Wilbert the Wizard (Eternal Reign) Chapter 8: The Lame Laws

Wilbert the Wizard (Eternal Reign) Chapter 8: The Lame Laws

A Chapter by Mr. Mills

Laws are really not in for Wilbert. Prison is looking very bright.


Wilbert the Wizard and Lame Laws

Me and Frostwing have begun our journey toward winning back Starlight. It’s been about 30 minutes and we had been about half away to the address according to the file. Hopefully it was correct because if it wasn’t, that was a whole lot of trouble for no reason. I better had gone here for a good reason. Me and Frostwing had taken a break. I could hear Frostwing’s scaly stomach roar at me loudly. Frostwing whimpered.

“I know you’re hungry, bud. If you want some food, you’re going to have to get it on your own.” I exclaimed. That’s when Frostwing suddenly flew off.

“Dragons these days. You never know.” I murmured to myself quietly. Frostwing came back unexpectedly a few moments later. A Vercon, bloody and dead, was in Frostwing’s razor sharp teeth.  Vercon’s were very colorful birds. They were very exotic and rare.

“Frostwing, I’m not sure if it’s legal to kill those birds anymore.” I exclaimed. Frostwing set the dead bird on the ground. Then he picked it back up and began tearing out it’s meat to eat. I sighed.

“We need to get back on track. Were half way there.” I told Frostwing. After Frostwing had finished his meal it was time for us to continue on our route. We flew for a while and I guided Frostwing through everything. After only about five minutes, it had begun raining. That wasn’t going to stop us from getting Starlight. About 20 minutes after it started raining, we had arrived in New Cyan City. The rain had stopped as soon as we had arrived.

“It doesn’t just look beautiful here, it smells beautiful.” I said to myself. Frostwing laid down on his back, closed his eyes, and breathed in the fresh air to experience the clean air of Cyan. We laid there for a bit, resting some more. I began walking down the street looking at the addresses for the red brick houses we were surrounded by. This man we were in search of, lived on Vercon lane. A street where many of the precious, beautiful, colorful birds. He lived at 300 East on the street. There was a short woman with a very dark skin tone approaching me.

“Hello. I’m Wilbert. I’m unsure if you already know me. If the news about me got out. I’m a battle mage prince, and I’m trying to find my wife’s lifelong companion. “Do you know where a Dan Trenton lives?” I asked her.

“Dan Trenton? He doesn’t live here anymore. At least I don’t think so. No one’s ever seen him since he was hauled off to prison.” Said the woman.

“Hauled off to prison? No wonder this man took Starlight. I’m going to need a better way to track him down.” I said.

“Your best bet is going into the abandon house over there. The one with the black roof top if you can see it.” Said the Woman.

“Thanks for the info.” I said. Me and Frostwing walked toward the house. As Frostwing walked past the woman her face went a pale gray.

“It’s okay. He’s tamed. It’s Frostwing, my ice dragon.” I exclaimed. Frostwing looked back at her as we walked toward the broken down house she had told us to go to. I twisted the shiny golden doorknob, slowly opening the door. The lights in the house were all out. I was unsure the man was even in this house. I had checked all the room upstairs and all the rooms on the main floor. That’s when I stepped on a super lose board. My foot got caught in the whole. The board slid down a set of hidden stairs. It was almost no doubt he was hiding down here.

“I know your down here, Dan.” I said. I got no response. The room I had gotten into remained quiet. That is until a few moments later.

“I know you’re here too, Wilbert.” Said Dan with a very deep tone in his voice. He was really scarring me. Anyone could say the same if a creep in living in an abandon house’s basement knew their name.

“Where’s the unicorn? What have you done with it?” I asked.

“Me and the unicorn. I’ve always hated unicorns. I wish every single one of them could die. My brother wandered into the Forbidden Forest once near the Forbidden City. He disappeared for two weeks. Eventually we finally found him. Lying on the ground, dead. That unicorn he had encountered in the forest danced on his grave. I’ll never trust them again.” Said Dan.

“I know it can be painful losing your loved ones, but revenge isn’t going to change anything about that. Maybe I can help you, beginning now.” I explained.

“No. You just want the winged menace. I’m warning you. Get out of here before anyone gets hurt.” Said Dan.

“You mean you? I don’t want to do anything to you either.” I replied.

“Maybe killing unicorns isn’t legal. I think the magical government’s laws are Ludacris!” Shouted Dan. He pulled a dagger from the shin of his pant leg. It glowed a dark green.

“This is the cursed blade. I bet you’ve heard of it before in the legends.” Said Dan. I did know about the cursed. The cursed blade was very powerful and very dangerous. It was formed of pure diamond. It was cursed with a very terrible curse. It was cursed with Uncanny luck. This was terrible curse because it always comes out filling the user with pride. Too much pride to the breaking point. The curse would cause the user unsustainable luck.

“I’m not willing to fight you. You hold that blade knowing that it is wrong, and everything you’ve done to Storagia was wrong too.” I said. Dan gripped the blade much tighter then he had had before.

“Wilbert, you’re getting into something you don’t want to into. I’m telling you to stay back Wilbert. You’re going to have to leave, now.” Said Dan. I ignored his remarks. I gripped my purple crystal wand hard. I walked up to Starlight who was right behind Dan. I petted her mane softly.

“Imundo!” I shouted teleporting me and Starlight just outside the house.

“Starlight follow me!” I exclaimed quickly getting onto Frostwing. Dan was chasing after us, blade handy. Frostwing took off into the sky and Starlight took off after us. Dan had thrown the blade toward us. It had just missed Frostwing by a hair. Frostwing flew quick and hard and he flew as fast as he possibly could. Starlight lagged a little bit behind us, but she was catching up. We made it home in the speed of no time after how fast Frostwing was flying. Twenty-five minutes is how long it took us to get to Ice Ware. I went to go greet Gallia. Frostwing landed and I got off of him. Gallia was just in front of Ice Ware. Gallia hugged Starlight.

“I missed so much sweetie pie. From now on, I promise to be with you as much as I can.” Said Gallia. I smiled knowing I had accomplished what Gallia had needed me to. I did feel bad for Dan though. He seemed very alone. I could worry about him later because now, it was time for that special event Gallia had planned.

“How about we take Starlight and Frostwing over for the event?” Asked Gallia.

“That would just be a great idea. Let’s get going to this event. So where is this event planned to be at?” I asked.

“The new crystal castle. Since they just finished rebuilding the Crystal Castle, we figured it would be a good get together with are extended families. It’s a Nature and Dunuton Family get together!” Exclaimed Gallia. Me and Gallia both boarded our companions to take us to the crystal castle. Frostwing attempted to fly, but he was too tired from out last flight. I got off Frostwing and left him outside to rest a little bit before we flew off. I couldn’t ride him; he was far too exhausted. He was going to have to fly alone.

“Remember Titanius. The one that the Strike of Darkness took before it ended. I really want him back. He was my noble steed. I miss him. I assume the Strike of Darkness...” I trailed off.

“It’s okay Wilbert. That’s what this party is about. Celebrating our loved ones.” Said Gallia. “Come back inside Ice Ware. I have another surprise for you.” Said Gallia. We went back in the big cold glass doors of Ice Ware. A big strong unicorn was waiting there inside for me.

“Titanius, it really is you!” I exclaimed happily hugging him. After hugging him for about 30 seconds I lifted up my head.

“I say that you take me to the new Crystal Castle.” I exclaimed happily. I walked back outside. Me and Gallia boarded our unicorns. Titanius and Starlight took off at the same time. Frostwing followed close behind us. Soon we had arrived at my father’s new Crystal Castle.

“Wilbert, you’re finally here. Everyone’s here.” Exclaimed my father.

“Father, I’ve come here to give you something too. You’ve raised me so well. It was smart for you to let me fend for myself and I appreciate that. Father, I am giving you Titanius.” I Explained.

“Titanius? But you just got him back and you’re...” I cut Gallia off.

“Gallia. My father really deserves this. I really did miss Titanius but my father needs him more. Besides, I have Frostwing.” I exclaimed.

“I see Wilbert. Thank you so much for the wonderful gift.” Said my father.

“Thank everyone for being here tonight. Now let’s get this party started.” Exclaimed Gallia cheerfully.

To Be continued...

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