Wilbert the Wizard (Darkagia) Chapter 6: The Dark Wand

Wilbert the Wizard (Darkagia) Chapter 6: The Dark Wand

A Chapter by Mr. Mills

Wilbert the Wizard and the Dark Wand

I had just had one of the most intense moments of my life. I had reached toward my wand as Gallia reached toward me. My wand was rising out of the Acid Lake.  I was one second away from death. I almost wish I had brought Frostwing along. He could’ve just flown us over this lake. I probably would’ve got caught though. And John would do anything to keep us from transportation, even if involved slaying my dragon. My finger barely touched my wand.

“Imundo!” I exclaimed as I touched it. Gallia held onto my ankle. It didn’t teleport us to the other side of the lake. It teleported us to, nowhere. We seemed what to be a blank space. I thought I had died.

“Gallia are you still there?” I said calling out to Gallia.

“Wilbert! I can hear you. There you are. What is this place?” Asked Gallia.

“I’m not sure. Hopefully were not in heaven.” I said.

“So you’d rather be in the devil’s world?” Gallia replied.

“Don’t be like that Gallia.” I replied glancing at her. I really had thought we had died, but it seemed my wand had taken us to another dimension. I saw my wand floating in this blank space.

“Maybe if I use the spell again, it could get us out of the weird place.” I said.

“I have a theory. Maybe your wand is decomposing of its energy as it was destroyed. An energy that created another form of the wand. A dark wand. I think your wand no longer uses normal magic, it uses dark magic.” Explained Gallia.

“Maybe if I touch my wand again it will take us back.”  Replied. I swam through the blank space which seemed impossible to swim through. I touched my wand. Then I grasped it firmly, it was going completely through my palm.

“Imundo!” I exclaimed. A Dark portal which seemed to be as dangerous as black hole appeared in Storagia. It shook the ground as if it were an earthquake. Me and Gallia landed on the ground with a thud.

“What in the Pixie was that!?” Exclaimed Gallia.

Gallia looked at and examined my wand. It cracked all over. It was fractured

“My wand. There’s a lot more to it. There’s a lot of mysterious things about it.” I said to Gallia.

“My grandfather is really good with Dark Magic. His name is Drake. He’s been working with Dark Magic forever. Researcher’s in Storagia try to find the true content of Dark Magic but all of them were failures. The only one to turn to at this point is my grandfather.” Exclaimed Gallia.

“Where is this grandfather of yours? Can I use this dark wand for good and save Storagia from Darkagia?” I asked.

“My father lives in Ice Ware. I only know that Dark Magic is very hard to control. It happens after a good mage’s wand is destroyed. I’ve never seen a wand replicate or do anything like that before.” Said Gallia.

“Let’s hurry and get to your father and ask him what’s going on and see if I can use it to stop John and Togar. Right now let’s go get Frostwing.” I said. We soon arrived at my shack after I had said “Imundo,” as we neared it. Togar was in our shack. We had him under our control.

“Frostwing, buddy. I missed you pal. It’s been a long time.” I said.

“Wilbert it’s only been about an hour and a half.”” Said Togar from the corner.

“What did I say about talking Togar? You’re not allowed to do it or you know what happens.” I said.

“I know master. No dinner.” Togar replied. I was willing to starve myself if it would do the same to Togar every night. Frostwing roared happily.

“Did you take good care of our guest.” I asked Frostwing knowing what his dragon like response would be.

“I thought you asked me to take care of the dragon.” Said Togar from the corner.

“Again, remember, no talking at all Togar.” I exclaimed. Togar kept his mouth shut for those few moments.

“Wilbert. I know about your dark wand. I just wanted to tell you that I know a lot about dark magic too.” Said Togar

“Don’t care. Not listening to a liar.” I said. Gallia glanced at me.

“Okay then, let’s just head to my father then. He should actually be working the final shift at Ice Ware. Like right now.” Said Gallia.

“Frostwing, you mind taking us over there. It is a little bit further than our travel to Acid Lake.” I said. Frostwing roared with eagerness. I got onto Frostwing and Gallia got onto Starlight.

“I know Starlight has been feeling under the weather recently. I assume she is feeling much better now.” I said.

“She has. That’s the issue with unicorns, they catch sicknesses all the time.” Said Gallia. Frostwing and Starlight both took off. Starlight followed Frostwing.

“Ice Ware is just down there.” I said pointing eastward of my father’s old kingdom looking into the distance.

“That’s it. I hope my father’s not going to, embarrass me.” Gallia said to herself. Starlight snorted as Gallia said that. We arrived. Gallia seemed nervous.

“Is there something wrong. What is it Gallia?” I asked her.

“My father isn’t exactly your normal citizen in Storagia.” Said Gallia.

“No one is. Everyone’s unique. Is there something specific you want to tell me?” I asked Gallia.

“Just that. Be aware of that as you speak to him.” Said Gallia. I walked through the large blocky ice doors that lead into Ice Ware.

“Gallia dear! I haven’t seen you in quite some time. I’m sorry I didn’t make it to your marriage. I was getting attacked by goblins.” Said her Father.

“Attacked by goblins? Never mind that, me and Wilbert just came here to ask your father about Wilbert’s new dark wand and if it can stop Darkagia.” Said Gallia whincing at me.

“Wilbert always seems to get more handsome. If you want to visit my father he’s in the office clear down, there.” Said Gallia’s father pointing all the way down Ice Ware. He was in the smallest office there was.

“Hello?” I said as I arrived into the dark office.

“Wilbert, right. What do you want.” Asked her Grandfather.

“I want to know about my dark wand. It developed after Johnathan the vampire through it into an acid Lake.” I said.

“Call me Cool Z. Dark Wand? That’s no good.” Said Cool z.

“Cool Z? That’s like the lamest nickname... What I meant was, what do you mean by the dark wands being no good?” I asked.

“Dark wands are definitely no good. My friend had one growing up. He had his wand burnt to a crisp by a firerading dragon. After his wand was destroyed he was never the same. He was a ruthless vampire. It was as if he had no compassion left and the only thing that he wanted was power.” Explained Cool Z.

“I don’t want to become that kind of person. I just want to remain the loving mage I am. If this wand is going to tamper with that, maybe I should dispose of that.” I said showing him the new formed wand.

“Do whatever you want with the wand. I would recommend using it for the powers to defeat Darkagia. I could put you through a little bit of training to do it. By a little bit of training I mean a lot of training.” Said Cool Z.

“Training you say. How long this will this take.”  I said.

“A week at minimum. You are going to work from day to dawn. You don’t have time for lunch anymore. You will go to my strict training. This training will make you live here for the next couple of days. You want to defeat Darkagia, here’s your way to do it. You know, Dark magic is good for defeating vampires too.” Said Cool Z.

“Vampires? You have yourself a deal.” I said shaking the man’s old, wrinkly, dry, and cold hands.

“Deal you have yourself. I’ll tell Gallia were starting training.” Said Cool Z.

“So where does the training begin. Or should I say, when does the Magic begin?” I asked.

“It begins now. Meet me back in Ice Ware. And I know you were going to ask and the answer is yes, your dragon can stay here at Ice Ware with us as you’re training. Frostwing. Ice dragons are my favorite kind.

“That’s what I thought. So how do we start on this Training?” I asked.

To be continued...

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What is this training? Can Wilbert and Frostwing really defeat Darkagia?

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