A Chapter by Sonya

 You stood motionless for several moments, first, by shock of discovering the guys were Cycle wolves, but, it was how grim Damien seemed about someone else. "What's going on?" You said, rubbing your head.

"Skyler?" you jumped, turning to face Rave, "Sorry, did I scare you?" He seemed concerned, worrying, and afraid.
"Are you okay, Rave?" He blinked, smiled weakly, then nodded. "Good, then, I have a question, why is it that your ears and tail are visible while the rest of the guys don't have them?" His ears twitched excitedly.
"Well, I'm only 15, like you, so I'm considered an immature wolf. Damien's 16, Vergil's 17, but, Stray's also 15, but beats me by 11 months, go figure!" He laughed. You smiled a bit. "Good, now keep that smile on your face, you look much better." You blushed slightly, surprised by such a compliment. He leaned in closer, "Skyler, you truly are an amazing girl..." Before realizing what was happening, you felt his soft, gentle lips against your own, it seemed like ages before he pulled away from you, "C'mon, I'm getting hungry." He left.You watched him leave, still feeling the tingle stream through your body.
"J-just go to lunch, Skyler." You shook it off. You smelled ramen, your favorite food, "Mmm, something smells tasty!" You exclaimed.
"Oh, good, you're alive, Girly." Damien seemed to be in a better mood, he insulted you.
"Put a muzzle on it, jerk." You took a bite of the food, then thought pf what you wanted to ask him. "Can I ask you a question, Damien?"
"You just did, but, go ahead." Like I didn't see that coming, you thought.
"That guy that Rave mentioned, who was he?" you saw an immediate change in his expression, he looked up to the ceiling, and sighed deeply.
"An old, old partner of mine, but not anymore."
"What do you mean?"
"He betrayed the Moon pack long ago, amost everyone was massacred, luckily, the leader, elders, and all the famales and cubs survived but..." he trailed off for a sec, looking outdistantly, "But theleader had assumed I was in on it, and I was exiled. That's how I got to looking after all these jokers, and became the leader of the Outcasts a.k.a. everyone here."
"But how-" You started.
"Rave was the first one found, only a kid at the time, he almost got killed by onethe stronger wolves in his pack, Verg, just joined, and Stray and I had known each other at the time." Damien finished, answering your questions, "Next time, say something more like four questions, Sky- I mean Girly." So close to my real name, yet so far away, you sighed.
"Thanks, I'm gonna, go out for some fresh air." You walked out. You ran out so fast, you didn't notice that Damien started to follow you.
You saw a nearbye stream, and went to cup a handful of water on your face "Ahh! That feels so good and fresh!" You exclaimed. Taking a drink, you sighed. Taking a stretch, you smelled the cool, pure, clean air. 
"Strange, what's a mortal girl doing here? Unless... ah yes, there he is, nodoubt protecting her." Devion, leader of all of Alpha Degree, had growled. He saw the mortal girl looking at her own reflection, he admitted she seemed charming, with her silver eyes, onyx hair, and tanned skin. "Hmm, Retin,Zakir, get the girl, now." He smirked, "Well now, Damien, what will you do?" He watched as the show began...
You heard howling not to far, and rose up facing two gigantic wolves both grey and ragged. "Well, so you are the mortal Devion wishes to see, I don't see why," the female snarled menacingly, her gleaming white teeth showing through a snapping jaw. You almost shreiked realizing Devion could be near. "Well, my dear I'd much rather just bring you peacefully but with your friends near we may have to get a bit rough. But, I'll be politeand introduce myself, the name's Zakir." Zakir circled around you, snapping every now and then.
"Mind you, Zakir, but the leader would be furious if this fair girl came too roughed up. Retin." Retin glowered at you as you tried backing away.
do you want?"
"My naive child, not us, him." Zakir growled.
"Well then what does he want with me?"
"We're just following orders, to tell you the truth." Retin yipped.

"So, if you want answers about the plan, ask me." Behind you stood a huge, similar to Damien's stature, wolf with a black based, with red markings red eyed. He smirked, "Now, why do I desire you, you ask? The answer is simple, your power, and more or less to just get under Damien's skin." You guessed that this black and red wolf was Devion. 
"Skyler, run, now, hurry! I'll take care of him, you just run." You heard Damien's voice ring through your ear.
"Get MOVING! I'm serious if you don't run I'll knock you unconscious!" He froze at the scene, seeing Damien in wolf form almost completely match Devion's appearance. "Damn you, Devion, why did you come?" Damien's snarl startled you.
"My, my, Damien, rather protective of her aren't we now?" They circled each other, menace in there eyes.
"Damien, Skyler! We're here!" You turned to see Stray, Rave, and Vergil rushing towards you. You rustling from the bushes, out jumped a red and white female polf jump to Damien's side, along besid her a majestic black and white wolf on Damien's other side.
"Sephiria, Tenira, what are you two doing here?"

The black and white wolf raised her head, "Silence, brother, Devion is our problem together."
The red wolf nodded in agreement, "Besides, if Devion gets ahold of your girlfriend here, then it's done for." 
"She's not my girlfriend!" 
Damien knew them?
"Curse it, Retin,Zakir! Fall back!" They disappeared.
You felt dizzy and unbalanced.
"Skyler? Skyler!" you fell into Damien's arms unconscious.



© 2009 Sonya

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