Wilbert the Wizard (Darkagia) Chapter 10: The Soul Spell Part 2

Wilbert the Wizard (Darkagia) Chapter 10: The Soul Spell Part 2

A Chapter by Mr. Mills

The 10th Chapter


Wilbert the Wizard and the Soul Spell Part 2

So what was my experience after being sucked into a dimension by my dark wand and my own dark magic. I had sealed my own fate. So this was the end. Me and everyone that I loved was sent into the dark portal after I had committed to the soul spell. So this is where I wound up. Alone. It seemed as if I weren’t alive anymore. Obviously I was in another state of existence. That’s when my loved ones came into view in the bright space. Floating in front of me. This is the same place my dark wand had sent me at the Acid Lake.

“Gallia, Frostwing?” I said as their souls floated there. I could see spirits in the same exact shape of Frostwing and Gallia. They were glowing a transparent blue. The souls had awoken.

“Wilbert!” Gallia said gasping. She woke up suddenly from her spiritual sleeping.

“Gallia. I’ve been dying to see you, literally.” I joked. Gallia shook her head.

“Wilbert. He won. Johnathan completed the destruction he wanted to cause. Why didn’t you stop him like you always do? I guess it’s over. This is where we will remain forever. It’s a fate far worse than death.” Exclaimed Gallia.

“Yeah I know. That’s similar to what John said as he forced me to use the soul spell and such. There’s no way to stop him anymore.” I said.

“Unless...” Gallia trailed off floating in the other direction.


That little witch that Wilbert had passed was very afraid. Casandra the wee witch. So far she had out run the soul spell.

“My family, my friends, and my whole life. Everything is over. I’m over.” Said Casandra still holding tight to that broom of hers. She started to feel queasy. Her broom was inching closer and closer to the ground.

“It’s happening to me too isn’t it.” Said Casandra. She tumbled onto the ground. Her eyes closed shut.

“For you mother. For you.” She said just before she was converted into a spirit. She was the final spirit to enter the dark portal.


King Flare. The last living Storagian left. The soul spell didn’t get him. He didn’t have a soul. He was only made up of ash, fire, and flesh. He felt alone. Very alone. Then he thought about Darkagia. Maybe he could stop it. Maybe King Flare could end Darkagia and save everyone from the soul spell.

“If only I had my serpent wand. But if I could get my hands on the great mage wand!” Exclaimed King Flare. If he could get his hand of the great mage wand, he could stop the soul spell. That is if he could get it before the portal is sealed for eternity and there is no longer any escape. That’s when King Flare ran. He ran toward Crystal Castle. To be exact he was headed toward the Crystal Caverns. King Flare jumped off the ledge. Flames trailing behind him. He landed on the Stoney ground smoothly. He hovered just above it before he landed. It was one of his unique powers.

“All the Wilbert has done for me. I’ll save him in return.” Said King Flare to himself. He brushed his shoulders from the landing. King Flare noticed a ginormous hole in one of the dirt Crystal walls. He walked into it.

“I’m not the only one that’s been searching for it.” He said to himself. It seemed as if the tunnel he was walking in never end. He was unpleasantly surprised when he saw two bodies on the ground. One of Wilbert’s wife, Gallia. One of what seemed to be a dead dragon.

“So this is what it came to.” King Flare said to himself. He walked toward the wand that lye right in front of their bodies. They must’ve been trying to get it, but didn’t quite make it. King Flare slowly picked up what didn’t seem to be anything fancy. Just a rusty, old, brown wand.

“Imundo!” Exclaimed King Flare as soon as he picked it up. He teleported himself to the dark portal of Storagia that was taking everyone’s souls. The spell book! HE had forgotten the reverse for the soul spell! He was going to need the spell book. That is if he could make it to the magical library. King Flare began to head there unsure of which direction to go and where to be.

He walked passed many other bodies. Some of what seemed to be some kind of dwarf warriors. Some of the goblins that the dwarfs seemed to be fighting against. King Flare continued to walk slowly, to tell the truth, he was very scared.

He arrived at the library unexpectedly after walking past the battle. When he walked into the library he noticed something strange. Books went soaring of shelves as soon as he entered. All of them lye on the ground and now he would just have to depict which one is the key to the great mage wand.

“Mage Magic. Witch Brewing. Dragon breeding.” Exclaimed King Flare as he searched though the books. That’s when he found it in the first few minutes of looking.

“Aha, here it is. The great mage wand.” Said King Flare as he flipped upon the book. Reverse spells are in chapter 4. He continued to flip through the pages.

“It should be this. The light spell. A reverser of the soul spell. Opens the portal of souls unto the user and can release souls back into their bodies.” He read. He held the spell book tight to make sure it would come with him.

“Imundo!” Exclaimed King Flare teleporting himself back to the dark portal. He looked up into it and could only see a bright light. The portal was getting very small. He was going to have to use the spell very quickly.

“Orot SonorhortsA!” Exclaimed King Flare boldly. The dark portal was now spinning another direction as King Flare shot a blast of light at it. Souls began pouring out of the portal. First a witch came out then a wizard. There were way too many souls to count. Hundreds of souls. Better yet thousands of souls. Or even maybe more than one million souls.


Wilbert was all the sudden floating toward a purple portal in the soul portal.

“Gallia! I think someone’s opening it! We can escape. I wonder who’s saving us?” I exclaimed.

“There it is! Let’s hurry and get out of here. It isn’t over said Gallia.” She said.

“Can you please come out quicker? I can’t hold it or much longer.” Said King Flare panting out loud. Only one soul didn’t make it out before the portal closed. And that soul was Togar’s.

I awoke suddenly from what felt like was a dream.

“The soul spells over? King Flare did you just save us?” I asked.

“I’m always looking out for you Wilbert. I’m always looking out for everyone as a proper ruler.” Said King Flare. Jay walked up to King Flare.

“I’m sorry King Flare. Would you like to take your rightful place at your throne again?” Asked Jay.

“Would I!?” Exclaimed King Flare loudly. “I mean yes I accept that position.” Said King Flare. Gallia came soaring out on Frostwing along with Cool Z from the Crystal Caverns.

“Gallia, looks like you made it out of there just fine.” I said.

“Barely. There’s a black dragon down there, and he didn’t like us very much.” Said Gallia.

“That’s the protector of the village.’ I said.

“And you didn’t warn us about that before we went into the Caverns.” Said Gallia making a very concerned look at me.

“I may have forgotten to mention it. Our hero here is King Flare.” I said.

“But how did he not get captured by the soul spell?” Gallia asked.

“I don’t even know myself. So King Flare how did you not get captured?” I asked.

“You see; I was born without of soul. I’m just ash, flames, and skin. It’s as if I’m not even a real person.” Said King Flare.

“You’re definitely a real person in my book.” I replied. That’s when my father came into interrupt us.

“Storagia has been restored! Let us rejoice.” Said my father, Earl.

“Now wait one second. What about us?” Questioned one of the goblins that had just arose.

“Yeah what about us too?” Questioned one of the dwarf soldiers.

“You are all part of the new Storagia military. Protecting Storagia from whatever you can. Man, we should’ve got one of those a long time ago before the government was organized and kings and queens just had their pawns.” Said Jay.

“I think that sounds like a great idea Jay.” I replied. From this day forward Storagia would be forever restored to its original state. Things are finally going nice for Wilbert. No end of the world stuff. Now he’s got other things to worry about.

The End of Wilbert the Wizard Volume 3

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Volume 4: Superb Storagia

What will Wilbert do now? Where does his story continue?

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