A Chapter by NeiL ArandA

Be the change that you want to see on others


The Paradox of Second Chance


Crimson red blankets the entire islands, like the Nile River that turns into blood during Pharaoh of Egypt period of reckoning. They aren't the life source of a failed revolution, nor the voice of truth suppressed by an iron hand.


It was not time for monsoon to arrive, despite the land is thirsty of its refreshing downpour. The river was dried up by succeeding generations of drought that filled the politician’s pockets. The water buffalo constrained and contended themselves in the muds that caked under the long, baking, summer sun.


But the hills have been groaning, as kaingeros stripped the countryside of its resources, not sparing the tiny trees, even its roots - for charcoal. I was there, staring at the hallow eyes and sunken cheeks of destitution. I was there, when empty bottles of dextrose were repurposed for chest tube. I was there, when used syringes, needles, foley catheters and gloves were boiled and recycled for indigent and indigenous people.


I was there, grasping the narratives with my innocent mind, while my mother pair of eyes were glued on black and white television, watching the events unfold. A democracy on paper that the West won't allow after more than 2 decades in power. An orchestrated People's Power, to redecorate the Malacañang with yellow curtain - and history rewritten.


The mountain finally collapses, creating a massive landslide, from the weight of people burdens. Their iron will and resilience, their unwavering hopes and desires to see change, as Juan Dela Cruz contemplates his poverty, and the paradox of second chance.

May you be the glimmer of hope, the light, at the end of malfeasance tunnel. As the herd of water buffalos move in unison, splashing the mocha river with their gray ivory horn - as a salute. Invigorated by the movement of fresh new water, flooding into their muddy sanctuary.


Congratulation Mr. President and as the world turn and days move forward, from hereon and beyond. The people of the Philippines, brace and anticipate a brighter future and tomorrow. May our sovereign God bless your new administration and allow it to stand ...

by Neil Aranda

© 2022 NeiL ArandA

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NeiL ArandA

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A well-wishing speech-type poem with hopes and dreams for the future. Well written and executed. Kudos

Posted 7 Months Ago

NeiL ArandA

7 Months Ago

Thanks Sami, it has been a long time since I was in this site. It is good to see you still around. I.. read more
Sami Khalil

7 Months Ago

Wow! All wonderful. You are welcome.

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Added on September 21, 2022
Last Updated on October 27, 2022
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