A Chapter by Sonya

 Devion, still in Wolvren form, padded angerly, tail twitching rapidly and irratibly. "Damn that Damien and his allies for interfering! That girl was almost in our grasp." He growled. Retin and Zakir lowered their heads in submission, "Also, why did you waste so much time with talk, to talk is to hesitate, which is not useful in my pack you two, I should have you killed." He said, his gleaming teeth bared at the two.
"Devion, I disagree, we were outnumbered, don't be foolish or-" Devion whipped around, grasping Retin by the neck, biting hard and viciously.
"Say again, Retin? I'm afraid I didn't catch that." He snarled, ready to snap his follower's neck.
Retin gasped for breath, "I'm only saying that this girl is a pointless addition and-" he yelped in agony.
Devion raised Retin body along in the jaw, showing the helpless, sorry looking creature to his pack, "Remember this, my comrades, if you lose sight of our common goal, then you are no longer welcome in this pack of fine, strong wolves, or worthy of your pitiful life." He put extreme on Retin's neck, tasting the
warm, fresh blood oozing from Retin, with little effort, he killed him, throwing Retin's lifeless and limp body to the ground, "But you are worthy to be a feast for the crows and vultures." Devion sneered, he looked to his pack, shocked and petrified faces alike, tails behind legs, heads lowered cowardly and a whimper here and there. He licked his jaws of the left over blood, his own kind, but still a savory taste. Zakir, Retin's mate, whimpered and howled silently in mournings, Retin was well liked throughout the pack, and would be blessed by the more careful wolves. 

Those in Devion's pack, called the Alpha, would not dare cross their leader for a second, the slightest doubt could cost them their very lives. The last thing they wanted was to feel his fangs in their necks, or their bellies if his anger had rose enough. Many had wondered why they were here... some had come out of spite greed or arrogance, some, shared the same vision as Devion, a world where all the packs, Mist, Sun and Moon would unite, but most were only exiled and wanted this chance to kill their former comrades. Many from the western and northen called the pack the Devil's Pawns, while those in the Eastern and Southern regions called them the Sin's Alliance, each way had some sort of religious symbolism. Devion growled intently, "Demien, this time, our next battle shall reign through the forests, our blood will stain the rivers and streams, our howls shall haunt the minds of all, and our teeth will gleam of the one who has fallen..." he disappeared to Saetiha, the wolf adviser, "Saetia, what have you found out?" he asked calmly, as if a massacare had not happened.
"At the human realm." She nodded obediently. Devion dippd his head in thanks for her cooperation. 
He transformed, his dark black hair choppy, blending in with his dark black eyes. "Let the games begin."


© 2009 Sonya

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Added on June 9, 2009



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