Wilbert the Wizard (Eternal Reign) Chapter 5: The Necromancy Necklace

Wilbert the Wizard (Eternal Reign) Chapter 5: The Necromancy Necklace

A Chapter by Mr. Mills

Wilbert met Gallia before Ice Ware. Everything's just all fuzzy about it...


Wilbert the Wizard and the Necromantic Necklace

It was all coming back to me. That necklace with the blue crystal ball in the center of it that Gallia always wore around her neck. I’m not sure if she remembered it either. I just remembered it for some reason. I remembered I had sold her that necklace in the mage market. The true first time we met. But how did I ever forget? Something was off about that necklace I had given her. I sold her that one day, I remember.

“Gallia. That necklace you were around your neck all the time. Isn’t that the one that I sold you.” I said.

“What? How did you find out? It must all be coming back to you.” Said Gallia.

“Find out what? Gallia what’s going on here. Is there something I’m forgetting that was very important?” I asked.

“Yes there is, and I’d rather have you never remember it.” Said Gallia. “Trust me those were the scariest moments of mine of your lives. I thought you were one of the most handsome mages in the market. The voodoo. Is it all coming back to you now?” Asked Gallia.

“I don’t recall. Why do I remember this very little?” I asked.

“I erased your mind I’m so sorry. I was sure you didn’t want those bad moments to come back to you. And that woman, gross. Wilbert you were cheating on me before we started dating.” Said Gallia.

“That makes no sense. Wait, does that mean you were...” She didn’t let me finish.

“Yes, I was jealous of you. That women you were with. The voodoo woman. I don’t know why you fell for her at first. The day before you met Togath and Frostwing. Is the day coming back to you now?” Asked Gallia.

“Right. I was selling a beautiful woman a necklace which I had forgotten was you. Then there was another who sold jewelry. At first I thought she was just market challenge. But as soon as I looked into her eyes...” Gallia interrupted me with her death stare.

“Anyways. I had gone out with the woman on a date. The woman that I had sold the necklace to was watching me as I asked the voodoo woman to go out.” I said.

“Yes you’re getting it. Do you remember what happened next?” Asked Gallia.

“Yes. The voodoo woman was jealous of you. She cursed your necklace and then, that’s when things get really blurry.” I said.

“After she cursed my necklace. I asked you out on a date. That’s one date that’ll I never forget.” Said Gallia.

“I really don’t recall or remember anything about this so called date.” I said to Gallia. Her face flushed.

“I’m glad you don’t know, but I guess I’m going to have to explain it to my loving husband. Why don’t you take a seat to hear about it?” Said Gallia.

“I need to hear about this. I doubt it could be worse than a date with that voodoo.” I said.

“Worse. It was much worse. You had calculated a route where you had wanted to go out for dinner. It seems the direction we were going had no ends. Where you end up taking us, the Winter Woods. You were so embarrassed too.” Said Gallia.

“Right, Gallia. Then what happened?” I asked her.

“In the Winter woods. We encountered a ghost. She looked exactly like the voodoo women. I could tell she was going to be a real homewrecker. You didn’t think the same. She took you to a cabin in the woods. I waited outside frightened of the ghost. I had no idea why you went in with it. It began sweet talking you and it wouldn’t stop sweet talking. That ghost really wanted you bad. I stayed outside the cabin in the cold. It’s as if you had forgotten about me just as you had forgotten about this whole thing.” Explained Gallia face palming.

“I’m sorry Gallia. What caused me to forget all of this?” I asked.

“My necklace. After the voodoo woman had cursed it, it had erased the memories of all the men who I had met. That was until the curse was broken after she had passed away. I still feel sorry put I certainly don’t really feel pity.” Said Gallia

“I don’t get why you take this so seriously. How jealous of me were you? It’s not like I was the handsomest, strongest, and the kindest battle mage in Storagia.” I said.

“Actually you were the best mage I ever met even back then.” Said Gallia.

“So this cabin Gallia. What was she doing to me in there? Could we possibly go there to investigate?” I asked.

“I don’t know what she was doing to you know there. Probably numerus horrors. I guess we could go to investigate. I always wondered what that shady, mysterious woman was up to.” Said Gallia.

“Great. Frostwing’s ready to take us. And I actually really just want to fly him again. After Frostwing’s experience in the hospital, I’ve never felt closer to him.” I exclaimed.

“I’m getting payback on Frostwing scaring me like that.” Said Gallia.

“You’re going to get payback on a poor Ice Dragon that had just gotten out of the hospital. That’s low even for you, honey.” I said.

“You know what I meant. Let’s just start heading our way to the Winter Woods.” Said Gallia. We went outside to greet Frostwing. He cheered happily as we came out to greet him.

“Frostwing, we’re going to need a special ride.” I said smiling with eager. Gallia held the blue crystal in her necklace tightly.

“Gallia, why do you still where that necklace. Wasn’t it cursed by the woman that you strongly disliked?” I asked.

“I’d rather just use the word hate. I where because you sold it to me. I promised myself I would never take it off as I first got it from you.” Said Gallia.

“How many other girls were after me? They must’ve been coming in by the dozens.” I exclaimed.

“Trust me, that’s the truth.” Gallia replied getting onto Frostwing in back of me. I held close to Frostwing’s reigns. Frostwing took off.

“You wouldn’t believe all the ones that were going for you. It’s just every time they would try to greet you, they would get some serious chemistry going and give up because they have too much Anxiety and they think you’re too cool.” Explained Gallia.

“That explains why the girls were so frightened of me at the academy.” I replied. I smirked but it was hidden by the collar flap of my robe.

After about 20 minutes of flying we made it to the Winter Woods. Frostwing was flying decently fast it was just the Winter Woods were all the way across Storagia and it was very rough getting there.

“This place is so cold and empty.” Said Gallia.

“Cold? I thought you were and noble ice maiden. And Frostwing, I’m not even to going to have a say about you.” I said.

“I know Wilbert it’s just, don’t you think anyone lives here?” Asked Gallia.

“No one that I know of. That is except for Zul. He loves this place and this is where he’s lived practically his entire life.” I said. Frostwing clenched his talons into the cloud white, crunchy, and puffy snow. The snow crunched as he landed.

“That cabin over there must be it. No one else has really built anything over here.” Said Gallia.

“That cabin? But that can’t possibly be true. That’s Zulus’ cabin.” I said.

“I think I know the cabin when I see it. The image will always remain in my head of the fact that I wasn’t going to get you because of this woman.” Said Gallia.

“You said that the voodoo woman reappeared as a ghost. I’m sure she’s haunting that cabin currently.” I said.

“You think Zul would decide to live in a haunted cabin.” Asked Gallia.

“Maybe. You never know with that guy. He can be so stoic and mysterious sometimes, you know?” I asked Gallia. We headed toward the cabin. Soon we arrived on the front porch.

“You knock for us Wilbert.” Said Gallia. My fist knocked upon the hard wood Zulus’ door was made of. Zul came to the door.

“Wilbert, I haven’t seen you in a good while. Why have you come this far?” Asked Zulus.

“We’ve come to investigate. Do you have some sort of poltergeist living inside your home?” I asked.

“How’d you know about that? And I though Gallia wasn’t going to tell you about that so she doesn’t get super embarrassed.” Exclaimed Zul.

“She finally told me. So where is this ghost? I think we need to expose of it.” I said.

“I don’t think you need to do that.” Zul replied. Me and Gallia furrowed our eyebrows in confusion.

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References from Winter Warrior included.

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