Wilbert the Wizard (Eternal Reign) Chapter 6: The Hunt for Haunted

Wilbert the Wizard (Eternal Reign) Chapter 6: The Hunt for Haunted

A Chapter by Mr. Mills

Wilbert and Gallia travel to Zul's house in suspicion of him dating a ghost. A ghost that could be playing a part in the shadow man's game.


Wilbert the Wizard and the Hunt for the Haunting

Zul had just done something very suspicious. And the way he was acting was just making me even more suspicious. It seemed as though he wanted to keep the ghost that we had wanted to get rid of. I was unsure of what Zul was hiding, but something told me that me and Gallia were soon to find out.

“Wait one second, you’re a fan of this poltergeist?” I asked.

“No, not exactly. It’s just, she would be really mad if you found her, so that’s why she moved her way on out of Storagia.” Said Zul.

“That’s a lie. You can’t lie to us. You’re hiding her because you’re in love with her.” Said Gallia.

“Lying to you? No stop making everything up. Since when would I be in love with some ghost. You know I wouldn’t be like that Wilbert.” Said Zul. All the sudden a blue fog had appeared all around us. We could see a figure in the fog, but it was very difficult to tell out any of its details.

“Wilbert! My long lost soul mate! I’ve been waiting here for you for a full year now. How come you never came back to me?” Asked the ghosts.

“I have my reasons. Listen, we can’t be together. It can’t happen neither will it ever happen.” I said.

‘You’re breaking up with me? So this is what is comes to. I see you’ve found other women. You have a terrible taste for them.” Said the ghost.

“Who are you and what do you want with me?” I asked.

“So now you’re pretending that I don’t exist. That’s pretty low, even for a man such as yourself.” Said the ghost.

“I’m sorry if I hurt your feelings. My mind was erased by Gallia’s necklace about all of this. You’re complaining about this little mishap, compare that to my life right now.” I said.

“It’s so much more than a mishap, Wilbert. Our future would’ve been so much different together. Me and my friends and going to teach you a lesson about all of this.” Said the Ghost

Ghosts began emerging from the walls and the ceilings and every single direction they could possibly come from.

“We’re not scared of you. We’re not scared of ANY of you.” Exclaimed Gallia.

“You say that now. Oh don’t worry I’ll know you’ll change your minds about that for fact.” Said the ghost I had been talking to at first. She snapped and she and all the other ghosts disappeared. Zul seemed extremely nervous.

“Zul, what is this all about?” I asked.

“I made a deal with the ghosts. They’d pay off my rent in this shack here if they could stay her with me. I was going into debt Wilbert; it was an emergency.” Explained Zul.

“That’s your best excuse? Me and Gallia flew out here on Frostwing for almost no reason? Let’s go Gallia. Let’s stop wasting our time here.” I said.

“Wait I was going to have you maybe stay for the...” Zul was cut off by me slamming the door and leaving him alone in his small wood cabin. I shook my head as I left the cabin.

“I’m so sorry Wilbert.” Zul murmured to himself. Me and Gallia boarded Frostwing. I held his reigns tight in frustration.

“Looks like we didn’t get anything out of this buddy. Just take us back home.” I told Frostwing. Frostwing took off into the sky.

Later on we finally arrived back at the old shack. That’s when I realized something. When I tried to get Frostwing through the door he wouldn’t fit.

“Sorry Frostwing. Looks like you’re going to sleep out here tonight until we find another place to put you.” I said. Frostwing begged for me to let him inside. It’s not like I could even do that anyways anymore.

“Look on the bright side, you’ll have so much more fresh air and space out here.” Gallia said as she walked into the shack shutting the door. Frostwing whimpered outside and me and Gallia could hear it. I got into bed trying to ignore Frostwing’s moaning’s. Gallia had fallen asleep, but I still lie there in our bed, wide awake. That’s when I heard a loud bang in the closet. The ghost I had been dealing with earlier had emerged from it. The blue smoke I had seen before circled around her.

“Get out! I don’t want you in my life, and in my life includes my house too!” I shouted be a bit louder than I should’ve. Gallia had woken up.

“Wilbert what’s going on.” Asked Gallia sitting up from the bed.

“Were dealing with this maniac again. Hopefully she’s just here to mess with us.”  I said.

“Actually Wilbert, that’s not what I wanted from you. What I want from you is your love. If your body separates us from that, it might be the best to expose of it.” Said the ghost. I was really growing a phobia of this woman. She was beginning to cross the line.

“I’m not single if you haven’t realized. Taking my body will never take away our marriage.” I exclaimed.

“I will do whatever it takes to get you. Even if it includes killing you!” Shouted the ghost as her voice made the room rattle. She lifted her transparent fingers. As she did this I was lifted off my bed.

“What are you doing to him?” Questioned Gallia. It felt as if she were crushing me when she held me above the bed with her strange ghostly powers. I floated out of our room and outside the shack. She floated me all the way out of Gallia’s sight. Frostwing and Gallia watched me float off into the distance with the ghost woman, my body seeming lifeless.

“Wilbert! I will come for you. Don’t leave me!” Shouted out Gallia. Frostwing was calling to me to. Roaring at me loudly.

“You’re too abrasive for me. You’re not my type.” I said to the ghost.

“Oh sweet Wilbert. That’s what the rest of them said about me. Cassidy’s cruel. Cassidy’s selfish. I think they were the true selfish ones.” Said the ghost, Cassidy.

“So that’s what this is about. You just want me because you’ve never had anyone else before. Not even a family?” I asked.

“I did. They perished in a terrible fire 32 years ago. That’s in the past. Ever since I first saw you at the stand I knew we were meant to be. A few days later I had passed away from a brutal disease. The only thing that I had to love that was still living, was you.” Explained Cassidy.

“I understand you’ve had a tough past. But that doesn’t mean you have to force me to be with you. Love isn’t force, love needs to be created naturally. Love is just the nature of anyone who comes together in Storagia.” I replied. Cassidy set me down in the cool snow. That’s when Gallia showed up on Frostwing.

“Get away from my husband! Stop whatever you’re doing to him!” Said Gallia.

“No Gallia. It’s okay. She just needed a friend is all. So Cassidy, I guess we could be friends. Stop by if you want to visit at any time. Except for the times when I’m at the mage market or battling some demon or something.” I said.

“Friends we are then. Those are the only words I needed to here in my life, or in this case my afterlife.” Said Cassidy.

“So the hunt for this haunting witch is off?” Questioned Gallia.

“Yes it is off. I think it’s time for all of us to get back to bed. I haven’t been sleeping that well these past couple days. Frostwing, let’s head home and get some rest.” I said.

“We’re going to need to get home fast. We have an extremely big day tomorrow.” Said Gallia.

“Extremely Big day? What do you mean, honey?” I asked.

“What I mean is, if you look on the calendar, tomorrow is crammed.” Said Gallia.

“Don’t tell me it’s like that time we went shopping and we bought you all of those dresses.” I asked.

“No, not tomorrow. We have a check-up doctor’s appointment tomorrow for Frostwing, and something very special planned after.” Said Gallia.

“Would you please tell me what that something is Sweetie?” I asked.

“Nope. It’s a surprise.” Said Gallia.

“Do we seriously need to pay for another appointment? Gallia were running on a low budget these days and...” Gallia cut me off.

“Wilbert, I have it all taken care of. I’ve been working some overtime at Ice Ware and I’ll think we’ll be able to push through this month.” Said Gallia.

“Whatever you say honey. Whatever you say.” I said. We got onto Frostwing and rode all the way home. It was a long flight for Frostwing at this hour and I could tell he was getting very sleepy. It took us about another half an hour through the cold night, but we eventually made it back home.

 I went back inside my shack. I looked out the window and could see Frostwing already sleeping. He must’ve been tired from flying so much. Me and Gallia quickly got back into our covers. Tomorrow was going to be interesting. At least in Gallia’s mind.

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