled Sarah.
"You telling me that if Neah wanted to Marry you and it looked like it was going to be dangerous if anyone found out-" began siana hotly.
"First of all, Neah and I may have kissed but it's not like that with us-"
"You what?!" gasped Sarah.
"NOW WHO'S KEEPING SECRETES?! WHEN DID THIS HAPPEN?!" exclaimed Siana at full volume.
"Moma!" cried Gaara coming running down the hall and throwing himself onto her legs, "You're back!"
"Yasmine... what the f**k...?" said Siana rounding on her.
"Moma! moma! she said a bad word!" gasped Gaara pointing at her.
"Erm... yes she did." said Yasmine a bit awkwardly, "Gaara, that is your aunty Siana. Siana, this is Gaara... I... uh ... sort of adopted him."
"Like my aunty with the hair like this?" asked Gaara holding his hand over one eye.
"Yes... how did you know that? I've never talked to you about Rachel..." said Yasmine slowly while both Siana and Sarah went quite.
"Oh she's here. I found her when I was playing hide and seek with aunty Sarah. She gave me this!" said Gaara proudly holding up a familiar key that was around his neck that the friends immediately recognized. There was a tense silence as the implications of what he said sunk in then:
"Are you sure it's one of them Earl?" asked Wisely from where he was sitting cross legged on the floor.
"Yes, I I heard it from the Apocryphos. One of those girls is the Heart." said the Earl stabbing at his food, "I though at first that it was that girl that had so enchanted Neah... there is definitely more to her then what she seems. She has some secret. But then the Order started acting suspiciously over that other girls innocence who has disappeared now... And Vessalius has also been keeping secrets about the other girl he keeps at his house... somethings up with her too."
"Why don't you just kill all of them just to be safe?" drawled Wisely.
"I shall," said the Earl absentmindedly, "But we'll need to be careful: Tyki and Neah are very protective of those girls and I don't want them turning on me... that Jack too... he seems a bit unstable as well. And Allen Walker... the brat that always manages to ruin all my plans..."
"My Lord Earl," said Wisely suddenly a slow smile spreading across his face, "I may have an idea that will solve all those problems."

© 2013 TheEverHungryOne

Author's Note

So that was painfully short. But I haven't written for a while sooooo I needed to get back in the swing. Also I never know when I am able to write with all my homework... or when I'll even have the inspiration to write.
This one I've had in my head for a long time... since I wrote the last part for this story line honestly. Actually, though Yasmine, Sarah, and I all have super dangerous and abnormal powers, none of us are actually the Heart. I decided that dear Siana will be the heart in this story. I don't know why I haven't done that before she so perfect for it, I mean nobody would suspect her and she always wears that crystal around her neck... Any way, drama to come in later chapters!
... if I ever get inspiration/time again at the same time.
Hope you enjoyed!

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*gasps loudly* UGHREUAHFRIHA!!!

Posted 9 Years Ago

UGH! i tots LOVED IT!! srry for the late read, i was dead when i got home from school:/ I LOVED THIS ARGH!! I FEEL A PIC COMING UP (in the future when hw isn't an issue) ARGH, BLESS UR SOUL! and siana and i would break out into fights like that about marriage:9. and i wish u hadn't told me who the heart was:/ ugh...i am still kick a*s at being a nightfury though:D ME AND TOOTHLESS FOR LIFE!! BFF'S!! loved it

Posted 9 Years Ago


9 Years Ago

I onlys tells you peeps because you know there is never another guarantee for an update with me. Esp.. read more

9 Years Ago

yup, i feels u:/
When I read your text I valiantly when to my living room to capture the device (iPad) to read the story with and received a battle wound (stepping on a plug). 'twas not in vain!

Posted 9 Years Ago


9 Years Ago

oh my goodness!

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A Chapter by TheEverHungryOne