Wilbert the Wizard (Darkagia) Chapter 5: The Acid Lake

Wilbert the Wizard (Darkagia) Chapter 5: The Acid Lake

A Chapter by Mr. Mills

I had first proposed to Gallia at Glimmer lake. Now it was a mess.


Wilbert the Wizard and the Acid Lake

After me and Gallia had gotten together things only got worse and worse. Darkagia was like a zombie apocalypse. Goblins were invading and taking any locals hostage. My mission now, to take care of this entire Darkagia thing. If I was going to get out of this mess between me and Togar, the curse, I was going to need some serious help. By mysterious I mean by another fellow mage. There was only one other mage that could possibly be as talented as I was. And that mage was the Si. He was more of warrior than a mage, but it definielety in his blood. Now all me Gallia and Frostwing had to do was find him. He lived on a small island in Glimmer Lake. Not sure if that place is still glimmering. Me and Gallia emerged from the shack.

“Were going to have to be real quite. They’re goblins patrolling everywhere and they catch anyone that they find. We just have to make it to glimmer lake. I would assume it would be better if Frostwing stayed here at the Stable with Starlight. That’s just to be safe.” I exclaimed.

“You give us the hand signals you taught us earlier when we get out, okay honey?” Said Gallia. I gave her a thumbs up.

“Here’s a heads up. Be aware that John might be waiting there for us, so be ready to attack.” I said. Gallia nodded. We began carefully walking through the extinguished forest. A goblin was right around a dead tree we were pasting. We turned and went around it. That's when I stepped on a twig and split it in to. The Goblin looked in the direction where we were hiding. He walked up to the tree I was hidden behind.

“I think this job’s starting to mess with my head.” Said the goblin. Me and Gallia continued heading toward Glimmer Lake. It was now in our sight. For some reason, the lake was now a deep green and not its regular color. I gave Gallia instructions as soon as we had arrived.

“It’s likely that John has tampered with the lake. We can’t touch this liquid at all costs. Do you see that little cottage on the island in the middle? That’s where we’re headed.” I whispered to Gallia. Gallia nodded as she understood.

“Imundo,” I exclaimed as quite as I could. You may think I could have just used Imundo to get there from the beginning, but the spell can only be used to a point.

I had gotten close enough to get me and Gallia inside the house without getting seen. The shack was empty and seemed as if it were for sale. It was dark and we could hardly see. I clenched my wand as I heard footsteps near us.

“I thought you would try to come to Si. I took care of him for you. Thank you for falling right into my trap.” Said John. My instincts had been correct about this trap. I had known about it all along.

“I may just be thinking three steps ahead of you.” I said whipping out my wand. Johnathan pushed the tip of my wand with his long finger downward.

“There’s no need for violence Wilbert. There is only need for talent, skill, and power. You have all those things that I need. Looks like you and your bride found each other. You have potential Wilbert. It would be a shame to put that to waste.” Said Johnathan. I hated his way with words. He made me just want to join him so I could live. But, Storagia was more important. This Darkagia thing hasn’t really been my favorite.

“Wilbert, you poor young Wizard. This is the last chance I’m giving you.” Said Johnathan.

“This is the last chance I’m giving you.” I was going to use a spell I really didn’t enjoy using. It makes me feel cold and powerless every time I do it.

“Xaptis!” I exclaimed. It seemed as though nothing had happened. Johnny was standing in front of me arms cross.

“Poor Wizard. Haven’t you forgotten that vampires are practically invincible to magic. I began getting nervous. My hand shook as I held my wand.

“Sometimes you can be so ignorant.” Said Johnathan swiping it out of my hand.

“This is how I feel about you!” Johnathan said opening the door to the cottage and throwing my golden serpent wand into the lake, at least from where I could see him throwing that.

“That was a gift from King Flare. I didn’t know you were this cruel. Just kidding I thought you were worse!” I exclaimed.

“Have fun trying to escape this miserable island without your precious wand. Goodbye!” Said Johnathan teleporting, and escaping once again.

“John. He doesn’t want me to have my wand. He knows I have a power inside me that makes me very powerful. The bond of that power between me and that wand is getting very strong. If I could think anything, I would say that Johnathan is afraid of me.” I explained to Gallia.

“Wilbert, John has truly trapped us here. I’m still very unsure about this lakes stabilization.” Said Gallia.

“The only way to know how stable it is, is to test it.” I replied. I picked up one of the rocks they lie on the ground. It was oval shaped. I slowly emerged it into the liquid that was now in the lake. I pulled it out. The half that I put in had left remains of that deep green and the rest of it was gone. Then we heard coughing in the cottage followed by a cry for help.

“Where are you. Who is there?” I questioned searching for the voice. In the closet I had found Si. The man I was looking for. His robes were torn.

“You could’ve said something before.” Said Gallia.

“I would, but he gassed me in here and I became unconscious. I just woke up and I have no idea what’s going on.” Said Si.

“I know exactly what’s going on. A vampire and a troll are trying to ruin Storagia now known as Darkagia.” I said.

“Wilbert. Are you really becoming the battle mage you were meant to be? I remember that one night we came here with your father to talk about your future because he was worried about you. You were a, silly little boy. I told him you were destined to become a great battle mage and have a beautiful family. Is that correct?” Asked Si.

“I guess I did save Storagia from the Strike of Darkness and plenty of other things. I’d like you to meet my wife, Gallia.” I said.

“Married a beautiful woman. I think your fate was the truth.” Said Si.

“Let me untie you. So why was your place so, empty?” I asked.

“The goblins sailed here on boats and took everything I have. Next thing I know I’m locked up in a closet then gassed with a gassing spell.

“Wait a second. Did you just say boats?” I asked.

“Yeah. They had titanium boats. It’s the only thing that could withstand the acid Johnathan had put into the lake.” Said Si.

“Titanuim. That’s what the water pipes that lead into this cottage.” I said.

“You’re destroying my house! Get out of here. Leave me tied up if you want, but it took me a long time to get a peaceful place like this. Which isn’t so peaceful anymore because of Darkagia.” Said Si.

“It’s urgent. This might be your only gateway to end Darkagia before it goes on any longer. So please can we use them?” I asked.

“Oh fine. If it’s all about saving the world of Storagia I guess.” Replied Si.

“Thank you so much. Gallia, can you start tearing off the pipes from the top. I’m going to use these logs over here to make an acid lake raft.” I said.

“Okay Sweetie pie. Glimmer lake is definitely not as beautiful as it was when we got engaged. I want to fix that.” Said Gallia.

“We’ll do that later. Now let’s get those pipes down.” I exclaimed. Gallia froze the top of the pipes. Then easily snapped them. The green acid poured out of them.

“Be careful not to touch that stuff, honey.” I said. She ensured that she didn’t. Eventually she had made us a nice raft. After only about 30 minutes, we had completed making our raft.

“Goodbye Si.” I called out to Si as we sailed off on the raft.

“I hope to see you again Prince Wilbert.” Said Si. I waved back at him. I had forgotten about my wand. I wondered what had happened to it. That’s when something of the unexpected happened. My wand rose out of the lake. It lit the sky as a bright light emerged from it.

“Gallia, what’s happening!” I exclaimed.

“I don’t know, but it doesn’t look good.” Gallia replied. The light eventually became so bright that it was blinding.

“Hopefully this doesn’t interrupt our raft ride.” I said. I looked below us. Our raft was sinking. Slowly sinking into the acid.

The acid began entering one side of the boat. I gasped, then looked up toward my wand. There was one thing I was going to have to risk. I was going to have to jump it, and not just jump it, but do it with Gallia.

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