Wilbert the Wizard (Eternal Reign) Chapter 3: The Three Thunderbirds

Wilbert the Wizard (Eternal Reign) Chapter 3: The Three Thunderbirds

A Chapter by Mr. Mills

There's a terrible storm outside. A terrible storm means terrible Thunderbirds. They're out and ready to attack. Frostwing's putting his life on the line for Wilbert.


Wilbert the Wizard and the Three Thunderbirds

What is a Thunderbird you ask? They’re about the nastiest meanest birds that you’ll ever run into. They’re usually about 3ft tall. They summon strikes of lightning. When lightning strikes them, it makes them more powerful. A thunderbird could kill a man bare claws if it has enough power. That’s the issue when it’s stormy outside. The Thunderbirds. My major issue was today that it was super stormy outside and I was actually not sure if my shack could withstand it. Loud lightning strikes were occurring just outside and Frostwing would roar loudly every time. Storms had always frightened Frostwing. I usually sat down by him by the fire in my shack during storms to comfort him.

“Wilbert, this is nastier than anything I’ve ever seen. It must be my mother. Even though she’s gone, it doesn’t change her effect on weather. She’ll always be in control of that.” Said Gallia.

“It’s decently cold in here.” I said basically shivering to death. Frostwing wasn’t really upset about the weather as he was an ice dragon and all but it was pretty rough storm out there.

“Help!” I heard a call from outside. “Wilbert you should go look out the door to see who it is.” Said Gallia.

“Would it really worth be going out to check?” I asked.

“Wilbert, you’re the legend. You were destined to be the best battle mage of them all. If you can’t save someone from a storm...” Gallia didn’t continue.

“Alright Gallia I’ll go out.” I said lifting the blankets off me and the chair I was in. I inched toward the door of my shack slowly opening it. The was forcing the door all the way open to the point of hitting the inside of my shack with a loud slam.

“Is any one there?!” I called to the darkness this night. I could hardly see and the storm was getting very aggressive.

“Please help!” I heard another plead. I walked deeper into the storm. Another strike of lightning struck. It began raining harder than before. It rained so hard that when the drops pelted you, it hurt pretty bad. I could see a shadowy figure.

“Have you come to save me?” Asked the Figure.

“Who are you?!” I asked shouting out to the shadowy figure.

“It’s me Si. You know who I am Wilbert.” Said Si.

“Come over here and come inside. I can make you a bowl by the fire.” I said.

“Thank you. I never met someone any kinder.” Said Si. Me and Si both got back into the shack. The door was now slamming shut.

“The Thunderbirds out there were attacking me. If you didn’t allow me to come in your shack they would’ve taken my life. They don’t like coming into lively areas where people are. They only attack outsiders during storms.” Explained Si.

“Good thing your safe inside with me, Frostwing, and Gallia now. Those Thunderbirds I’ve always strongly disliked. They hurt so many innocent people. Worst case scenario, they kill people. I said.

“It’s not their fault. It’s their natural instinct. They were born that way.” Said Si.

“I know, your stews ready.” I said because I was cooking him up a bowl of sweet mushroom stew by the fire.

“Thank you so much Wilbert.” Said Si as I handed him the stew. That’s when more lightning struck. My door flung open suddenly and this time it broke. It broke and the winds had carried it away.

“Stay here. I’ll go get something to block the entry way.” I said. I went outside to pull up a large rock. These days have been rough. I just got a brand new shiny purple wand from the mage market. In replacement of my dark wand.

“Telemundo!”  I exclaimed pulling the large boulder to sit front place of my house. That’s when one of my windows broke.

“Seriously?” I said as I said that a Thunderbird had come with the window ready to strike. It flew around the room out of controllably.

“Wilbert get it out quick before someone gets hurt!” Exclaimed Gallia. The Thunderbird hit against plenty of my walls then fell to the ground. I knelt down to pick it up putting my wand back in my pocket. I touched it and felt its electrical charge. It pulsed me.

“Ow!” I exclaimed as I touched when it shocked me.

“Wilbert what are you doing?” Questioned Gallia.

“I think it’s hurt. It’s wing bone seems to be broken. It really needs some help I’ll find some.” I replied.

“You’re trying to HELP a Thunderbird? That’s the craziest thing I’ve ever heard.” Exclaimed Gallia. I searched through my drawers for the bandages. I found some in the highest drawer next to my sink. I put on some rubber gloves to prevent myself from getting shocked. I wrapped it’s small wing in bandages.

“This Thunderbird is very, small.” Said Si as he watched me.

“It’s young, and it’s not going to be able to fend all by itself.” I said. Eventually I had wrapped all the bandages I needed too.

“This Thunderbird is going to stay with us during the storm. Hopefully he’ll be okay.” I said.

“Wilbert, I don’t think we should keep that thing in our house anymore.” Said Gallia backing away from it. That’s when we began hearing a loud banging on the roof.

“Can someone go see what’s going on out there? I’m staying here with this Thunderbird.  Si would you go do that for me?” I asked.

“Suffer out there again? No way Wilbert.” Replied Si. I eyed him commandingly.

 “What I meant to say was, anything for you Wilbert. Would you at least please move the rock.” Said Si.

“Of course. Telemundo!” I replied. I moved the rock to the side so Si could get out. I put my wand back into my pocket again. Si slowly inched his way out of my shack.

“AH!” I heard Si scream when he saw another Thunderbird on my roof. There were actually 2 more Thunderbirds on my roof.

“Scadadal you dumb birds. Get out of here!” Exclaimed Si.

“Si are you doing okay out there?” I questioned from inside. I came outside to help Si. There was two Thunderbirds atop my house.

“What do you want from us? Were sorry if we’re doing anything to you.” I said.

The birds screeched and squawked. The bigger two of them which were outside began circling my house. Frostwing flew outside suddenly as he woke up.

“Frostwing what are you doing?!” I shouted at Frostwing. He wanted to protect me from the birds I assume. He shot ice shards at the birds. They flew quickly and flew around all of them. One of them darted toward Frostwing. As it hit him I could see the bolt of lightning strike through Frostwing’s chest. Frostwing’s body slammed against the ground. He fell to the ground chest now bleeding. I whipped out my wand. Frostwing’s back now had the marks of lightning strike on it. Frostwing had stopped breathing for the moments.

“Repulso!” I exclaimed thrusting the birds away from him. I dragged Frostwing inside into his room.

“Gallia, what am I going to do. Do you think he’s...” I didn’t finish.

“I’m sure he’s fine. Maybe he’s just in a coma. We’ll get him some medical help. I’ll stay here with Frostwing; you take care of those nasty Thunderbirds.” Said Gallia edging me to go back outside. I think the other bird left because there was only one left outside and the one we were nursing inside.

“Wait a second.” I said thinking to myself thinking quietly. I picked up the small Thunderbird we had allowed into our home.

“Is this your child?” I asked the bird knowing it was stupid to ask that questioned. The big Thunderbird picked up the small one and flew away.

“Looks like it was just that bird’s parents.” Said Gallia.

“Yeah.” I replied. I saw the bird fly up into the tree. It began tearing the small Thunderbird apart with its razor sharp claws.

“Or they must’ve just been trying to kill each other.” Said Gallia. All that time the Thunderbirds had been in a battle. A few hours later the storm had ended.

“Frostwing, you’re going to be okay. I’ll just give you a few more days, and if we can’t wake you up by then...” I trailed off.

“Wilbert, he’ll wake up for sure. Just don’t doubt me.” Said Gallia.

“I guess. I’m going to go get Frostwing some enchanted mushrooms in the morning. That is if the storm cools down.” I said.

“Oh don’t worry. The weather tomorrow’s supposed to be better.” Said Gallia

“Looks like we better head to bed. Goodnight honey! I love you!” I exclaimed shutting the door to me and Gallia’s room.

“Love you too sweetie.” Said Gallia putting out the candle.

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Find out, Wilbert the Wizard and the Fatality of Frostwing

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