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This is a group open to all writers who love listening to music, writing it, writing songs, and/or likewrite melancholy, dark, depressing, nightime, or generally sad writing. Though, we won't turn away other writers either and all are welcome, though when posting writing, please try to keep to the theme, music, or melancholy. Okay!
Welcome all. . . .
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New Writing

Empty Sound Empty Sound

A Poem by Euterpe

When When

A Poem by kingblaq


A Poem by Raymond Federle

Lies Lies

A Story by Amanda

Why? Why?

A Poem by Dominique

If Only..... If Only.....

A Story by Skye

For You For You

A Poem by Skye

Contradictory Contradictory

A Poem by Maria

Finality Finality

A Poem by Maria

Music Music

A Poem by Serenity Faith

Eli Eli

A Poem by RachelReaper

Breather Breather

A Poem by The Jay

Prologue Prologue

A Chapter by Destiny Newjade

Lonely Sabre Lonely Sabre

A Story by BillyGirl

4 Chords 4 Chords

A Poem by Arik

Chapter 1 Chapter 1

A Chapter by Mazie Tackett

Try anything Try anything

A Poem by dukovan

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