A Chapter by Sonya

 The next morning you smelled something like steak, "Well, whoever made it I ain't eating it." You said, ignoring the gnawing hunger at your stomach.
"Fine then, starve." You jumped at Damien's sudden outburst.
"You freaking eavesdropper!" You shreiked, climbing out of bed. You began cursing nonchalantly.

"Well, like it or not, you're still gonna need to come out sooner or late, there's to put it breifly, a surprise waiting for ya." Great, a surprise, like I haven't had enough of those at all, you thought.
"What is it, a bomb?" you said, barely joking. Despite the small meaningless spat, you got dressed and brushed your hair anyways. You admired yourself, though you still wore the bluish t-shirt and black jeans, heck, it worked. Still, you headed toward the basement and not without reluctance biting at you. "Kay, I'm here, now what am I looking for?" You said. you scanned the room, but no one seemed to be there. "Hello?" you noticed some movement in a corner "Well, this is the part in the horror movie that the crowd screams at the girl not to go in the basement, but, either way, I am." You hummed a random tune, bored of the dull basement, walking to the corner, you saw what was either four really large dogs or four wolves. The first wolf seemed to be the scrawniest, with brown fur and odd blue markings, completely off set by his brown eyes. The second wolf seemed a tad older, with grey fur and strange markings of blue, along with red eyes. The third, was a pure white wolf with pure, crystalline blue eyes. The last wolf, also the most muscular and largest, was a smoky, pure black, technically obsidian, alpha. With striking, sharp and proud silver eyes. You backed away slowly.
"Well, look at this, Girly is scared!" You knew that mocking, cocky voice anywhere...Damien.
"Well, where are you, don't see you here, you mountain monkey." You snapped, glacing through the room. You twirled back to face the wolves, your eyes locked on the alpha, eho, oddly enough, had a cocky, arrogant look in them. You blinked several times.
"But, it seems you catch on quickly." You stood breathless.
"You're right damien, but, I don't think she's preoccupied with that at the moment. She needs an explanation." Judging by the white wolve's tone, you guessed he was Stray. 
"She also hear us, way to go Skyler!" By the yelp the brown one gave, you assumed he was Rave.
"Hold it, what's going on here?" you demanded.
"Calm down, Girly, first, sit down, second, we are, well, Cycle wolves. See, Rave is a Sun wolf, Vergil is a Dusk wolf, Stray is a Dew wolf and I'm a Moon wolf." He raised his head proudly.
"Typical that you are a Moon wolf, whatever the freak that is. You said quietly. Rave shot up rapidly.
"Wait a sec, Damien, aren't you gonna tell her about Devi-"
"Well, I'm hungry, let's go, I smell steak." 
Damien brushed his tail across Rave's mouth, glaring sternly.
"Hold on what was he gonna say?" You demanded, starting to get nervous. Damien morphed to normal, looking straight at you.
"Nothing." He said breifly.



© 2009 Sonya

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Added on June 9, 2009



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