Wilbert the Wizard (Darkagia) Chapter 8: The King of Darkagia

Wilbert the Wizard (Darkagia) Chapter 8: The King of Darkagia

A Chapter by Mr. Mills

Ruler Togar of Storagia is overthrown by a masked vampire from an unknown kingdom.


Wilbert the Wizard and the King of Darkagia

So Cool Z had just asked me to the impossible. Honestly I thought training with him was actually pretty fun. I really was hoping it wouldn’t get to this point, but the old man wanted me to end his life. This is what I wanted but it has to or Darkagia will reign, forever. Probably not forever that’s exaggerating but I can’t go through with this.

“I see you don’t feel too happy about your life. But I don’t do this kind of thing anymore. The more people I lose the emptier I feel. Sorry Cool Z, I’m not going through this for you.” I said.

“Okay then. Be the weak mage that you were never meant to be. I guess you don’t have to take control of your powers and you could just join the rulers of Darkagia.” Said Cool Z.

“If that’s the smartest way to stop them, just maybe you’re my key inside Cool Z.” I told him.

“What do you mean key? Are you questioning your master?” said Cool Z.

“The Crystal Caverns! Johnathan has been under our noses the entire time. That’s where he must be!” I exclaimed.

“Crystal Caverns? I have never heard of such a...” I didn’t let Cool Z continue.

“I don’t think it’s very safe down there. Me, you, Frostwing, and Gallia are all going to head down there to confront Johnathan.” I said.

“We don’t know your strength yet Wilbert. Were unsure of what to do to stop him.” Said Cool Z.

“I’m just going to have to trust the Dark Magic that I was given.” I exclaimed.

“Do whatever you want Wilbert. If you think it can defeat Johnathan, I would believe you. I’m still giving you the option to...” Cool Z once again didn’t finish.

“I already told you no. We have to do it in another way. The point of stopping Darkagia is so that Storagian’s don’t suffer, or come to the point of death. Cool Z nodded but his face looked like he hadn’t agreed.

“Wilbert. There you are. It seems your training is going well.” Said Gallia.

“Yes it has. We’re headed to the Crystal Caverns because that is where it is predicted where he was hiding. He couldn’t have just found me down there.” I said looking toward Gallia at the back door.

“He’s a vampire Wilbert. You just never know with them.” Replied Gallia. I knew there was a lot more to that story though. I really thought that, that was where John was hiding as the goblins took over Storagia. As long as we had Togar captured the goblins would have no further command. That is unless that Johnathan had gotten a hold of them. I got onto Frostwings back. Gallia got on along with me and so did Cool Z. Frostwing use to barely be able to handle 2. I think 3 might be pushing it. He seemed to get into the air just fine.

“Frostwing, you’re really getting good at this, passenger thing I guess. “I said to Frostwing. Frostwing turned around. “Where are you...” I started. Then I realized I saw something aboard a broom stick chasing after us.

“What in the name of Horon is going on around here?” I questioned looking at the interesting sight. The little women on the broom came crashing to a stop.

 “I am Casandra the witch. I can’t believe you don’t know who I am because I’m like one of the most popular girls at the academy.” Said the little women on the broom, now hovering stationary. She began flying the other direction. I know there was something up with her, and she may just have a little to do with Darkagia before it began.

“It was nice meeting you and all, but were in a bit of a hurry.” I said as Frostwing flew us away.

“What was that all about?” Asked Gallia.

“I don’t know, but hopefully it’s not about Darkagia.” I said.

“The King of Darkagia. We have to take this bad vampire down!” Exclaimed Gallia.

“Of course. Frostwing directly below you, is where we are headed.” I said. Frostwing began skydiving toward are destination. He kept skydiving continually until we were deep in the Crystal Caverns.

“Wilbert, you said you had experience here, right?” Asked Gallia.

“Yes I do. Plenty of dwarfs live in a secret village down here. Don’t worry. They’ll most likely come to assistance if we end up finding Johnathan down here.” I exclaimed.

“Dwarfs? My father always hated those little menaces.” Said Gallia. “Not to be rude or anything. That’s just my father’s opinion.” Gallia said. Frostwing claws began to grasp the ground, wings still flapping. He had given us a soft landing. It was very dark and it was almost impossible to make anything out. That is until we saw the lights to the underground village that lie in the caverns.

“Hello?” I caller into the darkness. Straight ahead of us I could see black essence. At first it looked like a whisperer but then it transformed into Johnathan.

“Johnathan. Morph man of Darkagia, ruler of Darkagia, blood sucking ugly Johnathan.” I said.

“That’s a good description actually. Except for the part that you called me ugly of course.” Replied Johnathan.

“You ruined our first wedding attempt. You ruined my father’s kingdom. You ruined Storagia. What could you have possibly more to gain?” Said Gallia.

“I have plenty more to gain. My final step to claiming Darkagia is claiming all the souls who live in it.” Said Johnathan.

“It’s not hard. All you need is some dark magic. My only item that I seek out. Wilbert. I know you possess of this magic.” Said Johnathan.

“No I don’t. I’m not some dark monster like you, I’m a battle mage!” I exclaimed.

“That wand of yours says the exact opposite.” Said Johnathan pointing to my wand. I held it tighter. The crack was now glowing blue began pulsing. I could feel it’s energy through the center of my palm. That’s when my little dwarf friend had gotten pulled into this situation.

“Wilbert, you have come to save us from this terrible ruler of Darkagia.” Said Gobi. He walked just outside the village where me Frostwing and Gallia were. Cool Z finally spoke up.

“What is this some abomination? Is this some kind of joke, Wilbert?” Questioned Cool Z.

“No he’s my friend. Gobi, I need you to go and get your dwarf soldier’s.” I said.

“Whatever our fellow battle mage says. Troops, order!” Exclaimed Gobi. Dwarfs dressed in tiny uniforms began emerging from the darkness, all of them carrying weapons from iron swords, to strong battle axes.

“Where’d you get this kind of army?” I asked gazing upon what seemed to be an endless amount of soldier’s.

“During the Storagian war we fought. When we lost to the northern battle knights, we came down here to hide.” Said Gobi. There was lot more to Gobi that I still didn’t know.

“My army now takes commands for you. What is your command?” Asked Gobi.

“I command this army of yours, to set an attack on all the goblins in Darkagia. We’ll take care of Johnathan an Togar.” I exclaimed.

“Yes sir! You heard the man soldiers!” Exclaimed Gobi loudly.

“That army is pathetic. Unable to beat the northern soldiers Those soldiers are very undertrained just to tell you. Now give me the wand and no one gets hurt.” Said Johnathan. “Demento!” I exclaimed teleporting all the little dwarf soldiers to the high ground of Darkagia.

“No. Someone always gets hurt. I’ll never give this to you.  Demento!” I exclaimed forcing me the way across the cavern. Johnathan did the same as me. His fist thrust into my face and he knocked me to the ground. The wand went soaring out of my hands. Johnathan quickly transformed into a bat flew for a few minor seconds, and then turned back into his regular self and grabbed my wand out of midair.

“It’s as if every time I fight you, things get so much easier.” Said Johnathan. My wand blasted him backwards.

“Ow. What’s wrong with your wand?” Questioned Johnathan. My cracked serpent wand floated in the air as it had when we were at acid lake.

“It’s my wand. I have bonded with it.” I replied. Johnathan teleported away. I noticed that he was headed for Gallia. He slipped a knife out from his very dark black robe.

“You use the soul spell, and she lives.” Said Johnathan.

“No. I’m not even sure what the soul spell is.” I replied.

“This is your final chance Wilbert!” Exclaimed Johnathan.

“Just do it Wilbert.” Said Cool Z. Frostwing growled unhappily.

“I’ll use the soul spell for you.” I finally said.

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Volume 3 coming to an end soon


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