Chapter Three: Steven

Chapter Three: Steven

A Chapter by Created to Write

I was never one to take flying easily,


I sigh and follow my brother Tyler out to his car. He just got his license, and he insisted upon driving us both to the airport. This summer, instead of spending our two and a half months inside the mansion, we were going to tour the world. I mean, we had the money to do it. Heck, our family had enough money to buy an entire continent, and then some.

The only downside to this is that fact that our parents are always out on business trips. It’s almost father’s day, and my father isn’t even home. Shocker. We rarely ever see them.  And there’s nobody else our age nearby. We’re kind of a lonely house a mile away from the main road.

I climb into the passenger seat of the expensive car dad bought him, though I don’t remember what it’s called. I think it started with an F. It was something foreign, like... Ferrari? Yeah, that’s it. It’s not as nice as my muscle car, but hey, if he likes it, that’s all that matters.

As soon as I get my seatbelt on, he takes off, flying down the long road. At this rate we’ll get to the airport in no time. We are teenagers, after all, and we do need to have a little bit of fun in our lives.

We have our entire trip planned out already. Our first stop: Paris. Then, we’re going to Rome, and then Australia. After that, we’re going to Hawaii and Brazil. Then Great Britain and Chile. Maybe we’ll make a stop at Russia along the way. Maybe even Africa, help some of the poor kids. We are touring the world, of course. So, we might as well go everywhere while we’re still young and free. Next summer, we’ll probably go somewhere else, and by the time we’re older, we’ll hopefully have gone everywhere in the world and have found something else to do.

I wanted to save some money on this trip for when we get too old to do fun things like travel everywhere or skydive, so we’re taking a public plane. Just this once. But we were going for first class seats. Of course. We have a couple thousand dollars to spend for the entire trip, but we had to at least bring back a thousand, mom said, or else we’ll be in big trouble and won’t be able to go touring next summer.

When we get to the airport and through security, we head over to board the first class. We get on first, of course. I pick a seat next to the window whereas Tyler picks a seat in the middle of the aisle, and I text mom to let them know I got Tyler here safely, a little joke we had. When mom found out Dad had gotten him a car, she practically freaked out and insisted on me making sure he didn’t go too fast.

Of course, when they left for another business trip in Spain, I decided to drive my muscle car. Sadly, Tyler took my keys away to force me to ride with him.

I look like my father, what with my dirty blonde hair and honey brown eyes, but I always was closer to my mother than my father. Tyler, on the other hand, looked more like our mother with his chocolate brown hair and blue eyes, though he chose to be closer to our father.

It’s funny how twins can be nothing like each other and still be the same.

I smiled slightly and closed my eyes, planning on getting in a few z’s while we traveled. I never was one to take flying easily, so maybe a quick nap while we take off would help the transition from ground to air...

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This chapter belongs to Silent Wolf.

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Few, I tried to comment on this once and it didn't work! I just wanted to say it's really nice to see somebody writing full blow fictional stories and I always enjoy seeing them. You've done a good job :)

Posted 9 Years Ago

Created to Write

9 Years Ago

Silent Wolf did this one. She's also on Writers Cafe. We each have a copy of the story.
C.A Phipps

9 Years Ago

Oh, apologies I just assumed you'd written it! Please pass that onto her then!
Created to Write

9 Years Ago

It says in the Author's Note who read it.

I will.

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Created to Write


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A Chapter by Created to Write