Wilbert the Wizard (Darkagia) Chapter 1: The Crystal Caverns

Wilbert the Wizard (Darkagia) Chapter 1: The Crystal Caverns

A Chapter by Mr. Mills

Those deep Caverns Wilbert had fallen into..... There was more than he expected.


Wilbert the Wizard and the Crystal Caverns

I had tumbled into the chaos that Togar has created. I had just been thrown down a cavern by my own brother. Togar threw my wand and Frostwing down here before hand. I woke up and became conscious again. I looked at Frostwing still lying there on the ground.

“Frostwing! I’ll get you help immediately. That is if we can find my wand.” I said. Frostwing whimpered, I could tell he was scared. I traveled deeper into the caverns. It’s as if the crystals were growing down here. I wandered further and further in them. Then I stopped, to see what seemed to be an underground village that I have never seen before.

“I giant!” Shouted a small dwarf emerging from what looked to be a house. A very small house for someone to live in.

“Giant? I’m Wilbert the battle mage. I just need my wand and I’ll be out of your wand.” I said.

“The giant has come to steal the scepter that was sent to us from above.” Said the Dwarf. “I’m Gobi of the crystal caverns. Now get out!” Exclaimed Gobi.

“It’s true that that so called scepter was sent from above. But that scepters actually my wand and I really need to get out of here.” I said.

“If you want the scepter you’re going to have to except it by doing the heroes challenge.” Said Gobi.

“Heroes challenge? Can we just get to the part where I get my wand back?” I said to him.

“You’re so obsessed. The heroes challenge is not easy. It’s basically where we just chuck you in a whole with a monster and see if you survive.” Said Gobi.

“No, I don’t want to get even deeper into the cavern. Then I could never get out.” I replied. “My dragon, he’s very hurt.” I said.

“I see. I’ll see if the village can get the dragon some help.” Said Gobi.

“He’s just at the beginning of the cavern a little less than a mile away.” I said.  “Doctors! Go find this dragon and help him.” Said Gobi.

The doctors followed Gobi’s strict commands. I looked down at him.

“If you accept the heroes challenge you will receive the scepter.” Said Gobi.

“Fine, I accept.” I replied. Gobi lead me to an iron cage. “This is how I get down?” I asked.

“It’s the only way down. No dwarf has ever survived down there. If you die, I’ll always remember you.” Said Gobi. How was I going to defeat this monster down there without using my wand? I stepped into the iron cage. Gobi pulled the chains and began lowering it into a hole. It was very shaky as I went down. It seemed like forever before I had gotten the bottom. I was officially stuck down here. No one else was here. It was just me, alone. That is until I saw magnificent dragon. Black scales lined its body. It was much larger than Frostwing. I made a break for it. Blue flames engorged all around me and there was no escape. I walked up the dragon and it stopped its rampage.

“You’ve been trapped down here by the dwarfs haven’t you.” I said. The dragon tilted his head downward. I looked at its wing, it was torn.

“I think I know how to get you out of here.” I said. I began climbing the rocky walls I the pit that I have been thrown into. Rocks tumbled downward.

“Ash. That is, we you should be called. You won’t harm the village you’ll protect it.” I said. Other than Frostwing because he was a slightly younger dragon, it seemed like I was having real communication with them.

“Goodbye Ash!” I exclaimed as I neared the top. The top of the pit was just over head of me. As I reached the top one of my feet slipped. I swung it back up onto the ledge and made it back up.

“Wilbert back already? I guess you can have the scepter.” Gobi said.

“That’s not the reason I came back up. Lower the cage just a bit more.” I said.

“A scary dragon is down there. I don’t want it to get up.” Said Gobi.

“It’s hopeless. If we just let in back in the cage and bring it back up, then it could protect your village.” I said.

“The last time I saw a dragon is when one attacked our village.” Said Gobi.

I grabbed the chains and began lowering my chains to Ash myself. I waited for a few moments. Then I felt a great weight on the chain. I pulled it all the way up. It was stressful pulling it up. The poor dragon pleaded happily as I brought it up. It took all my strength and left me exhausted. Finally, Ash made it up.  A loud horn came within the village.

“The dragon has been released. Prepare for battle!” Exclaimed a dwarf soldier.

“No, this dragon has come to protect. Her name is Ash.” I said.

“Gobi, are you really going to listen to a guy that literally just dropped in here.?” Said the soldier.

 “Not just any guy a battle mage from Storagia.” I said. They gave me back my wand. But before I could do anything the unexpected happened.

“Wilbert! You’re not getting out that easy.” Said a cloaked vampire snatching my wand from out of my hands.

“Who are you exactly?” I asked the vampire.

“Johnathan Dark light. Dark Light Dragons were named after my father.” Said Johnathan. He teleported away before I could get my wand back. He continued to teleport as I lunged toward him in every direction.

“I’m a vampire. Practically invulnerable.” Said Johnathan.

“Practically. Except you’ve got wood stakes, garlic, and daylight itself.” I said distracting him. I had given myself enough time to steal my wand back.” I said.

“Illumantus!” I exclaimed shining a bright light directly at Johnny. His hands burned to a crisp gray.

“You are the one that ruined the wedding. Togar must be working for you!” I exclaimed.

“Good thing it took you a while to figure that out.” Said Johnny.

“Storagia, is it Darkagia now?” I asked.

“I’m afraid so my fair mage.” Johnny replied.

“Wait, are you...” He didn’t let me finish

“Your mother, Wilbert. I was there that very night.” Said Johnny.

“My father was still sleeping. I heard a loud crash as if a window had broken. I was only 6 years old and that’s when I heard a wild scream...” I trailed off. Johnathan. It was him.

“Murderer!” I exclaimed pointing my wand at Johnathan’s face.

“You don’t scare me.” Said Johnathan still holding up his hands. “You are just a mere mage.” He continued.

“Imundo!”  I exclaimed teleporting to the other side of him. Frostwing was finally healed. The dwarfs had brought him outside.

“Is Frostwing all better? No damage?” I asked.

“Your dragon is up and at them again.” Said one of the dwarfs. I leaped onto Frostwing. He looked at Johnny then flew straight upward. He had transformed into a bat.

“Frostwing keep going, and try going a little faster!” I exclaimed. Johnathan was catching up to us.

We emerged from the top of the hole. We had finally made it out of the cavern.

“Stay safe Wilbert.” Gobi shouted out to me.

“You may be safe now, but I’ll get you.” Said Johnathan. His arms were very tired out from flying after them. I got out of that cavern now I had to get my bride back from the clutches of Togar.

Frostwing began roaring loudly and it seemed like it would never end.

“Frostwing what are you doing?” I exclaimed. He continued to roar. He fell onto his back. I watched him as he roared, his fangs were growing. But I could actually physically see his fangs growing. His wings were expanding. He continued to roar.

“Frostwing?” I questioned.

His large tail whacked me to the ground.

“What’s happening to you bud? Frostwing stop this!” I said. He continued to roar and ignored me. I had to help Gallia and Frostwing wasn’t making this any better.

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