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                           "Bloodstone, as you know, is the Angel's refuge, it's usually hidden in a thick mist see, so, it's rather difficult to pinpoint it's location, therefore, it's very helpful that the Angels' scent sticks out for your noses, so, sniif em out!" Tori, aggravated with the arguing, left her words flow through the air a awhile. She sighed calmly, she wasn't a morning person, more like she was nocturnal altogether.


                           "I beg your pardon, brat, but we're not bloodhounds nor are we and never have we been 'man's best friend' " Vergil bit back. Well, you're more of a Shikoku Inu (some sort of Japanese dog, the pic I saw was a grey one, so it fits:}) Thoughts like these ran through Tori's mind. And Stray would be a Mbwa-mwitu (Swahili for "wild dog"). Rave a Rhodesian Ridgeback (look it up while Damien a Contego (made up, I was desperate. Latin for "protect").


                                  Tori turned to Rayne and Skyler, though they were okay, the resemblance between the two gave her chills, it was unsettling how the two looked alike and acted alike, Tori couldn't put her finger on it though. "Are you sure you guys aren't related?" She asked them.


                                  "Positive, I think I would know that we were related Tori, it's just a coincidence is all," Skyler insisted fiercly, the tomboy smiled at her, "There's me, Hanako, and Hana no one else but me and my younger sisters," She went on, her expression vaguely solemn, but strong.


                                  A question nagging at Tori finally got the better of her, "So, Skyler, do you, like anyone of those Cycle Wolves?" She backed off a bit, just punching distance to be safe. 




                                  You blushed rapidly, a lump in your throat, "What's that supposed to mean?! What kind of question is that?!" They looked at you flatly.


                                   "You know what we mean, c'mon, four guys protecting you, and you don't like any of em'? Not possible at all," Rayne crossed her arms, looking with you with cat-like dagger eyes.


                                    "Yes it is possible! I mean, they're cool and all I guess but, please, don't make me laugh! What brought that messed up question up anyway Tori?!"


                                     "Well, it's obvious Rave likes you, Vergil seems to as well, with how he seems to always act tough around you, Stray, well, actually, that's hard to tell, then there's Damien..."


                                     "He teases her on and off, sure sign, kinda cliche, but it works real well all the time, especially with those nicknames he gives her," they turned to you again, "What about Damien, like him?"


                                     "H-hell no! And I draw the line at those "nicknames" thank you very much! And since when is that an issue, who I like?"


                                      You seemed invisible now, "Then, there's him, that one Cycle Wolf, that's not one we should bring up in front of Damien,definately not..." Your face dropped, giving up, you hurried your pace past them. Unbelieveable, like one of them, let alone Damien, please, give me a break, of all the questions they could've asked instead, that comes to mind! Gah, sometimes I don't know what goes through their minds, annoying, and now my head's spinning, hmph, great, major surprise overload... You forced yourself to calm down, but it's not one of those things a high school girl can easily ignore. Get a grip on yourself Skyler, since when do such things get the best you, never! Never, ever ever... "Kya! What the..." you rubbed you head, someone slammed on it, "Who the hell?!"


                                  "You really shouldn't think and walk at the same time, it's dangerous for someone with your I.Q." You're eye twitched, "Keep that in mind, bean-sprout,"


                                 Cue "anime anger mark". "My I.Q.'s just fine thank you! Bean sprout was it, I'm not that short, I'm average height thanks! I'm only short compared to you is all, wait, that's not what I meant, I meant to say, uh, ah forget it,"


               In case you're wondering.

Skyler - 5' 9"

Damien - 6' 3"


                  "Your temper never ceases to amaze me," you turned to him, but he looked away, he turned back, "C'mon, bean sprout, you'll get left behind,"


                                 "I'm not a bean sprout, dang it!"


                                  Tenira and RAve stood behind you two, "There they go again, ramming heads like rams," Tenira sighed.


                                   Rave's ears and tail twitched edgily, "Yeah, again and again," his ears drooped slightly, along with his tail.




                                    "You're taking your time with this, I see, only sending spies out lately," Xenos commented, "Any reason for that?"


                                     "I have my reasons, mostly just to enjoy the show."


                                   "What is your motive?"

                                   "Just getting under everyone's skin, maybe slaughter a few in the making, I'm impressed with how long our damsel in distress has survived here, let's see how well they go against some more Wolves..." Devion motioned his hand, "Castros, Merik, get the other to head Northwest, fast,' A slender, well-built male stepped forward.


                                                         "Devion, damges from the last  battle still haven't been fully tended to, we need more time before we can be fully automated for battle, but, I have a suggestion," his tail swayed asertively (horrible speller) "What about the Abidons?"


                                                            Devion thought for a second, "Sound like fun. Bloody fun, use them at your disposal."


                                                             In the background, thrashing, howling, and clanks of metal filled the air with deadly chaos, along with a rank, vile, bile-like odor penetrated the outer premises. Personally, Devion hated these creatures, their signiture scent either the smell of bile or rotting flesh. Their grotesque feature anything but nice. Features included the body looking nothing more than an over-sized demonic, greyish mouth, while in reality it is nothing more but a hollow shell of gluttony, accompanied by cat-like ears, serveral caterpiller legs and arms that naturally are their main way of travel. Small, red dots for pupils. Most images in books on them shown the classic little girl holding an umbrella, well aware of the monster, whom has is  mouth wide open, showing disembodied arms, legs, head, fingers, and blood everywhere. They were deathly creatures...




                                                          "Well, then, I'm hungry," Tenira sighed.


                                                         "For the last time we ALL are Tenira!" Stray said.


                                                         It had going on like that forever now, the slightest noise made you irratible, but you contained yourself, "SHUT THE HELL UP ALREADY!!!!" You jumped at Tori's sudden, split outburst, "We're all tired, hungry and on edge, so stop whining and do something about it!" She stamped her foot, wincing when she noticed that a thorn branch just so happened to be there, "I'm gonna lose it," she rasped.


                                                         Sephiria, keeping quiet, rolled her eyes, "Looks like you already have, Tori." The akward silence that followed made you completely aware of your surroundings. Each unique footstep and walking pattern, the trees and birds, yet the silence, left you with an unsettling feel. That's when you heard the monster.



© 2009 Sonya

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