Wilbert the Wizard (Eternal Reign) Chapter 2: The Time Shatter

Wilbert the Wizard (Eternal Reign) Chapter 2: The Time Shatter

A Chapter by Mr. Mills

What Wilbert thinks can be a better form of a Time Orb is actually a fountain of youth. It takes him back to his young years...



Wilbert the Wizard and the Time Shatter

The Time Orb. The one purchased to attempt to save Mother Nature and Togath. Both attempts unsuccessful because the time orb can’t change your past. The new time orb releases in the market tomorrow. This one is called the Time Shatter. After you break it, it will take you to another time in your life. Hopefully this would be in good use to save those loved ones I have lost. Gallia is not fond of the whole Time Shatter idea though. She said we’re not spending any of currency on it because last time we tried, it only ended up failing and being a waste of gems. But this time, I think it’s going to be different.

“C’mon Gallia. We really need the Time Shatter.” I said.

“No. And even if it did work it brings up a lot of bad memories. I don’t think you understand how I felt when my mother died.” Said Gallia.

“I do. I feel you. I feel your pain and now I going to bandage up those scars with the Time Shatter.” I said.

“Wilbert, it just doesn’t seem right. Let’s just not do it.” Gallia said. I began giving Gallia my puppy face. It was immature I know, but I had to use it if it comes to a dire circumstance.

“Fine, Wilbert. But if you drop our currency stats again then I’ll...” I was gone before Gallia could even finish. Frostwing had gone with me too.

“Wilbert, oh Wilbert.” Said Gallia to herself. I had to get those Time Shatter things. This could be the key to my future. A key to the past.

“Frostwing, mage market is right down there!” I exclaimed. Frostwing slowly glided down into mage market. I had gone to the shadow man again for his assistance. I know I sound crazy and this guy’s completely untrustworthy, but if it meant to getting Togath or Mother Nature back, it meant a lot to me. It’s not just them. It’s all those who had died in the past. Tyson, or maybe I would even save Togar. I felt sorry for the old troll getting trapped in the dark portal.

“Wilbert my friend. Have you come to purchase something? I just got these new Time Shatter’s in stock.” Said the shadow man.

“I know. How many gems are we talking here?100?300?” I asked.

“Nowhere near. It’s as cheap as 20 gems.” Said the shadow man. 20 gems? I would take that deal any day.

“My kind sir, you have yourself a deal.” Said the shadow man. This was the shadow man that had sold me the time orb. This obviously could be concerning that I take he’s deal again, but twenty gems? Who wouldn’t? I handed him the gems from my pouch and he handed me a Time Shatter. It looked very similar to the Time Orb. I stuffed the Time Shatter into my robe to ensure it would stay. I a boarded Frostwing. Frostwing growled as if something were wrong.

“It’s fine Frostwing. I’m doing the right thing.” I said. We eventually made it all the way back to my shack.

“Wilbert? You’re here already? Don’t get too cocky honey or were going to catch ourselves in a rattle snake cockpit.” Said Gallia.

“Never heard that one before. I’m going to drop it on the floor a few feet away from me so when the glass shatters it doesn’t cut us or anything.” I said. The Time Shatter left my hand before Gallia could say another word.

“Wait,” Is all that Gallia had time to say. The Time Shatter had shattered on the floor. So had the entire world around me. It seemed as if weren’t effecting Gallia. She must’ve not been close enough. It only affected me and Frostwing. The blue burst when it exploded threw me and Frostwing backward. Gallia was extremely tall all the sudden. She was a giant. And so was everything else in my shack. My robe was almost 10 sizes too big.

“Gallia what’s going on?” I asked. That’s when I heard myself. My voice was a lot higher pitch.

“It’s as if I’m 6 all over again. The shortest mage in the academy!” I exclaimed.

“That’s because I think you are six years old again! Even more so for Frostwing!” Gallia exclaimed. Frostwing became the baby dragon he once was again.

“No this can’t be happening. The Time Shatter was supposed to make it so you will be able to change your past.” I said in my out of pitch high voice.

“It doesn’t just change your past. It changes you to your past!” Gallia said.

“I should’ve judged the Time Shatter beforehand.” I said

“You have to admit those little hands of yours are cute Wilbert.” Said Gallia.

“Gallia, we may be cute but you definitely need a way to change s back.” I said.

“There’s a witch I know. I think she’ll know how to fix, all of this.” Said Gallia. Frostwing began squealing.

“Frostwing what are you doing?” I asked Frostwing.

“He’s a newborn again, he’s going to need proper care. That’s it. I’ll have Cool Z stay here with you two while I find a reverse for this.” Gallia said. She ran out the door of the shack to get us some help. I couldn’t believe it. 6 years old again. I also had the unusual urge for sweets and to play around.

“Gallia’s not helping. Getting us a babysitter is not going to help.” I said.

“Of course it’s going to help!” Exclaimed Cool Z bursting through the door.

“Oh no. Me and Frostwing are fine.” I said.

“You as a little kid may be fine. But you can’t just leave a young dragon here like this.” Said Cool Z.

“You know we’re still the same age, but it’s as if we’re in different bodies. That’s the only thing that’s changed.” I said.

“I wouldn’t be too sure about that?” Cool Z replied. My little years were very embarrassing. I’d rather not talk about them. Those years for the Jr. academy.

“Let me go get you some proper clothes. I have some from when my grandson, Zul, was younger.

“Please don’t...” It was too late. Cool Z had already gone to get me proper clothes. I wasn’t too worried because I knew Gallia would be back soon. Hopefully Gallia gets to that witch quick. That Time Shatter thingy was such a rip-off. Almost after half an hour the door to my shack got opened. I was expecting it to be Gallia, but it was Cool Z with Zul’s old clothing. I began running away from Cool Z as he was trying to make me put them on. That’s when I was cornered into a wall.

“No!” I exclaimed. This is probably the most embarrassing thing I’ve ever been through in my whole life. I finally decided to get them on.

“You stay here. I have to take care of Frostwing.” Said Cool Z.

Cool Z took Frostwing and walked into the other room. Things weren’t right. Cool Z treating us like babies, which we are, but we aren’t at the same time. I’m not sure if anyone else would really understand. At that moment Gallia burst through the door. Her usual blue hair now a crisp black. It definitely wan not silky smooth anymore.

“Gallia, what happened with you and that witch?” I asked.

“Let’s just say I had myself a little incident. I’m going to need you and Frostwing to drink this vile the witch gave me. Both of you little cuties.” Said Gallia.

“I really need some of that right now. But before you do, I’m going to get into my regular clothes.” I said walking into the bathroom waddling as a wee child. Finally, I had gotten my full robes back on. Gallia handed me the reverse brew for the wicked Time Shatter. I drank a little less than half to leave the rest for Frostwing. I grew to my normal size. That bald spot I used to have on my head went away. I had a bald spot until I was like 8 years old. I don’t want to embarrass myself any further, but I don’t even know if that’s possible.

“Wilbert. I missed the old you. But I also miss the little cute version of you too. I wish I could see it again.” Said Gallia.

“Don’t worry I’ve got pictures for you. I’m going to give the antidote to Frostwing. It’s personal if you know what I mean.” I exclaimed.

“I know what you mean. You and Frostwing.” Said Gallia. I walked into the room that Cool Z had taken Frostwing into. He was milking Frostwing.

“That’s enough Frostwing you know you’re not like that anymore.” I said. I took the bottle from Cool Z’s hands.

“Hey!” He exclaimed as I took the bottle. I dumped the milk out into the sink, washed it out with water, and poured in the green antidote Gallia had given me.

“It’s not pleasant tasting or good at all I know.” I said as I fed the bottle to little Frostwing. I got Frostwing put back into his large room. There expanded and became his self again.

“That’s my big Frostwing boy! I say now, we never buy from the shadow man again.” I exclaimed.

“Wilbert I don’t think I’m going to let you do something like that ever again. From now on I’ll do the shopping.” Said Gallia. I blushed.

“Next time for sure, I’ll ensure it’s perfectly perfect.” I said.

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