Bound by Forever(29)

Bound by Forever(29)

A Chapter by Tori

Sorry I ain't worked on this in awhile....well...I doubt anyone is actually reading this.Tristen's involvement in Kriss's death is becoming clear.... There's a big secret ya'll might like ;)

She was like an angel....she protected me, she guided me, she showed me the light in my darkest hours.... She showed me how to live...not just to breath and enjoy life, but to never underestimate or take anything for granted. She Completed me. She understood me. She made me whole...even when I was nothing but broken....
Aydean's POV.................
  I couldn't believe this. Unspeakable fury and tempestuous rage was boiling just below my flesh. I could feel the anger heating my blood, causing it to pain my skin. But I didn't care. No. It was nothing. No, it could not begin to compare with the hatred that burdened my heart. It was that very feeling that resulted in a flashing cover of red to blanket my vision. I could hear nothing. Could see nothing. No longer feeling was all...nothing. 
I wasn't sure how long I remained that way. All I know is that I was soon stripped of this infuriating mental and physical handicap. However, the red was quickly overcome by darkness. Due to my current immobility I was unable to attack the foolish low life known as Tristen. He did this. It was all his fault. His doing. His curse. Thanks to this pitiful excuse of life, this filthy waste of air, this...this...this monster, my best friend was dead. Gone. Deceased. Murdered.
Why? Why him? Why like this? What purpose did God have in exterminating him in such a horrid why? No...this was not God's doing...Satan. Tristen. in the same. No difference. This, this demon...destroyed the very person who had taught me so many things, who had taken me in before the others would allow it, and who had assisted me in my pursuit of the beautiful Criss.
The darkness was fading. Feeling began to return to my limbs. My skin once again was aching with the throbbing pain of my anger. Of course, my other senses had returned...I could taste the dirt from where I had collapsed to the ground. I could smell the cool, blood soaked earth. I could hear Criss's terrified screams and Tristen's taunting laughter. I could see the blurry outline of Derek and Scott as they ran towards me, hands still bound. 
Without much thought, I managed to return to my feet and stumble towards where Tristen stood. Criss had ceased her screams after realizing I had not suffered a concussion. Derek and Scott had been "escorted" back to their seats on the wet ground near a small boulder at the edge of the meadow. It was now only Tristen and myself standing in the small-and, might I say, poorly drawn- battle field. 
"So? Do you wish to know why?" the snake hummed. The delight in his voice made me sick. 
    "Yes," I growled. "Tell me why the f**k you did it!" 
He only smirked, knowing that the longer he waited to speak, the angrier I would become. His devious plan was one that was used in the worst of situations and was as old as time it's self. Yet somehow annoyingly affective. 
"Tell me, damn you!" I shouted, my voice reverberating through the empty forest. 
"Why don't you ask Derek? After all, he should know!" he said with a light hearted smile, turning to look at Derek. "Why don't you tell him, Derek? Tell all of them!"
  Derek lowered his gaze, guilt and pain sweeping across his face. His eyes held the heartbreak of a distant memory...the kind that hurts to remember yet devastates to forget. One that peace cannot be made with. An impossible memory. 
"Oh? Does the brave and noble Derek have nothing to say? The ever-so gallant and mighty savior of wolf kind have no dirty little secrets to confess?" Derek refused to be swayed by Tristen's spiteful sarcasm. "Oh? Well perhaps I should say it."
"No. Please, Don't tell them."
"Tell us what?"
"Yeah Derek...what's going on?"
Scott, Trey and myself each piped in. We were all eager to learn the truth. At that moment, Kriss materialized beside me.
"Hey man, what's going on?" I asked. His eyes held the same sadness as Derek's. He said nothing, but only nodded towards Tristen, who was now standing directly in front of Derek, fire dancing in his eyes.
"Don't tell them what, Derek? How you lied?"
   "Shut up," Derek whispered.
"How you betrayed your own pack?"
"Shut up."
       "You're own family?"
"Shut up!" Derek was now yelling. "Not another word!"
"I think they have a right to know! They should all be informed of you're true colors, Derek." Tristen gestured to ever living soul and beating heart standing within the boundaries of the clearing. All eyes focused on him, then glanced nervously at Derek, then averted their gaze back to Tristen. "Tell them about that day, Derek. The day you kicked me out of your pathetic excuse of a pack!"
Whoa...had I heard right? Was this all true? Tristen was once in a pack with Derek? Wow...
"Derek, is he telling the truth? Was Tristen really part of your pack?"
Derek sighed. "That was many years ago. It's nothing to bring up. It's of no importance."
"Oh? But isn't it, Derek? If I recall correctly that's the entire reason we are gathered here today."
"You two actually knew each other? You had a different pack? Who was in it? What happened? Why did you split up?" questions poured from my mouth faster than I could close it. 
Derek sighed once more. "Yes, I did indeed have another pack. Yet this was several years before you all were even old enough to hunt a simple rabbit on your own. It was Kriss, Derek, and myself. We were a single pack. Small and simple."
"Wow! That's amazing! I mean-why did you never tell us?" I exclaimed. Scott and Trey nodded their consent to my question, also wondering why they had not been informed of this ex-pack. 
"Oh it's get better! Tell them Derek! Tell them what you did!" Tristen squealed, resembling a school girl eager to spread the latest gossip to her more than ready to listen friends. Derek said nothing. Tristen gave a small frustrated groan and sighed. "Oh come one Derek!" Anger was replacing the amusement in his voice. "Tell them why our little group broke apart! Tell them why it remained only you and Kriss. Tell them why you banished your own brother from your pack!"

© 2010 Tori

Author's Note

Duh-duh-duhhh!!!!! The truth comes out!!! Lol haha I hope ya'll are actually readin' this crap :

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