Wilbert the Wizard (Darkagia) Chapter 9: The Soul Spell Part 1

Wilbert the Wizard (Darkagia) Chapter 9: The Soul Spell Part 1

A Chapter by Mr. Mills

Wilbert is going to take on the most ultimate spell of his life. The dark magic within' him roars...


Wilbert the Wizard and the Soul Spell Part 1

So this how Storagia ends. With me taking the life out of all those poor Storagian’s. The last sight as they’d gasp for air before their souls depart, would be me. Johnathan had asked me to commit to the soul spell and cast it upon Darkagia. I had to go through with it otherwise he would’ve took my wife, friends, and families lives.

“Wilbert, don’t do this for me. Don’t do this for all of us. Sometimes it’s not always wise to be the hero.” Said Gallia.

“My loved ones are more important. There’ll be a new way to stop Darkagia just trust me.” I replied.

“Sure. Just trust him. Come with me Wilbert. I’ll show you how to commit to the soul spell.” Said Johnathan. He grasped my hand tightly.

“Demento!” Exclaimed Johnathan teleporting us back above ground.

“So you know dark magic too? Why didn’t you just use the soul spell yourself?” I asked.

“I can’t. No one has as much dark energy as you possess. Your dark magic is unlike any other. It’s too much power for one person. I need to take control of it so I can finally have enough power to use the soul spell.” Explained Johnathan.

“Don’t make me do this!” I said. I was crying on the inside. One tear escaped my watery eyes. Johnathan continued to grip my wrist so tightly to the point where it was painful and very inescapable. I could feel his long nails digging into my skin.

“Repeat these words Wilbert. Asthronos Toro!” Said Johnathan.

“Never! I’ll never do anything for you. Everyone is going to die because of you.” I said crying out loud.

“Their fate is a fate far worse than death.” Said Johnathan. I could tell he was crying on the inside. I noticed the tears on his face. He didn’t want to do it either.

“This spell is very powerful. You’ll likely die in the process of taking the souls of everyone in Storagia.” Said Johnathan. I continued to try to escape his grasp. Then I discovered it was no use. Johnathan had won. Darkagia had been successful.

“Don’t make me force the words out of you. I will and I know how!” Said Johnathan now also crying out loud. Johnathan began to reflect on everything he had done in the past. Ruined our wedding. All the people he had killed to get to this point. He had practically killed his own brother. His father too.

“I’d rather you force it! I want to die not saying the words that kill everyone. I have to have real final words. For my wife and for my future children, I refuse to go on with the soul spell.” I finally said.

“That wasn’t a very great choice.” Said Johnathan.


Meanwhile Gallia, Frostwing, and her Frostwing had remained in the Crystal Caverns. Gallia was worried about her husband and what he was about to do.

“We have to get out of here. We have to stop John. If he gets his hands on the soul spell...” Gallia trailed off.

“There’s only one mage powerful enough to stop the Soul Spell, but he’s dead. All that remains of him is his wand.” Said Cool Z.

“His wand. If we can get our hands on that we could stop the soul spell and Darkagia.” Said Gallia.

“It should be just in the enchanted forest. It was buried underground though. It’s going to be tough to find it.” Said Cool Z.

“But if we follow a route to it underground. Maybe it won’t be. If we just had a good was to dig our way to it.” Said Gallia. Cool Z looked over at Frostwing.

“Grandpa, what are you thinking?” Asked Gallia knowing that he was about to suggest something.

“If we freeze the dirt, then Frostwing could smash it to dig quickly.” Said Cool Z.

“Right grandpa. Let’s get to it!” Exclaimed Gallia. Gallia and Cool Z began blasting the dirt with a ray of ice. Frostwing began joining in with them. Soon the dirt wall we had created was now ice solid. Frostwing flapped his wings and hovered a bit above the ground. Then Frostwing rammed into the wall. Smashing it to bits. They hadn’t gotten that far, but the fate of Storagia depended on it.


Johnathan clenched his fist as if he were going to choke me. I fell unconscious. His pupils grew and filled both his entire eyes. My pupils became and transformed into the same state.

“Asthronos Toro!” Exclaimed Johnathan very loudly. A purple beam shot into the sky. It created what seemed to be a portal. My body dropped to the ground. I was pretty certain I was dead. Everyone in Darkagia became lifeless. It looked as though the place was now a cemetery. Everyone’s souls were taken. The began soaring to the portal that my wand had created. I was headed into the portal too. As soon as I reached it, I was pulled in with an incredible force. That’s when Johnathan did the unexpected. He grasped my wand so hard where it would never come out of his hand.

“Exemptis!” He exclaimed. John had committed suicide. His body too, fell to the ground. He realized at the point, it wasn’t worth living anymore. Johnathan was gone but Darkagia wasn’t.

Meanwhile Togar was still chained up in my shack. He had been there for a while. Everyday getting closer to breaking the chains. He finally snapped the chains. The metal rings around his wrist remained. He groaned out loudly as the soul spell had even taken his soul.

“Now that’s me and my body have been separated the curse has been broken!” Exclaimed Togar. Even my father was taken by it.

“Son of a Horon.” Said my father said as he watched souls float away. His body fell to the ground too. His soul floated toward the portal. Hopefully my wife and the others have done something down there. They were Storagia’s last hope.


Gallia, Cool Z, and Frostwing had all been still working to reach the great mages wand. Gallia’s grandfather suddenly fell to the ground.

“Grandfather!” Gallia exclaimed kneeling down in front of him.

“It looks as though it’s my time, dear.” Said Cool Z. His eyes closed shut like steel doors. His spirit was headed up toward the portal. Tears ran down Gallia’s Face.

“We can do this Frostwing. We’re almost there!” Said Gallia. Frostwing smashed the final wall. The great mage’s wand was in sight. Frostwing fell to the ground lying down on his stomach. He roared in pain. That’s when his heart stopped beating. His tail had been right in front of Gallia. She lept over it and picked up the wand. She began to feel queasy inside.

“It’s happening to me! Imundo!” Gallia exclaimed teleporting herself above ground holding the great mages wand. Maybe that was a mistake then Gallia fell to the ground. Head hitting hard on the rocks. Her head was bleeding. She could she her body as she got sucked into the portal.


Meanwhile Gallia’s father had still been at Ice Ware. He had become depressed ever since his wife died. He was worried about Gallia as she was never coming home. Her father wept.

“Mr. Nature! Something crazy happening to Ice Ware!” Exclaimed one of his workers. “Everyone is becoming as if they are in another state!” Said the worker. The worker suddenly collapsed on the Icey floor.

“Oh no. Not Gallia.” Said Nick, Gallia’s father. He too collapsed on the floor. He began heading toward the strange purple portal.

“Storagia.” Said Nick as he got pulled in.


The Magical government also had to deal with this portal.

“Keep the doors blocked. If anyone else falls unconscious or the term dead bring them to the nurse immediately.” Said Jay.

“Of course sir.” Replied one of his servants, Mark. He soon fell to the ground as he saluted to Jay.”

“The magical government is over.” Said Jay.

“It’s not just the government that’s over.” Said another one of his co-workers Jada. She too fell to the ground. That’s when Jay fell to the ground.

“Whatever’s going on, someone better stop it.” Said Jay. He and his body departed.

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