A Chapter by Sonya

                   You were dizzy, you were out of it, but more or less, you were confused as like hell. Risea could've mentioned the fact that it wasn't a pleasant experience. But, there was something you caught immediately. 
                    The atmosphere of Earth. You were so used to Hekate that Earth seemed foreign. Earth felt so light and cool and calm. You could breathe and indulged the air. You felt so relaxed and enlightened. "Girly, let's get going." You jumped, facing the other six, and went back to reality. Rave and Tenira wore hats, to hide their ears. You hadn't noticed Rayne though, and she suddenly was staring at you with her cat-slitted eyes.
                    "Everyone's gonna think we're twins, y'know." Then she frowned, "Okay, I hate sounding high maintenance, but we really need to buy some new clothes." Again, god d****t! I hate shopping! You thought. "Man, I hate shopping. Oh well! Ha ha!"
                     Sephiria, you, Tenira and Rayne spent time at the mall. You bought new clothes first hand, and started hanging out at the Food Hole. You got some McDonald's  and joked around like normal teenagers. The guys must be wondering what we're doing, you thought. 
                     "Lark, is that you? Oh God! Skyler!" A girl came running towards you, a large grin on her face. She had long, lanky blonde hair, a green summer dress, and white leggings. On her wrist was a bracelet that said "Audrey" on it. "Skyler, where the heck have you been? I've been so worried!" Then remembrance hit, the girl was a friend of yours. 
                     "Audrey, aren't you supposed to be in Hawaii?" You jumped up, so happy to see someone you knew and talked to in the normal days.
                     "We're still going, but five days you've been gone. And we're talking right now and all, but, but, WHERE THE HELL WERE YOU?!" Audrey never cussed, so you knew she was upset.
                      "Audrey, I'm so sorry, it's just, a lot has happened, and I had to go away a while. I'm only visiting, so I'll be leaving soon. But, I -" You felt tears coming down your cheek, and your throat tightened.
                      "Skyler? Are you okay? What happened?" Audrey tilted her head.
                      You blushed, wiping the tears away fast. "Nothing! Sorry, I've just missed this place a whole lot. I just got a little emotional." You smiled.
                       You, Audrey and the others talked more, and then Audrey's phone rang. You heard the song, "Gomenasai" by TaTu play, she reached for her phone. "Hello, Audrey here!" She paused for the caller to answer. "Holy cow! Matt, guess who I am talking to right this minute! No, not you, smart aleck, I'm talking to Skyler!" Matt? Matt Matt... The name sounded familiar, then it hit you. Holy cheese n' rice! Matt, an old friend from way back in third grade to high school. "Hey, Skyler, Matt wants to talk to you." Audrey handed you the phone, which you hastily snatched. 
                        "Hello, Skyler? Where in God's name have you been?! Jeez, Audrey been bursting a storm! You had me worried like hell! I thought you ended up like "The Lovely Bones"! Matt's voice screamed straight from the phone. "Where have you been? Why didn't you answer our calls? What happened. When you leave?"He asked rapid fire questions non-stop, not giving you a chance to answer. You felt like crying again. "Skyler? Are you crying? Sorry, I didn't mean to upset you like that. Listen, I'm a few blocks away, at the coffee shop, I'll meet you guys there. In the meantime, go read a book or something. Actually, just stay at the Food Hole. I'll see ya then." Beep, the phone hung up.
                         A little later, Damien, Vergil, Rave and Stray showed up. The first thing that came out of their mouths was where the heck everyone was to have been so long. Audrey introduced herself, then snapped a look at you. "Skyler, you know all those guys!?" She whispered. You nodded calmly, not aware of the problem. Audrey shook her head, "Matt's not gonna like that." You felt confused.
                         Vergil stretched, "Well, you should get going, now, Skyler." He said absently, staring at the the restaurant around the area, "This whole scent of meant everywhere is torturing me." He sighed.
                         Audrey waved, smiling nicely, "Hey! So, you guys are friends of Skyler? I'm her best friend, ya know. But, I know ya guys need to go off right now, but me and Skyler have to go meet up with an old friend of her's." She said rashly, pulling you away from them. She pulled out her cell phone, "Hello? Matt? Yeah, just stay where you are, we're gonna meet you at the Coffee Shop instead, kay?" 
                          "Hey! Wait, Audrey!" You exclaimed, running along with her, leaving the guys confused. "What just happened?" Rave asked, appearing with Tenira, who was holding a bag filled with Hollister clothes.
                          Stray sighed, then laughed, "Looks like we got ditched. Oh well."

© 2010 Sonya

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